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Today’s Chartered Flights Can Optimize Your Next Family Adventure

Making family travel as seamless as ever!

Everybody desires seamlessness when they travel. For families with limited time together, seamlessness is about sustaining an adventure-level experience throughout the many flights, taxis, tight schedules, and family moods. For business groups, seamlessness means no work time lost throughout the commuting process. 

Whatever seamless travel means to you, if this is your shot at a perfect trip, it might be time to consider traveling by charter flight. Of course, private jets have long had the reputation for being reserved for the wealthiest with “money the burn”. In truth, the industry has undergone a massive change in marketing and availability over the young century. We will look at some advantages to charter flights; as well as ways to find the best deals available.

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Optimized Travel is Becoming the Norm

This is true right down to your last Uber ride. New ways of thinking about optimized travel incorporates every travel mode, and can enhance the adventure-spirit of a vacation. Let’s be honest, no one feels relaxed when removing their shoes for the TSA? Or at ease retrieving baggage and jockeying for an available taxi.

Charter flights removes tedious airport hassles for sure, but there are additional time- and stress-saving benefits to consider, like greater destination access available to charter jets. Regional and private airports are often closer to your final destination than international airports, eliminating the need for those exhausting post-flight drives or bus rides that can add hours to the journey. 

Sometimes hidden hours can be just as frustrating as hidden costs. Making it to a traffic-free regional airport just a few minutes away from your secret spot will set the perfect tone for your trip. Post-flight transportation can be arranged by knowledgeable charter flight companies to ensure you never miss a beat getting from the airport to your desired destination.

Private Flights for Families

There are good reasons why successful theme parks like Disney World, all-inclusive beach resorts in foreign countries, and cruise ships, bring all aspects of leisure and lodging under one umbrella. For convenience? Sure. To save time? Absolutely.

Most importantly however, there is value in delivering a seamless experience. What these parks and resorts understand is that, after a family spends the day together in uninterrupted fun and relaxation, there is no bigger letdown than fighting traffic back to a dull hotel or not knowing where to eat dinner. 

The same goes for dealing with the rigors of the commercial airport routine. Chartered flights back home will help to sustain that adventure-level experience for those precious final moments of a family vacation.

As a bonus, can you guess which family member might benefit the most from a chartered flight? Yup, that furry family member you no longer have to board, find a sitter for or force to ride in restrictive commercial airline cages. Pets are generally welcome on all charter flights; and the joy a pet can bring to your next family adventure is immeasurable.

Private Flights for Business

No successful company really has “money to burn”. The most successful businesses grow rich precisely through wise money management, and that includes believing that “time” truly is “money.” So when a business trip includes a great deal of preparation all the way up to the event itself, time wasted in commercial airports – or worse, delays and cancellations – can actually cost businesses far more in terms of productivity, morale and profit. 

Consider a chartered flight as two rentals: transportation and in-the-air office space. Quiet time for thought and discussion, as well as quality space for rest and relaxation before a business meeting, turns perks into necessities in the quest for success. 

Additionally, it is often recommended that charter flights get booked one-way at a time to allow flexibility. There are a number of reasons why a business trip might extend beyond its initial timeframe, and instead of rebooking a last-minute commercial flight at a spiked price, you will find more consistent last-minute booking options with charter flights.

The Charter Flight Industry is Booming

Optimization, customization and novel ways of reducing costs appeal to passengers and pilots alike. Charter pilots who are also passionate about leisure planning can exercise both passions by personally seeing to every last detail of the passenger experience, down to the perfect inflight meal and post-flight transportation service. That is why the industry is attracting so many top notch pilots – they see more opportunity for flying to unique destinations, meeting interesting clientele, and even, from time to time, helping with emergency situations that require evacuation and supply delivery. 

This is also why more young travelers are becoming interested in learning to fly. They want to share what they have discovered and enhance their clients’ adventure-level experience every way they can. Post-pandemic concerns over health and public safety have also made chartering a private jet more appealing. Here you have greater control over who you fly with – even when you join in on a shared charter.

Finding Chartered Flights at the Right Price

Crowdfunded Flights are probably the best way to save money while experiencing all the conveniences of private jetway travel, because you are booking a seat on a private jet and not the whole jet. And these are not seriously cramped puddle jumpers either; they are small capacity jets (about 30 seats)  with ample legroom and wonderful amenities.  For frequent flying, you can even become a member of various crowdfunding programs that charge reasonably priced, flat monthly rates. If you end up hiring a Citizenship and Naturalization Attorney in the near future, chartered flights are the ones you can rely on for travel research purposes.

One-Way Tickets for charter flights tend to be of better value to the customer on two- or three-day trips, because you are not paying for the jet to wait specifically for you. Consider booking separate one-way charter flights to maintain flexibility without incurring last minute commercial airline costs.

Book Charter Flights Out of Regional Airports to avoid large airline hassles and additional travel to and from major airport locations. As a bonus, regional airports tend to be cheaper for everybody, so charter companies can provide more options there. 

“Empty Leg” Flights are another way to capitalize on flexibility. Charter jets often need to
reposition themselves at locations where a scheduled flight departs. They fly “empty” to that destination, but offer last minute deals for anyone needing a ride to their required location.

That’s A Wrap!

The charter industry is evolving to meet a new market. Travelers are always looking for new ways to get from point A to point B with as little hassle as possible. Additionally, if they can experience luxuries that used to be reserved for the wealthy few, why would they say no? However, above even convenience or luxury, passengers want an unforgettable experience.

Charter flight companies are winning because they use pilots passionate about every detail of your trip, right down to your safety and wellbeing. These companies also provide optimized scheduling and pricing options for better flexibility and value. Is it any coincidence that dinosaur commercial flights are trending in the opposite direction?

Bespoke travel has truly taken flight.

Disclaimer: Links in this page are meant to help you find relevant information and book attractions easier by linking directly to specific pages on partner websites (i.e. TripAdvisor, If you click a link, we may earn a small commission on transactions. This helps support the cost of running our website, and it adds absolutely no extra cost to you as the consumer. Thank you, we appreciate your support! You can read more on our disclosure policy.

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