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7 Amazing Las Vegas Dinner and Show Packages for Families 2024

Good food and entertainment make for the perfect Las Vegas night out

Las Vegas is a destination that offers endless opportunities for entertainment and adventure. Whether you’re traveling with kids or just looking for a fun and unique experience, there are many Las Vegas dinner and show packages that are perfect for families. These packages offer the perfect combination of delicious food and exciting performances, making for an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

So whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure or a night of relaxation and good food, Las Vegas has something to offer. Book your Vegas hotel and get ready to enjoy the best in dining and entertainment with your family in the Entertainment Capital of the World!

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Las Vegas Dinner and Show Packages

Marriage Can Be Murder Las Vegas Dinner and Show Packages
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Marriage Can Be Murder

4500 W. Tropicana Ave.

*Ages 8 and over

Las Vegas is home to many exciting shows, but one that stands out is Marriage Can Be Murder. This murder mystery dinner show combines a gripping plot, live performances, and a delicious meal for an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Marriage Can Be Murder, located near the New Orleans Hotel and Casino takes place in a elegant dining room and features a cast of talented performers who bring the mystery to life. As the audience, you are part of the story, trying to solve the crime and figure out who the murderer is. The show is full of twists, turns, and suspense, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

One of the best parts of Marriage Can Be Murder is the interactive experience. You have the opportunity to participate in the investigation, ask questions, and make your own conclusions. With different shows happening each night, no two performances are exactly alike, making each experience unique.

In addition to the exciting murder mystery, Marriage Can Be Murder also features a delicious three-course meal. You’ll enjoy a menu of classic dishes and refreshing drinks while taking in the live performances.

If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling show in Las Vegas, Marriage Can Be Murder is a must-see. With its interactive storyline, talented cast, and delicious meal, this show offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

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Tournament of Kings Dinner and Show Package in Las Vegas
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Tournament of Kings

3850 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

*No age restriction

Tournament of Kings is a dinner show, located at the Excalibur, that features live jousting, horseback riding, and sword fighting, set against a backdrop of fire-breathing dragons, dancing damsels, and soaring eagles. The show takes place in an enormous arena, where you can watch the knights compete in thrilling battles and dangerous contests. This medieval-themed spectacle is one of our favorite Las Vegas shows for families as it transports you back in time to the days of knights, jousting, and feasting, all in an action-packed evening of entertainment.

One of the best parts of the Tournament of Kings show is the immersive experience. From the moment you step into the arena, you are transported back in time to a world of knights, royalty, and adventure. The elaborate costumes, stunning sets, and incredible special effects all come together to create a truly unforgettable experience.

The cast of Tournament of Kings is made up of talented performers who bring their own unique energy and skills to the show. The knights are highly trained in horseback riding, sword fighting, and jousting, making for an exciting and thrilling performance. The show also features talented dancers, acrobats, and singers, who add even more excitement to the spectacle.

The three-course feast served during the show is another highlight of the experience. You will be able to enjoy classic medieval dishes and refreshing drinks while taking in the live performances.

Afterwards, it is an easy walk to Mandalay Bay Hotel for some more family-friendly live music at RiRa.

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V-The Ultimate Variety Show and Dinner in Las Vegas
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V-The Ultimate Variety Show

3663 S Las Vegas Blvd

*No age restriction

This high-energy extravaganza features a talented cast of performers, including acrobats, dancers, magicians, and more, all backed by a live band and stunning visuals.

One of the best parts of V – The Ultimate Variety Show, at Planet Hollywood, is the sheer variety of acts. The show features a rotating lineup of performers, ensuring that no two shows are ever the same. From awe-inspiring acrobatics to mind-boggling magic tricks, there’s something for everyone in this show.

The cast of V – The Ultimate Variety Show is made up of talented and highly skilled performers from all over the world. Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious, making for a truly immersive experience. Whether you’re a fan of acrobatics, dance, magic, or just great entertainment, you’re sure to be blown away by the talent on display in this show.

In addition to the fantastic performances, V – The Ultimate Variety Show also features stunning sets, lighting, and special effects that bring the show to life. The stage is designed to maximize the impact of each performance, with state-of-the-art technology and a live band providing the perfect backdrop.

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Las Vegas Dinner and Show Package The Rat Pack is Back
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The Rat Pack is Back

255 E. Flamingo Road

*12 years and over

If you’re a fan of classic Las Vegas entertainment, then you won’t want to miss the Rat Pack is Back show, located at the Tuscany Suits & Casino . This nostalgic performance pays homage to the legendary Rat Pack members Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. The show captures the energy, humor, and style of these iconic entertainers and is sure to leave you humming their timeless tunes long after the curtains close.

The Rat Pack is Back is a high-energy, multi-media show that features a talented cast of singers and musicians. The performers bring the music of the Rat Pack to life with renditions of classic songs such as “Come Fly with Me,” “That’s Amore,” and “Mr. Bojangles.” The show also features engaging video segments that take you back in time to the golden age of Las Vegas entertainment.

In addition to the music and video, the Rat Pack is Back show is filled with humor and charm. The performers are skilled at capturing the essence of Frank, Dean, and Sammy and bring their playful personalities to life on stage. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Rat Pack or just discovering their music for the first time, you’ll find something to love in this show.

The Rat Pack is Back is a fantastic show that’s sure to bring a smile to your face and have you tapping your toes to the rhythm of their timeless music. So don’t miss this chance to experience the magic of the Rat Pack in Las Vegas! For more ways to enjoy old-school Las Vegas, check out Casa Di Amore. This entertaining Las Vegas restaurant offers great Italian food, Rat Pack vibes, and live music.

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Vegas the Show Dinner and Show Package
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Vegas! The Show

3663 S Las Vegas Blvd

*No age restriction

Vegas! The Show, located in the Miracle Mile Shops, is a tribute to the golden era of Las Vegas, when the city was a mecca for top-notch entertainment. The show takes audiences on a journey through time, showcasing the best of the best in Vegas entertainment, including iconic performers like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Sammy Davis Jr.

The talented cast of Vegas! The Show brings the energy and excitement of the golden era of Las Vegas to life, with dynamic performances of classic hits like “Viva Las Vegas,” “Blue Suede Shoes,” and “New York, New York.” With incredible costumes, stunning choreography, and a live band, this show is a feast for the eyes and ears.

One of the highlights of Vegas! The Show is the incredible cast of performers. These talented artists have a true passion for the music and entertainment of the golden era, and it shows in every performance. They bring a level of authenticity to the show that is unmatched, and their energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

In addition to the fantastic musical performances, Vegas! The Show also features stunning sets, lighting, and special effects that transport audiences to a different time and place. Whether you’re a fan of the golden era of Las Vegas or just love great entertainment, this show is sure to leave you with a lasting impression.

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, be sure to add Vegas! The Show to your itinerary. You won’t regret it! This show is the perfect blend of nostalgia and entertainment, and it’s sure to be a night to remember.

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Las Vegas Dinner and Show Packages The Mentalist
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The Mentalist

3663 S Las Vegas Blvd

*16 years and over

Las Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour, but it is also a hub for world-class entertainment. One show that has been making waves in Sin City is “The Mentalist.” This show features the talented mentalist, Gerry McCambridge, who has been captivating audiences with his incredible mental feats for years, making this a great choice if you are traveling to Las Vegas with teens.

The Mentalist Live takes place in a beautiful theater in the Miracle Mile Shops, where McCambridge takes the stage to perform a series of mind-bending tricks and illusions. With his quick wit and charming personality, he quickly has the audience in the palm of his hand, leaving them amazed and wondering how he does it.

McCambridge’s abilities as a mentalist are truly exceptional. He can perform incredible feats of mind-reading, such as accurately predicting the contents of a random person’s wallet or guessing the name of someone’s childhood pet. He can also influence the thoughts of the audience, making them see and experience things that aren’t actually happening.

One of the most impressive parts of the show is when McCambridge invites members of the audience up on stage to participate in his tricks. He always chooses volunteers who seem skeptical or doubtful, but by the end of each trick, they are left astounded and in disbelief.

The Mentalist is a must-see show for anyone visiting Las Vegas who wants a truly unforgettable entertainment experience. With his unique talents, Gerry McCambridge has elevated the art of mentalism to new heights, making this show an experience like no other. Whether you’re a fan of magic, illusions, or just a good show, The Mentalist is sure to leave you spellbound. Check out our full list of more great Vegas shows for teens.

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All Motown Las Vegas Dinner and Show
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All Motown

375 E. Harmon

*No age restriction

All Motown Dinner and Show Package at the Athena Showlounge within the Alexis Park, is an event that combines live music and dining, offering a unique and entertaining experience to guests. The show is a tribute to the iconic Motown music label and its legendary artists, including Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, and many others.

The dinner and show package typically starts with a delicious meal at a participating restaurant in Las Vegas, followed by a lively performance of Motown hits and classic tunes. The performers, who are dressed in period costumes, sing, dance, and play instruments, bringing the magic of Motown to life on stage.

The atmosphere at the All Motown Dinner and Show Package is electric, with audience members singing and dancing along to their favorite tunes. It’s a fun and lively event that is perfect for families, couples, and groups of friends.

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That’s A Wrap!

Las Vegas dinner and show package is a perfect way to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife with your family. From exciting dining experiences to spectacular performances, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect package to suit your needs and budget. So book your next Las Vegas trip today and experience the magic of this vibrant city for yourself!

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Best Dinner and Show Packages in Las Vegas

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