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Capturing Spectacular Photos When Traveling With Kids: 6 Simple Tips

Relive your family travels with memorable photos that will last a lifetime.

When raising children, the days are long, but the years are short— that’s why it’s so important to make memories together. While traveling with children can add extra challenges, it’s worth the time and experience for everyone. 

Taking pictures along the way can create a visual reminder of the experience and a family heirloom to look at as the years go by. Here’s how to capture spectacular photos when traveling with kids.

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Use Burst Mode

Newton’s First Law of Motion states, “a body in motion stays in motion.” The same theory applies to children. Kids are always on the go, and getting them to sit still for a photo isn’t always an option.

When you use burst mode on your camera, you’ll capture multiple frames of your children as they run around and play. Not only will the photos be less blurry than trying to capture a single shot, but you’ll also have the option to choose your favorite. If your smartphone doesn’t have a burst mode, consider taking a video so you can screenshot your favorite moment later.

Plan for Light Editing

While the basics of photo composition apply (light, stability, etc.), take each shot knowing you can make basic edits. Apps such as Facetune allow you to remove background distractions, such as other people or debris, correct shadows, and pop the colors on your image. 

Rather than waiting for the perfect shot, capture each moment and use technology to make minor adjustments.

Get on Their Level

A common mistake parents make when taking photos of children is angling downward. While this error makes sense— most of us are taller than our children until a certain age— it creates a distortion in the image. 

Instead, get on their level, taking a knee or holding your smartphone at chest height. While playing with angles can be fun when you’re trying to get scenery in the background, straight shots are better for capturing camera-facing shots.

Get Candid Shots

It’s normal for parents to want posed, family-oriented photos while traveling. While those photos might capture the scenery and people, it’s the candid shots that capture the essence of your trip. 

Take some candid shots throughout your journey, not worrying about angles or expressions. Try to remain undetected while taking these to capture the true emotion and personality of your child. Again, you can always use editing software to take out the background noise or fix that smudge of ice cream on their face (unless you want it there, of course!)

Be an Entertainer

Travel can be challenging for everyone. If you’re trying to get pictures on a particularly challenging day, you’ll have to channel your inner entertainer to inspire laughter and fun.

Don’t be afraid to get silly and make a fool of yourself to get your kids laughing for photos. You might find that this moment of silliness is a good mood booster for you as well. 

Use the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a photo composition guideline that suggests every image should be broken into three sections. The subject of the image should be in one section, whether that’s centered or justified to the left or right. 

Consider using the rule of thirds when photographing your kids during travel adventures. This guideline will help you take professional-looking photos that show the surroundings without taking focus away from the kids. Many smartphones have a photo grid setting that you can turn on to help you frame your shots.

By following these simple guidelines, you can capture high-quality, authentic, and memorable photos of your children while traveling. Don’t forget to hop in a few of the photos yourself!

That’s A Wrap!

Capturing those perfect family travel photos doesn’t have to be hard with these simple steps. Just remember to relax, have fun and keep that ready for those amazing candid moments.

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