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Best Guide to Las Vegas with Kids 2024!

Vegas is not just for adults anymore, and it is time that families start to take notice

Whether it’s “Vegas Baby” or Vegas with baby, this city offers a wide selection of activities for every age group. I’ve been going to Vegas since I was a young girl and I’m proud to keep the tradition going with my own four children.

Let me tell you, Las Vegas with kids can really be a blast. And please don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Family with Kids on Las Vegas Strip
Our kids LOVE Vegas as much as we do!

In this family guide to Las Vegas, we share all of our secrets about how to make the absolute best of your visit to Vegas with kids. We discuss the best hotels for families, cheap family attractions in Vegas, the best shows in Vegas for kids, where to find kid-friendly restaurants, best places to stay with kids in Las Vegas, and so much more!

I am confident that by following the advice in our Vegas guide, you and your family will come to love Vegas as much as we do and dream of returning year after year. But first you need to know how to get here, so see my guide on the best way to get to Vegas, before you go.

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Here’s what’s in this article:

Best Places To Stay In Las Vegas With Kids

Las Vegas Family Hotels

The Vegas strip has so many amazing hotels, most of which cater to families with children to some degree or another. However, from our experience some Vegas hotels are just so much more family-oriented and budget-friendly than others. We go in extreme depth about our 5 favorite Vegas strip hotels for families HERE but here is a quick rundown of the top 3 to get you started.

Mirage Las Vegas Kid Friendly Hotel Review
The BEST pool for kids on the strip
Great lineup of family shows (Beatles LOVE)
Family-friendly atmosphere

See photos, reviews & more

MGM Las Vegas Kid Friendly Hotel
The BEST lineup of family shows (Jabbawockeez, Ka, Copperfield)
HUGE family pool complex – lazy river, waterfalls, grottos, poolside dining
Family-friendly atmosphere

See photos, reviews & more

New York New York Vegas Hotel with Kids
Budget-friendly and a great value
Great selection of family restaurants and eateries
Fun atmosphere and attractions (roller coaster, arcade)

See photos, reviews & more

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Places to Stay for Large Families

The frustrating thing about Vegas (well actually about hotels in general) is that a large majority of these rooms are designed to accommodate only up to four guests. Las Vegas has so many options for families of all sizes, but I found that it is worthwhile to look into condo and timeshare rentals just off the Strip if you need a Las Vegas accommodation for a big family or group with 5 or more people. Most rentals ooze luxury and space, sometimes at a ridiculously affordable rate.

See photos, reviews & more

Traveling with a family of 5 or more and want the experience of staying in a hotel on the Strip? No worries, there are few hotels in Vegas that offer family suites and large suites that can fit groups that want more space and luxury. Now, you can always book two connecting rooms and make your own family suite, like we do, but I encourage you to explore this post if you are looking for some truly unique spaces that will take you family Vegas vacation to the next level.

See Photos, Reviews, & More

Las Vegas Hotels with Balcony Rooms

So, you’re curious about the rare Las Vegas rooms with balconies? Well, I don’t blame you! Who wouldn’t want to soak in the neon lights and desert views from the comfort of their own private balcony? Plus, let’s be real, there’s just something extra special about having your own little slice of outdoor space in the middle of the city that never sleeps. So, whether you’re looking to people-watch on the strip or just catch a few rays of sun, I’m excited to share all the juicy details with you.

See photos, reviews & more

Kid-Friendly Las Vegas Attractions

Free Things to do in Las Vegas with Kids

There is so much to do in Las Vegas, especially if you have a few bucks, but there is actually quite a lot that you can do for FREE. Here we highlight some of our favorite free activities to do with kids in Las Vegas. Be sure to check out the full list HERE.

Walk the strip together

kids on the vegas strip

The Vegas strip is unique and there is a lot of fun to be had just strolling the strip as a family. You can cruise through different casinos (as long as you don’t stop for too long, you can pass through casinos with kids without hassle) and you can see what each casino is like. There are picture opportunities and street entertainers.

We recommend starting your stroll about one hour before sunset and continuing as the millions of Vegas light bulbs come alive and set the city ablaze at night. Just don’t stay out too late after sunset, perhaps about 30-60 minutes, because the strip can get a little more wild and unpredictable at night. The strip is calm and weather more temperate in the morning, but it is also a way more boring time to walk the strip.

Interact with friendly mermaids at Silverton

Mermaid at Silverton Las Vegas

The Silverton Casino is not on the Vegas strip, but it isn’t too far away and even if you are not staying the night there, it is definitely worth a stop when you are leaving or coming to Vegas. It has a huge fish tank with real live MERMAIDS that interact with the kids by waving and blowing heart bubbles. The kids will be mesmerized while the mermaids put on their beautiful show. You have to go at a certain time to catch the mermaid show, and here is the schedule:

  • Thursday: 12:00 – 1:15pm,  2:00pm – 3:15pm,  5:00pm – 8:15pm
  • Friday: 12:00 – 1:15pm,  2:00pm – 3:15pm,  5:00pm – 8:15pm
  • Saturday: 12:00 – 1:15pm,  2:00pm – 3:15pm,  5:00pm – 8:15pm
  • Sunday: 10:30am – 1:10pm,  2:00pm – 3:15 pm, 5:00 p.m. – 6:45pm

Enjoy Budget Friendly Pools

Family fun in Mirage Pool Las Vegas

Of course the most affordable way to spend a few family-friendly hours in Vegas is to hang out at your resort pool. Just about every Vegas hotel on the strip has a pool, but choosing a hotel with an amazing pool designed for families with children is definitely the way to go (see our favorites HERE). Our favorite is the pool at Mirage. What kids don’t like splashing around in the pool and parading under cascading waterfalls!? It will likely even bring out the kid in you.

Cheap Family Activities in Las Vegas

There are lots of attractions and activities to do in Vegas as a family, but not all of them are worth your time and money. We have been to Vegas with children countless times when they were various ages, so we have experienced most of what Vegas has to offer. Here is our list of the best affordable family activities, where we define affordable as less than $30-$40 bucks. It is possible to find deals for most of these attractions, so be sure to look for deals, for example on These are just the top 3, but you can see the whole list of cheap family activities in Vegas HERE.

Go up the Eiffel Tower for mind-blowing views of Vegas

View from top of Eiffel tower Vegas

In my opinion, the Eiffel Tower is one of the best activities to do in Vegas with kids, especially around dusk when the sun is going down and the lights start to shine along the Vegas strip. The kids loved the whole experience of taking the open-view elevator up to the top of the tower, and then seeing the Vegas strip from 46 stories high! Ticket prices vary by time of day and package. The day tickets (10:00am- 7:00pm) are less expensive than the night tickets (7:00pm-1:00am) and buying a family package or group package also reduces the price of individual tickets. Also, kids under 6 are free!

Learn more about Paris on

See a child-friendly show under $30

cheap vegas show

Las Vegas is a great place to catch a magic or comedy show with kids. Yes shows can be expensive, but before you panic there are some fun choices for around $30 or less. Many family friendly shows will not break your bank (see our entire list and reviews of 21 Vegas shows for kids HERE). Here is a short list of some of our favorites for the price:

Laughternoon with Adam London:
75 mins: comedy, magic tricks, audience participation 
Learn more
Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream:
75 mins: Magic, shadows, physical comedy, theatrics 
Learn more
Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre:
60 mins: physical comedy, animal tricks, clown, juggling 
Learn more
Murray the Magician:
60 mins: magic, comedy, family fun, light-hearted, sleight-of-hand 
Learn more

Things to do with Teens in Las Vegas

Teens are a particular sort, with rapidly changing moods and strong opinions (usually opposite of the parents). So how does a parent keep their teen happy while engaging in family travel? Take them to Las Vegas! I know, I know. You have heard it before, but it is honestly one the easiest destinations to find something to entertain everyone!

See Teen Activities as a Web Story

Las Vegas Shows for Teens

Criss Angel Mindfreak show

Las Vegas is known for world class entertainment and it would be a sin to not catch a show while you are in town. There are a ton of amazing shows in Las Vegas for families, including Cirque du Soleil and shows that offer dinner and show packages. Although I put together an extensive post showcasing 21 of the best family shows in Vegas, here are five that I feel will be particularly interesting for your teen.

See photos, reviews & more

Museums & Exhibits

Real Bodies at Ballys in Vegas

Vegas is more than just casinos, as you know. There are a lot of really cool and, dare I say, educational attractions in Sin City. Yes, Las Vegas is home to many museums and exhibits. Those listed below will be particularly interesting to your teen.

See photos, reviews & more


Art in Motion
Art in Motion

Las Vegas is a giant playground for the young and old. Teens especially will find many of the attractions, like Area 15, perfect for their thrill-seeking, high-adrenaline needs.

See photos, reviews & more

Best Family Shows in Las Vegas

It goes without saying that Las Vegas is a top entertainment capital and is a great place to catch a variety of world-class shows to fit any mood. The best thing for families is that many of these Las Vegas shows are actually kid-friendly! We provide a detailed overview for Las Vegas family shows HERE and best of all, we provide custom ratings for every show to see how well it matches your interests, including the best shows for magic, dance, thrills and comedy. Here is a quick rundown of our top recommendation in each category.

Best show overall

Blue Man Group @ Luxor All Ages live music, drums, interactive, multimedia theatrics

Best cirque show

Ka @ MGM Grand Ages 5+ cirque, martial arts, folklore, fire, puppetry, flying

Best magic show

Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream @ Planet Hollywood All Ages magic, shadows, physical comedy, theatrics

Best budget-friendly show

Laughternoon @ D Hotel All Ages comedy, magic tricks, audience participation

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Best Las Vegas Cirque Du Soleil Shows for Families

Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows for kids

Cirque shows in Vegas are amazing and obviously popular with adults. But did you know that most of these shows are also considered to be kid-friendly? Yes, you read that right – kid-friendly – meaning you can book tickets for your kids ages 5 and up!

See photos, reviews & more

See Best Cirque Shows as a Web Story

Las Vegas Dinner & Show Packages

A great way to enjoy a night on the town in Las Vegas with kids is to go out to a fun dinner and see an amazing show. In Las Vegas you can combine the two with a Las Vegas dinner and show packages. Fortunately, many of of the family-friendly Las Vegas shows offer these packages, saving you money and guaranteeing you and your family great time! One of our favorites is the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur. Check out my list of the best family-friendly Las Vegas dinner and show packages and book a night out,

See photos, reviews & more

Best Las Vegas Family Pools

Las Vegas resorts on the strip are enormous and loaded with amazing restaurants, entertainment options, and fun attractions. And one of our favorite FREE family activities to counteract the heat and kill some time during the day is to hang out at the resort pool. Virtually every resort on the Vegas strip has a pool, but not all Vegas pools are created equal. Not by a long shot! There are some Vegas pools that seem to be designed with families in mind, and there are others that seem to be an obligatory afterthought. Here is a short list of our favorite Vegas pools, what to expect, and most importantly, why we love them so much!

Hot Tip: We go into greater depth in our article on the 5 best family pools in Vegas.

Mirage Pool

Mirage Vegas pool with kids

Mirage has our favorite pool in Vegas for kids, and it definitely seems like this pool was designed with families in mind. It is a tropical oasis with several waterfalls, tons of palm trees, and a couple of large hot tubs. They also have a restaurant called Paradise Cafe where you can enjoy lunch or brunch poolside. My kids love the Mirage pool, and when we talk about planning a trip to Vegas, they start talking about this pool.

See photos, reviews & more

MGM Pool

MGM Grand Pool Las Vegas

The MGM Grand Pool is an enormous area that includes 5 different pools, a lazy river, and quite a few waterfalls and grottos. They have a restaurant called Cabanas Grill where you can have a poolside lunch or brunch, which we always take advantage of after spending an afternoon at the pool. Best of all, they have 5 different bars in the Grand Pool Complex to grab a pina colada or cold beer! Your family could spend a whole day at the MGM pool and still not have time to do it all.

See photos, reviews & more

Mandalay Pool

Pool at Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas

Mandalay Beach is a sprawling pool complex with a lazy river and a huge wave pool. We like that it has a tropical landscape and the kids really do like floating in the lazy river. The Mandalay Bay pool is unique because it has over 2.5 thousand tons of real sand, but to be honest, we could do without the sand. Sure it is a nice touch, but it also makes the pool visit quite a bit more messy. During the summer, they also have a Beach Concert Series so you can catch some music as a family by the pool. I am confident you and your kids will love spending an afternoon at the Mandalay Beach.

See photos, reviews & more

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Fun Dungeon arcade at Excalibur in Las Vegas

Adults aren’t the only ones who come to Las Vegas to play. Kids can have a great time too at one of the many awesome arcades inside these family friendly hotels and beyond the Strip. Everything from gaming, esports, arcades games, virtual reality, and so much more can be found right here in Las Vegas for toddlers, kids, and teens to enjoy! For information see our full list of our favorite Vegas arcades.

See Photos, Reviews, & More

Kid-Friendly Restaurants Las Vegas

Las Vegas hotels on the Strip are sprawling resorts that are loaded with restaurants, pubs, taverns and casual eateries. It is hard to pick the best Las Vegas restaurants for kids, because there are just so many great kid-friendly places to eat all along the strip. Instead, we have selected three of our favorite family hotels and highlighted the top family-friendly options available at each resort. Importantly, we also show you a few kid-friendly places to grab a cold one. This is Vegas after all!

Kid-Friendly Restaurants with Live Music

Sin e Ri Ra at Nine Fine Irishmen Vegas NYNY

Las Vegas is the capital of non-stop entertainment. Everywhere you look there is something to see and do. Even meal time is an event in Las Vegas with many restaurants providing live music.

Finding restaurants with live entertainment is a great way to enjoy Las Vegas night life with kids, making it one of our favorite things to do when taking a family trip to Las Vegas. Why have a boring meal when you can have dinner and a show all in one?

See photos, reviews & more

Kid-Friendly Restaurants Las Vegas Strip

Il Fornaio NYNY Las Vegas Restaurant

The hotels lining the iconic Vegas Strip aren’t just about high stakes and dazzling lights; they’re also home to a plethora of family-friendly restaurants that’ll satisfy even the pickiest little eaters. From casual bites to gourmet delights, there’s something for every taste bud. Now, I know you’re curious about the absolute best spots to indulge with your kiddos, and trust me, I’ve got the inside scoop. For a full list of the top kid-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas, head over to my detailed article. Let’s make your family’s Vegas dining experience as unforgettable as the city itself!

See photos, reviews & more

Celebrity Restaurants Las Vegas

Best Celebrity Owned Restaurants in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to many celebrity-owned and celebrity-chef restaurants. Trying a few every visit is fun challenge for families and allows them to indulge in the dishes of their favorite celebrities. I have put together a full list of the best celebrity restaurants in Las Vegas to visit with your family, so click the link, check them out and make a reservation. Cheers@

See photos, reviews & more

Things to do Beyond Las Vegas

Unforgettable Road Trips from Las Vegas

3 day road trips from vegas

If you are in town long enough and you have the opportunity, I would strongly consider planning a road trip from Las Vegas to one of the amazing nearby National Parks or quirky towns along Route 66. 

See photos, reviews & more

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Amazing Day Trips from Las Vegas

Las Vegas Day Trips

Las Vegas is actually situated in one of the most beautiful areas of the United States, and there are lots of great reasons to escape the bustling city for a day to explore the many unique natural wonders that surround Las Vegas.

For example, just a hop, skip and jump away from the Vegas strip you will find majestic red rock desert landscapes, historic man-made wonders like Hoover dam and Lake Mead (which is the largest man-made lake in the US), and of course, epic sights like the Grand Canyon are really just a quick helicopter ride away from Vegas in nearby Arizona.

See photos, reviews & more

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Best Ghost Towns Around Las Vegas for Families

Nevada is loaded with ghost towns and old mining camps to explore. Many of them are located not far from Las Vegas! If love history and want to add a little something different to you Vegas vacation, I suggest checking out one of the many surrounding ghost towns.

We regularly visit Calico Ghost Town whenever we visit Las Vegas, but are looking forward to venturing out and exploring more in future trips.

See Photos, Reviews, & More

More Las Vegas With Kids Tips & Advice

annual average temperature by month in las vegas

Las Vegas is definitely a year-round travel destination. Every season has something cool to offer families from fantastic pools in the summer to amazing holiday decor in the winter. It all depends on the kind of experience you and your families is looking for. In this post I break down the seasons by weather, events, crowds, activities, more. If you want to pick the best time of year to visit, then you will want to see this article. first.

See More

Planning a trip to Las Vegas and want to know the best way to get there? I got you. In this guide I discuss how to fly and how to drive to Las Vegas complete with airport and airline information and driving directions. I also include cool stops along to the way.

See More Information

Whether you are flying into Las Vegas or driving into Las Vegas, you don’t need a car to get around. Las Vegas is an extremely pedestrian-friendly city with several ways to navigate the strip without driving yourself. From public transportation, like monorails, and free trams to taxis and rideshares, to walking via inside tunnels and overhead bridges, your options are endless when it comes to getting around Vegas with your family safely.

See guide to navigating Las Vegas

FAQs Las Vegas with Kids

Family in Vegas with kids

We go to Vegas regularly with our kids, so I’d consider myself at least a semi-expert on how to do Las Vegas with kids of just about any age. Given our love of the city and extensive experience, we have ended up writing a TON of content over years to help families have a fun and safe visit to Sin City.

The idea behind this blog article is simple: we’ve brought together all the questions and answers in one spot so you can browse the most frequently asked questions about Las Vegas with kids.

See Questions & Answers HERE

Las Vegas with Baby with Sample Itinerary

Baby friendly Las Vegas

OK, so you are going to Las Vegas with baby and you probably have a few questions, like…

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it appropriate?
  • What can and can’t we do with a baby in Vegas?

Don’t worry, I got you.

First I answer some common questions and misconceptions that I have heard over the years about visiting Las Vegas with young kids, then I follow that up with an example itinerary that should help you get started on planning your next trip to Vegas with baby.

See photos, reviews & more

Pregnant in Las Vegas: Guide for Expecting Moms

Pregnant in Las Vegas Things to Do

I love Vegas! It is the perfect vacation destination, no matter your situation. It was fun for me as a child, long before I was legal to party. I thoroughly enjoyed it in my 20’s, when I could fully participate in Sin City shenanigans. If you’ve read my blog then you know how I feel about making any destination kid-friendly, and therefore absolutely love doing Vegas with kids, and Vegas with my young babyAnd yes, I even loved Vegas when I was pregnant! I was pregnant in Las Vegas (twice) and it was fabulous.

So, you might be asking “Is it safe to visit Vegas while pregnant?” and “What is there to do while pregnant in Vegas?”

The short answer is YES, IT’S SAFE and I will show you some useful tips on how to have a fabulous time in Vegas while pregnant.

See photos, reviews & more

Family-Friendly Guide to Walking the Strip

Parents, if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas with your little ones, you don’t want to miss out on our guide to walking the Las Vegas Strip with kids safely! It’s no secret that Vegas can be a bit wild and crazy, but with our guide, you’ll be able to navigate the city like a pro and keep your family safe while having fun. From the iconic attractions to the best places to grab a bite, we’ve got you covered.

Our guide includes insider tips on family-friendly activities, safety precautions to keep in mind, and recommendations for the best hotels and restaurants to visit along the way. Don’t take any chances on your family vacation – check out our guide and make your Las Vegas trip a memorable one!

See photos, reviews & more

That’s a Wrap!

Although an expensive playground for adults, I hope we have shown you it is possible to have a fun and affordable Las Vegas family vacation. It’s obviously easier to have a good time if everyone in the group is over 21, but bringing children to Vegas is worth the extra effort in our opinion, even though it does take a little bit more creativity.

A kid-friendly Las Vegas trip can be tricky, so it’s important to pace yourself and not make any concrete plans. Be flexible, walk around and take in the unique sights and sounds of Vegas! In no time, like us, I am sure you will have Las Vegas kids and will find an excuse to return every year after!

Make sure to explore all our Las Vegas family travel resources and plan the best Las Vegas family vacation EVER!

Don’t forget to extend your trip by exploring more what the Nevada has to offer beyond Vegas.

Bonus: Check out our family travel videos

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    • Yeah, that is a big misconception about Vegas being Sin City. The truth is, it can be whatever you want it to be.

  6. The money saving tips are great for people of all ages – I’d heard about awesome buffets at some hotels but had no idea you could eat there all day!

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  12. I’m taking my kids, ages 10 & 16 going 28/12-7/1 so will be there NYE, any places you recommend to go with kids?? I’d like a bit of music and few drinks but can see this could be difficult. Thanks

    • Hi Emma! You guys will have a blast and it be hectic NYE itself, but will calm down quite a bit after New Year’s Day. We also seek out live music and drinks, no matter the age of our kids, and there are a few places we like in Vegas. Our fav hangout is Nine Fine Irishmen at NYNY, and they have Live Irish Music every night at 9pm where kids are welcome (but they will ask the kids to leave around 10 or 11pm). Also at NYNY, you can hang out at the Village street eateries, grab some cheap pizza and beer, and sit RIGHT OUTSIDE the Times Square Bar with dueling pianos. It is raucous fun, even with kids, to experience at a short distance. Check the schedule first, but the House of Blues at Mandalay has some cool free live music (as long as you eat a meal there). We spent a long afternoon there once, drinking brews and listening to a 70s cover band! I might actually write a post about this topic now that you brought it up, it is a great question 🙂 Have a fab time in Vegas!!!

  13. What an incredible list you have compiled here. WIth your help, now I have lots of stuff to do with the kids during the upcoming Holidays. Thank you. Best Vegas list with kids I have ever seen!

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