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So here’s the twist. We take our kids to lots of different places, many of which are thought to be taboo for children.

Yes we take them to pubs (like the Game of Thrones bar in DC). Yes we take them to see live music (hello, Nashville!). We take them on ghost tours (in Tombstone, Georgia, etc). We take them to historical sites and prisoner of war museums. We take them to Vegas. We take our kids almost anywhere (and no, we are not alone in this).

By day I am a mother of 3, freelance writer and full-time blogger. But by night you can find me mixing up drinks as a certified bartender, which is actually a great way to have your finger on the pulse of a city.

My parents are retired and would rather wear-out than rust-out, so more often than not we are actually a multi-generational traveling family.

We have seen a lot, and our kids have seen a lot, but there is so much more we want to explore while they are still young.

We actually didn’t travel very much until after the little ones arrived, which is basically the opposite of most people who say they want to travel the world before they have kids.

We realized that kids don’t have to slow you down at all. Quite the contrary, we found that kids inject our travels with fresh life and fun and purpose. I can’t imagine traveling without my little munchkins!

Research shows that family travel is a smart investment in the health of families and children. It helps solidify family bonds and teaches kids to navigate new places and cultures, while giving them a broader perspective on life.

With all the proven benefits of travel for children and their families, the question every parent should really be asking is “Can we afford NOT to travel“?

Our articles provide money-saving tips, buyer’s guides for busy moms, and information on kid-friendly activities in some truly awesome places, even some places that others might not consider kid-friendly at first glance, but provide a unique experience for fun and learning.

But we also share tips on where you can take your family to grab a drink, highlighting the best kid-friendly pubs and bars and restaurants. This is information you won’t find anywhere else on the web!

We had so much silly and fun footage of our travels that we also started a YouTube channel this year. We continue to publish videos every week and you will find links in relevant blog articles. We realize that video is so helpful in helping our readers to really experience a destination.

If you love our travel blog, please don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter. We send special content once a month, with messages and travel ideas tailored to the season. It’s just fun to keep in touch!

We are also super active and responsive to our social followers, so please check us out on social media by clicking that little bubble thing right down there below my signature.

Cheers again!


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