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Traveling in Place and Embracing Local Travel

It is no wonder I have a nomadic spirit. Growing up, there was always a new adventure around the corner; somewhere to go, something to see. My family didn’t necessarily travel to far and exotic places (mostly due to my mama’s extreme fear of flying), but we had plenty of fun road trips and weekend getaways. Even on the rare occasion that we weren’t traveling, we were surrounded by the excitement of travel. My parents taught me the skill of Traveling in Place!


When I was a child, long before airport security is what it is today, my parents would take us to the airport for dinner. Yes, the airport. As a kid I didn’t realized just how brilliant they were. All I knew was that I was entertained by watching the planes take off and land, while daydreaming about the places I would go someday.

kids at airport

Ship Ports

They would even take us to lunch at the local ship ports to watch the cruise ships that were docked. It was all so exciting as a child and judging by the giant grins on my parent’s faces, it was exciting for them too. Dining on the patio of a seaside restaurant, my niece and I would wave to the passengers as their cruise departed from the port. It was awe inspiring, thrilling and exhilarating to be so close to these amazing vessels.

queen mary long beach ship

Train Stations

Now, I’m a mama and the tradition lives on. Perplexed expressions are common when I tell people of my favorite happy hour venue; the train station. Yep, the train station has happy hour and we go fairly often. It sounds strange, but it is really enjoyable. With decent beers on tap and a quaint patio on the railway to sip them on, who wouldn’t love it?

Everyone wins; this HotMama gets to enjoy a nice cold one, while the kids are happy to watch the trains come through the station as busy commuters scurry about. The trains are big, loud and fast; perfect for capturing the attention of my children just long enough to have an uninterrupted conversation with HotDaddy.

kids in stroller at train station

Hotel Lobbies

Another great way to feel like you are on vacation, without having to leave town (traveling in place) is hanging out a the local hotels. Hotels have a certain smell that immediately excites the senses. I love to grab a drink in the lobby, take a deep breath and let all the stress melt away, as if I were really on vacation. Many hotels allow you to use their pools for a small fee, which is great for taking the kids out for the day and still feeling like you are doing something more grand.

hotel lobby

That’s A Wrap!

Even when money is tight and schedules are hectic, travel is never too far out of reach. Visiting ports, stations and hotels is an easy and exciting way to satisfy the restless travel bug without leaving your hometown. Also, eating global cuisine and cocktails or attending local cultural events are great for Traveling in place. Rejuvenate the spirit and expose your kids to the possibilities, no travel needed.

What are your favorite stayaction activities?


I am a busy mama with 3 delicious babies and a serious itch for travel and writing (when I am not bartending, that is)! After graduating from Cal State San Marcos with a B.A. in Communications, I decided to start a family and pursue a career in freelance writing. I created HotMamaTravel as an outlet to do what I love while sharing useful travel tips and inspiration with others. Our mission is to show parents how to master travel with kids, while keeping your Saturday-night selves. We call it "Family travel...with a twist".


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  4. Hi! Great ideas here. I am all about enjoying what is available to us right now and I completely get this mentality. Thanks for the inspiration:-)

  5. I love to explore my local area too, there is so much to explore in the direct neighbourhood. Great tips for young families

  6. Great post, and I would have never thought of doing any of these things. Our local airport (Albany, NY) has a lovely art gallery that we visit, but only when we’re picking up visitors!

  7. Dinner at the airport and watching airplanes take off, that struck a chord and brought back wonderful childhood memories. Had similar experiences as a kid and loved to watch the planes go high up in the sky.

  8. Wow, going to the airport for dinner seems eccentric nowadays. I LOVE trains & train stations!

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