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How the Lugabug Makes Family Travel a Breeze

Picture this:

You’re trying to hustle through the airport, maneuvering around crowds of fellow travelers as you haul luggage down a never ending terminal. On top of all this is the constant whining request to be held.

As traveling parents, we’ve all been there. Little legs just can’t keep up, unless of course, we want them to sit and then they can run all day. Amazing, right? Well, during those stressful times of travel when you and your little one are desperately trying to get from one point to the next in a hurry, Lugabug is here to help. Making family travel much easier, Lugabug is my new favorite gadget for traveling with kids. Get Yours!

So what is the Lugabug?

Well to put in the company’s own words, it is a seat for tired feet. Basically, Lugabug is a portable, folding chair that attaches to your rolling suitcase. What makes this more convenient than stroller is the attachable aspect of the seat. Because it attaches to your luggage, it alleviates the need for a stroller. This is especially handy for solo parents traveling with their kids, because it reduces excess baggage. Trying to haul luggage and push a stroller is annoying. What Lugabug does is turn your suitcase into a stroller.Check Prices.


The Lugabug is made from sturdy 1000 denier nylon, holding up to 60 lbs. I was actually surprised at how strong the seat was despite the light weight. It held my 4 year old son with ease and it even my daughter (who is over the weight limit).


But for your own sake…stick to the suggested weigh limit! Haha!


The inside liner of 3D spacer mesh helps keep the seat breathable and comfortable. Currently there are two color choices: Navy/Black and Pink/Grey. Each seat has a reflective strip to help with visibility.

The Lugabug has adjustable straps to help fit any size luggage securely. It is super simple to attach and I had no issue adjusting the Lugabug to my luggage.

HotMama Tip: I recommend attaching your Lugabug before embarking on your travel, that way you can have it ready to go.

What I love at Lugabug:

Designed by real traveling parents:

No one understands the struggles of family travel, like real traveling parents. Jenni and Jon Helman created the Lugabug to help make traveling with their three children easier. Luckily of us, this product has made traveling with kids easier for all families.


Let’s be honest, kids hate being confide. Personally, I would love to be wheeled through the airport as I play on my iPad, but kids what freedom. What I love about the Lugabug is that it offers the child a bit of independence. When the child wants to sit, they simply unzip the Lugabug and it folds down. When they want to walk, they zip it back up. Easy-peasy. My son loved being able to zip and unzip his Lugabug as he wished.


It also gives us parents a little freedom too by shedding the need to haul around a stroller. Not to mention peace of mind, knowing you kid is safe and comfort attached to your luggage. No more getting dizzy trying to make sure your child is keeping up.

HotMama Tip:There is no lap strap. It is cool in the fact that kids can easily sit and go, but don’t be all crazy when rolling your luggage. Make sure you are on flat terrain. No off-roading with the Lugabug. Also, don’t let go of your luggage while child is seated, as the weight of your kid will tip the luggage over on them.

Great Gift:

The Lugabug makes for a unique and awesome baby shower gift for the traveling parent. The Lugabug runs about $70, but it is very high-quality and the company works with local manufacturers from Seattle. Something made in the U.S? Rare.

Free CD:

When you order a Lugabug, you receive a free music CD by the The Not-Its! The Raise Your Hand CD is loaded with upbeat and fun kids’ songs to keep your kids singing-a-long on the road.


Kids love it:

My personal experience with the Lugabug was great. It was easy to install, easy to use and my kids love it. They thought it was so awesome to ride backwards on my luggage. It was more exciting than a standard stroller, so they didn’t mind sitting in it.


When you are not using the Lugabug to haul kids around, you can use it as extra storage. When zipped up, it can hold magazines, iPads, kids’ gadgets, and whatever else you can think of.

That’s a Wrap!

I really enjoyed the Lugabug and can’t wait to share this product with my fellow traveling mamas. I hate feeling weighed down when traveling with kids and the Lugabug allowed me to hustle with ease, by bypassing the need for a stroller. Any product that makes family travel easier is a product worth sharing.

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Would you use the Lugabug?
How do you make your life easier when traveling with kids?

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  1. Now if only we could stick them in the bag and check them in, would save a lot in airfare 🙂
    Looks like a good idea and if they had an adult sized version I know Spanky would love sitting on the back of a bag being pulled through the airport.
    Frank (bbqboy)

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