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13 Affordable Family Activities in Las Vegas that are worth your time (and money)

These family activities in Vegas are loads of fun and are way cheaper than gambling!

As you hopefully already know, there is so much more to Las Vegas than gambling and nightclubs. Las Vegas is a virtual playground for adults (and children) with about a gazillion different attractions to entertain just about everyone.

And it seems that all the huge hotels on the Vegas strip go out of their way to lure visitors with some truly unique and fun family activities.

And truth be told, these activities don’t always have to break the bank.

In this article, we highlight 13 of our favorite affordable family activities in Vegas – all of which happen to be very kid friendly. In our experience, these Vegas family attractions are definitely worth your precious time and money.


You don’t need to fly to France to have a fun Eiffel Tower Experience. Towering 46 stories over the Las Vegas strip, the Eiffel Tower is a remarkable half scale replica of the famous Paris landmark. Watching the strip get smaller and smaller as you float the 460 feet to the top in a glass elevator, it is hard to imagine that the real Eiffel Tower is double the height!

List of Free activities in Vegas for Families
Did you know: the Eiffel tower at the Paris Hotel in Vegas is a perfect half-sized replica of the real Eiffel Tower.

Once you reach the observation deck, you are met with gorgeous 360 degree views of the Vegas strip. My kids are kind of obsessed with the Eiffel Tower and have to go up every time we visit Las Vegas with kids. Surprisingly, this can be a very affordable attraction for the family.

Las Vegas with Kids
Did you know: there are fun, high-powered binoculars to zoom-in on the Vegas Strip. Don’t forget to bring quarters!

Ticket prices vary by time of day and package. The day tickets (10:00am- 7:00pm) are less expensive that the night tickets (7:00pm-1:00am) and buying a family package or group package also reduces the price of individual tickets. You know what else is great? Kids under 6 are free.

Be on the lookout for deals too. We were able to score 2 for 1 tickets and at the time both our kids were 6 and under, so all four of us got to go to the top for $16!

If you have a little more money to spend, you might want to splurge on a fancy family meal at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant on the 11th floor.

Learn more about Paris Hotel at

Located just behind, Mirage’s famous tropical pool is the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, an attraction our family must visit every time we go to Las Vegas. This is one reason why Mirage is on the top of our list as the best family hotel in Las Vegas (see the whole list of the top 5 Vegas hotels for families HERE).

The great thing with this attraction is it is like getting 2 for 1, because the all-day adventure pass ($22 for adults and $17 for kids 4-12) includes not only the dolphin viewing, but the viewing of other exotic wildlife such as the White Tigers and White Lions that used to grace the stage during one of Mirage’s most famous shows.

Did you know: if you time it right, the dolphins can be very playful and interactive with the kids!

Although there are various interactive packages you can purchase, like Yoga with the dolphins, the basic admission pass is plenty interactive and it is good for the whole day, including re-entry. Plus, there are always specials going on to make it even more affordable. Learn more about the Dolphin Habitat at

On a hot Vegas day, visitors can even go underground to escape the heat and watch the dolphins swim and play underwater. Above ground you can get close to the dolphins and even let them splash you, which my kids love! Then you can walk through the lush forest setting to spy on the big cats.

Sometimes the big cats are rather playful, and it is fun to watch tigers play with toys like over-sized domestic kitties. Finish up your time with a visit to the gift shop and a drink at the concession area. The tables overlook the dolphins’ swimming pools, which is a relaxing way to entertain the whole family.

Learn more about Mirage at

3. See a kid friendly Vegas show for around thirty bucks

Las Vegas is known for their world class entertainment, so it would be a shame not to see a Las Vegas show while in town. Yes, shows can get expensive, but before you panic there are some great ones available for your viewing pleasure for around $30 (or less).

In fact, many of our favorite family friendly shows will not break the bank (see our entire list and reviews of 21 best shows in Vegas for kids HERE).

Here are some of the best cheap Vegas shows for kids (and what to expect). Be sure to click the link to check the current price on!

Laughternoon with Adam London [ check deals ]

  • 75 mins: comedy, magic tricks, audience participation 

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream[ check deals ]

  • 75 mins: Magic, shadows, physical comedy, theatrics

Jeff Civilico Comedy in Action [ check deals ]

  • 65 mins: physical comedy, balance, juggling, escape artist 

Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre [ check deals ]

  • 60 mins: physical comedy, animal tricks, clown, juggling 

Murray the Magician [ check deals ]

  • 60 mins: magic, comedy, family fun, light-hearted, sleight-of-hand 

For more underwater fun, check out Mandalay’s Shark Reef Aquarium, which features not only sharks, but over 2,000 other creatures of the deep. It is a proper aquarium with giant stingrays, sea turtles and more. Many exhibits are interactive, allowing the kids to get a hands-on learning experience. Learn more about Shark Reef at

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas for Families
Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Adults are $25, Seniors are $23, kids 4-12 are $19 and kids 3 and under are free. There are upgrade packages available, for example, if you would like a more up-close and personal experience you can literally dive with sharks. Yikes!

However, the basic ticket price gets you admission to all the exhibits, including the awesome Shipwreck exhibit, allowing guests to walk through an underwater tunnel as sharks, sea turtles and stingrays swim overhead.

Learn more about Mandalay Bay at

Now this is a thrill for the older kids and for daring parents looking to rekindle the child inside. Located on the second floor arcade in the New York New York Las Vegas hotel is the popular Big Apple Coaster. I rode this as a teenager and my kids are just waiting until they are old enough to ride too.

NYNY Roller coaster Las Vegas with Kids
Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Soaring high above the Las Vegas strip, the coaster wraps around the hotel, twisting, turning and flipping riders in one heart pumping journey. You have to be at least 54 in. to ride and a single ticket costs $15. However, you can re-ride for just $8. For crazy families who want to go for the thrills together, there is a family package too that includes 4 tickets and 2 5×7 photos for $70.

Learn more about NYNY at

6. Eat delicious Crepes on the cobblestone streets of Paris

I have had crepes many places, but I can honestly say that the delectable crepes at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas are my all time favorite. First of all, if you squint you may feel like you are really in France as you stroll along the cobblestone streets of the shopping promenade under the morning sky façade.

Eating Crepes at Paris hotel Las Vegas
When in Vegas, am I right!?

La Creperie is a walk-up sidewalk café where both sweet and savory crepes are made to order. Pick from a variety of flavors and fillings and watch as your treat gets created before your eyes. Starting at $9, these crepes are huge and perfect for sharing. They are eye-rolling, mouthwatering delicious.

Hot Tip: They also serve all-you-can-eat crepes in the Paris Buffet, which is one of the reasons it is my favorite buffet in all of Vegas!

Learn more about Paris restaurants at

View the Las Vegas Strip as only “high rollers” can as you soar high above the little people on the High Roller mega Ferris wheel. Taller than both the London Eye and Singapore Flyer, the High Roller at the LYNQ is currently the tallest observation wheel in the world!

Did you know: this is the highest observation wheel in the entire world (as of 2019)

Floating 550 feet in the sky, the large cabins provide 360 degree views of the city and some cabins even have a bar inside. Luckily, you don’t have to be a high roller to ride. For day rides, adults are $22, kids are $9 and happy half hours (cabins with open bar) are $35. Night rides are $10 more. However, Vegas is always offering great deals, so there is a great chance of getting on for even less.

As if walking into a giant illuminated pyramid isn’t cool enough, Luxor has some of the coolest exhibits in Las Vegas. The Titanic exhibition contains over 250 artifacts from the ship as well as full scale replicas of the staterooms, the Grand Staircase and even the Promenade Deck that blasts freezing air on visitors. One of the most popular exhibitions, the Titanic display has had over 25 million visitors and I recommend if you are a history buff like me to join them. Learn more about Titanic exhibit at

Titanic exhibit at Luxor Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

For something really crazy, check out the Bodies exhibition. With 13 full bodies and 260 organs and partial bodies on display, this is a rare chance for the general public to see in gruesome and beautiful detail the inner working of the human body. Although this may seem a bit macabre, it can be a great educational experience for the whole family as it shows the real life affects that unhealthy lifestyles, like smoking, overeating and no exercise, have on our bodies. Visiting the Bodies exhibit could be a positive life changing experience for everyone. Learn more about Bodies exhibit at

Bodies museum exhibit at Luxor
Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Prices for each exhibit are as follows: Adults are $32, seniors and military are $30, kids 4-12 are $24 and kids 3 and under are free. However, if you want to visit both, I suggest getting the combo ticket of only $42.

Hot Tip: The Luxor is a cheap family hotel in Vegas that is one of our kids’ favorites lately. It is located in a convenient and safe part of the strip with lots of family activities. Rates can often be found for less than $30 a night (excluding resort fees and parking).

Learn more about Luxor at

9. Take an intimate Gondola ride at the Venetian

Experience the enchantment of Venice in Las Vegas with a gondola ride at the Venetian. Choose between the outdoor or indoor ride and relax as you glide along the hotel canals in an authentic Venetian gondola while a gondolier serenades throughout the journey. The indoor ride, which is great any time of day, takes guests on a peaceful journey through the hotel’s Grand Canal, passing by inside Venetian streetscape, cafes and shops.

Canal at Venetian Las Vegas
We just love the romantic indoor/outdoor ambiance of the Venetian Canal and shops

The outdoor ride is best at night, as it is slightly cooler and provides exciting views of Las Vegas aglow. Both rides are lovely and will make you feel like you are really floating through the ancient Venice canals (minus the reportedly stinky sewer smell). Gondola rides are around $29 a person for a four seat gondola. However, if you want a more private two seat gondola, you’ll have to pay double the price.

Learn more about Venetian at

10. Get in touch with your inner superhero at the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N

Located inside the Treasure Island, visitors of the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N get to step inside the world of their favorite comic books. This interactive exhibit allows you to get your hands on some pretty amazing artifacts like Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s suit. Once have your security clearance, look through classified documents and intelligence files as well as explore Bruce Banner’s lab!

Avengers Marvel Station Treasure Island Vegas
Everyone loves a Superhero! Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

There are plenty of photo opportunities for capturing those super status memories. Kids will love exploring this cinematic world all while training to become an official agent of the S.T.A.T.I.O.N. One might say this kind of unprecedented access to touch a top secret world is priceless, but you can get in for around thirty bucks! Typically, adult tickets are $34, kids 4-11 are $24 and kids 3 and under are free. However, there are often two for one deals and other specials going on throughout the year.

Learn more about TI at

11. Take a selfie with your favorite celebrity at Madame Tussauds.

Singers, actors, athletes, and politicians – hundreds of celebrities past and present are just waiting to meet you…well the wax version of them anyway. I am telling you, it will be hard to tell the difference between the real people and wax figures (especially in instagram photos) that fill Madame Tussauds Wax Museum at the Venetian. Las Vegas was Madame Tussauds first location in the United States and it is incredible how real all the celebrity figures look. I can’t imagine being alone in there at night though. Yikes. Just think of the photo opportunities and all the likes on your new profile picture!!!

12. Test your skills as a crime scene investigator at the CSI Experience

Do you and your family have what it takes to solve a crime? Find out with the CSI Experience at the MGM Grand. Here, you will get to explore forensic labs, test DNA, and examine bullet casings and hair strands.

CSI Experience at MGM Grand
Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International

Basically, you will have to investigate all the evidence just as a real crime scene investigator to solve the crime. Because of the nature of the cases, the exhibit recommends ages 12 and over. The little ones may have to sit this one out, but the tweens and teens will probably love it. Sounds like great team building for a family!

Learn more about MGM at

13. Get an inside look at the world of organized crime at the Mob Museum

Venture off the strip to the unique area of Downtown Las Vegas and enter the world of the nation’s most notorious gangsters. Actually Downtown Las Vegas is rather trendy these days, home to a number of popular attractions including The Mob Museum aka the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement.

Housed in the former Las Vegas Court House, a national historic site, the museum contains artifacts, stories and the elaborate exhibits recounting the history of the mob. Seems fitting, seeing that the Mafia played a huge role in the establishment of Las Vegas. Take the kids and enjoy the irony of this town now being a family-friendly vacation destination.

Parents, listen up! Now at the Mob Museum there is an underground speakeasy, The Underground. The speakeasy features specialty cocktails, live music and exciting events, like Moonshine Day, Ardbeg Scotch tastings, and more!

That’s A Wrap!

This list, although pretty amazing, only scratches the surface of what Las Vegas has to offer. Honestly, if you can’t find something fun to do in Las Vegas, the problem is probably with you. Anyhow, if you are ready to have insane fun with your family in Las Vegas, we have a wealth of information right here on the blog to help you plan every aspect of your trip. Let us help you do Vegas the right way!

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