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Pregnant in Vegas – A Guide to Las Vegas for Expecting Mothers

Thinking of going to Vegas pregnant? Follow these expert tips for a fabulous visit

I love Vegas! It is the perfect vacation destination, no matter your situation. It was fun for me as a child, long before I was legal to party. I thoroughly enjoyed it in my 20’s, when I could fully participate in Sin City shenanigans. If you’ve read my blog then you know how I feel about making any destination kid-friendly, and therefore absolutely love doing Vegas with kids, and Vegas with my young baby. And yes, I even loved Vegas when I was pregnant! I was pregnant in Las Vegas (twice) and it was fabulous.

So, you might be asking “Is it safe to visit Vegas while pregnant?” and “What is there to do while pregnant in Vegas?”

The short answer is YES, IT’S SAFE and I will show you some useful tips on how to have a fabulous time in Vegas while pregnant.

Pregnant at Pool Las Vegas


Is it safe to be pregnant in Vegas?

Mother with daughter in matching outfits in Las Vegas Casino

Let’s just get this out of the way. A lot of people ask this question, but I personally think it is a silly question with a simple answer. Of course it is safe to spend a few days or a week of your pregnancy in Vegas.

Most Vegas casinos do still allow smoking on the floor, BUT there are also non-smoking areas if you are really concerned about this for the limited time you will actually be spending in the casino.

Especially for the larger hotels on the Vegas Strip, these hotels have air filtration systems that do a pretty good job of keeping the air safe to breathe for kids, adults, and pregnant women. While there is room for improvement, most of us are exposed to air pollutants constantly anyways, especially in big cities, so it is not something I personally worry about for a few days in Vegas.

Honestly, you just have to use good judgment and common sense to have a safe visit to Las Vegas. Get adequate sleep and rest (you know your body). Eat well. Stay hydrated. etc.

By the way, if you’re planning a visit, check out our helpful articles on the best family hotels in Las Vegas, and the Top shows for families in Vegas. Also, if you are looking for a beautiful map of hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, we have one of the best ones right HERE.

Now to the fun stuff!

Things to do in Las Vegas pregnant

There are very few activities you will actually be restricted from doing when visiting Las Vegas pregnant, so the whole city is basically at your fingertips…but there are some fun things to do in Vegas pregnant that are perfect, or in some cases even specially tailored, for expecting mothers. If you are pregnant and visiting Vegas with kids, there are plenty of budget-friendly and age appropriate activities as well.

In fact, the lack of your ability to drink and gamble all night will actually force you to enjoy some of the other great attractions in Vegas such as spas, pools, shopping and shows, which can actually be a delightful and refreshing new experience of Vegas.

Las Vegas Hotel Spas

When we go to Las Vegas, we always stay at a big hotel on the Vegas Strip and rarely venture far from the strip (except that one time we drove several stressful miles searching for a grocery store for baby formula!). Here are some hotels to consider on the Vegas Strip with special prenatal pregnancy massages for expecting mothers:

Woman in Spa in Las Vegas

Serenity Spa at The Westgate Las Vegas

Expecting Mother Massage

This 50-minute massage is for expectant mothers at least 12 weeks into pregnancy. It includes a complete full body massage addressing discomfort areas and fatigue common in pregnancy – helping reduce stress levels and painful symptoms such as soreness and swelling. Learn more about Westgate at

The Mirage Spa

Expecting Mother Massage

This 50 or 80 minute massage is specially designed for pregnant women in the second or third trimester to help alleviate symptoms of pregnancy including headaches, fatigue, soreness and swelling, which will have a calming effect on mom and baby. Learn more about Mirage at

Bellagio Spa

Expecting Mother Massage

This 50 or 80 minute massage is similar to the pregnancy massage offered at Mirage (both MGM properties), but the Bellagio Spa is slightly more exquisite and lavish overall. Learn more about Bellagio at

Four Seasons Spa

Babymoon Massage

The Four Seasons is connected to the Mandalay Bay hotel, and is notable for its Forbes Five Star rated Spa, which has a special babymoon massage for expecting mothers in a second or third trimester. If luxury and splendor are important to you, the Four Seasons Spa should be your first choice. Learn more at

Lavish Vegas Pools

Most big hotels on the Vegas strip have at least a decent pool, but there are a few that really step it up a notch and stand out for the amazing resort-style pool experience. Here are my favorite Vegas pools for families:

Mandalay Beach at the Mandalay Bay

The Mandalay Beach Pool is just as the name implies – it is a beach with real sand! This pool sits on a huge 11 acres at the center of Mandalay Bay properties, and is full of palm trees, fountains and waterfalls. My favorite feature is the 3 mph lazy river that circles the enormous pool area. Learn more at

The Mirage Pool at Mirage

The Mirage Pool is my all-time favorite and the prime reason we stay at the Mirage almost every trip to Vegas. The huge winding pool is a true oasis, with cascading waterfalls and lush palm trees and greenery everywhere you might forget you are on the Vegas Strip for a moment. It also has a fun poolside restaurant and Dolphin Bar to take a break from the sun. Learn more at

Caesars Palace Pool Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Garden of the Gods at Caesar’s Palace

The pool at Caesar’s Palace is not my favorite because it is not tropical, but it is very popular and quite beautiful. There are eight different pools set within classic Roman architecture, columns and sculptures. You can also swim-up and play blackjack or grab a cocktail, which is a really nice touch. Learn more at

Venetian Pool Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of The Venetian

The Venetian Pool at Venetian

The Venetian is a large rectangular pool with a contemporary design with chic-furnished cabanas, a poolside restaurant, Riva, which is run by Wolfgang Puck. You can even get a poolside massage at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub. Guests at Venezia Tower also have access to the exclusive Venetian Garden-style pool. Learn more at

Fun Las Vegas Shows

There are so many great shows to choose from in Vegas, but we always tend to gravitate toward Cirque Du Soleil shows with intense acrobatics, interesting storytelling and heart-pounding music and theatrics. It seems that every major hotel on the strip has their own Cirque-style show, and for good reason. These shows are spectacular and super popular and will give you hours of interesting conversation afterwards.

Las Vegas Shows Collage Love Zumanity Ka
Photos courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Beatles LOVE at the Mirage

This is a must for Beatles fans, as it celebrates the legacy of John, Paul, George and Ringo – great music and great fun for all ages. Learn more and check deals at

Zumanity at New York, New York

This is a show a bit on the naughty side, which explores human sensuality and is likely to get your heart pumping. Learn more and check deals at

KA at MGM Grand

This show is all about epic storytelling and includes extreme acrobatics and martial arts with some serious pyrotechnics. Learn more and check deals at

Mystere at Treasure Island

This is the classic and original Vegas Cirque du Soleil show, with acrobatics and insane athleticism with a colorful and inspiring backdrop. Learn more and check deals at

World-class Shopping

There are lots of places to shop in Vegas, but here we will focus on my favorite hotels on the Vegas strip with major shopping areas.

The forum Shjops at Caesars Palace Vegas

Le Boulevard at Paris

I love, love, love the French style of the cobblestone streets and boutique shops at Le Boulevard in Paris. There are plenty of great places to eat including places to grab a quick crepe or delightful French treat. This would be my first choice for the romantic atmosphere alone. Learn more at

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace

The sky is always blue and the weather perfect as you stroll through the Italian streets of the Forum Shops in Caesar’s. There are lots of high-end designer boutique shops, as well as favorites like Victoria’s Secret and H&M. There are tons of restaurants to choose from, including one of our favorites, the Cheesecake Factory, as well as a free show called Fall of Atlantis with fiery pyrotechnics. Learn more at

The Shoppes at Mandalay Place

The Mandalay Bay property is huge, and it stands to reason that they would have a huge shopping area. I am pretty sure you can shop for literally anything at the shoppes at Mandalay Place and it is conveniently located right off the casino floor. There are also lots of cool restaurants and bars, like the Minus5 Ice Lounge where they supply you with a warm jacket and you imbibe from frozen glasses in a room basically made of ice cubes! Learn more at

Grand canal Shops at Venetian Las Vegas

Grand Canal Shops at Venetian

They key word here is canal. The Grand Canal Shops has a gorgeous canal that winds through the entire sprawling shopping area. You can even take a romantic Gondola ride on the canal. I love Italian food, and you will find some great Italian restaurants here at the Venetian with an awe-inspiring atmosphere. Learn more at

Hot tips for doing Vegas pregnant

  1. Try to keep healthy and pay attention to your body by staying hydrated and taking naps as needed.
  2. There is no excuse not to dress absolutely fabulously to get in that distinct Vegas mood.
  3. Focus downtime on eating well. There are so many great places to try, and you’re eating for two – so live it up!
  4. Pay a little extra for a top-tier hotel on the Vegas strip with plenty of amenities besides gambling
  5. Travel with people who are responsible and not annoying drunkies (If you don’t know what I mean, you’re probably good).
  6. Just have fun! You can do just about anything in Vegas pregnant that you could do if you were not pregnant. Enjoy the finer side of Vegas.

That’s A Wrap!

So how is it being pregnant in Las Vegas overall? Great! I really don’t veer too much from my normal Las Vegas routine. I lounge by the pool, I hang out at bars, I listen to live music, I eat yummy meals, I go to shows, and I even spent a little time gambling. Really, the only thing that changed was that I had to eat TUMS like they are candy. Ha! I did have to rest my swollen feet often and I was more tired than normal, but hey, I was pregnant in Las Vegas! Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love. Of course, you should check with your doctor before making travel plans and listen to your body. Only you know what you are up for. But if you feeling up to it, get out there and enjoy life, baby-bump and all.

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Pregnant in Vegas - A Guide for Expecting Mothers

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  1. Lovely post! I did something similar on our babymoon to France and Italy. I truly enjoyed the beach, the sun, the food and the occasional sip of wine 😉 We had a brilliant time and are now waiting for our little one to arrive ( I am due in 2 weeks).
    I found your blog as I am looking for family travel blogs as we will change from travelling as a couple to travelling as a young family.
    Happy Travels!

    • Thanks Sabine! Your babymoon to France and Italy sound amazing! I travel a ton with my hubby before having kids, but traveling as a family is so exciting! Congrats on your new addition. You have a lot of wonderful memories in store!!

  2. P.A. in Chicago Reply

    Great post! I am *desperate* for a poolside vacay with good food before baby comes. I am 15 weeks and I’ll be towards the end of my 2nd trimester if/when we do go. Due to the Zika virus, Mexico and the Caribbean are out of the question. So I am desperate for a warm weather destination and this post totally helped! You look beautiful and happy in all those pics 🙂

    • Thank you Pauline Ann. I love Vegas, so I had to squeeze in a trip before my baby girl arrived. I hear you about the Zika virus! That is scary stuff! California is really warm right now, so a beach vacation in San Diego or Laguna Beach might be fun.

  3. So happy to stumble upon this, I’m 31 weeks and will be visiting Vegas next week. I’m now looking forward to checking out the Irish Pub since my Fiance is Irish.

    • Awesome! So you’ll be preggo in Vegas too! I hope you love Nine Fine Irishmen as much I do! Tell me about it when you get back!

  4. Rebecca Young Reply

    So happy to find this today! My husband and I just found out we’re pregnant literally…. (5 weeks) and are headed there on Wednesday. Excited to see that you can still enjoy yourself!!!

    • Congratulations! I’m glad you found me too! I headed back to LV in a couple weeks myself (with the kids of course haha). Have a great time!!!

  5. Hey, great post – just about to head to LV from London to get some sunshine with hubby and I’ll be about 22 weeks. Just wanted your opinion on eating buffet food and/or if there’s places you’d recommend over others. I havent been super strict about food but there’s the obvious safety things to consider.

    • My favorite buffet is Crave at The Mirage. In fact, I’ll be binging there this weekend. Ha. My girl friend just told me that the Cosmo hotel has an amazing buffet called Wicked Spoon. Have fun!

  6. I went to Vegas when I was about 17 weeks pregnant with my first (and went to AC when I was about 30 weeks along) I pretty much did what you did, enjoyed the pool, shopping, gambling and shows. Gorged on the food and didnt drink alcohol. It was pretty much our babymoon with our first. With my second we went on a local weekend away – to Tarry town NY, pretty much to relax and sleep. Got massages, pool, nice dinners. As long as you are healthy and feel good, you can still travel while pregnant.

    • Yes, definitely! Minus alcohol and strenuous activities, travel doesn’t have to change too much.

  7. Interesting to see Vegas as a destination for when you are pregnant! I am never going to have kids but I do love Vegas for the buffets and the pools!

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  10. Did you have to wear a maternity bathing suit while swimming in Vegas? Is it ok to wear just a bikini? I am going next week. And it’s going to be HOTT!

    • Hi Katrina. I would say that you should rock ANYTHING that you feel comfortable in! It will be so hot this time of year, so be sure to drink a lot of water and stay cool as often as possible! Stay safe and have fun 🙂

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