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Great places to stay in Las Vegas for Big Families near the Vegas Strip

Finding a place to stay in Vegas for a big group or family is actually not that hard with these tips

Here is an amazing fact. There are over 150 thousand hotel rooms in Las Vegas, which is almost twice as many as New York City!

However, the frustrating thing about Vegas (well actually about hotels in general) is that a large majority of these rooms are designed to accommodate only up to four guests.

You can expect to pay an arm (and most likely a leg) for one of the few family-sized suites available at the main hotels on the Vegas strip – that is, if they aren’t already booked.

This is a huge problem for families like ours planning a trip to Las Vegas with a group of 5+ people. It is painful enough to pay the obligatory $40/night resort fee for a single room at most Vegas Strip hotels, let alone for more than one room.

My kids have always loved our time staying at family-friendly resorts on the Vegas strip (our all-time favorite is the Mirage, find out why right HERE), but we recently had another child and have been researching alternative family accommodations in Vegas with more space and kid-oriented amenities at an affordable price.

Family fun in Mirage Pool Las Vegas

In fact, I discovered that there are some really nice options for larger groups, including condo, timeshare and Las Vegas Airbnb rentals, that are just off the Vegas strip but close enough to the action that it would be just a quick ride to see a kid-friendly Vegas show or eat at a family restaurant on the Vegas strip.

There are actually quite a few benefits of staying somewhere off the Vegas strip if you desire a more low-key experience on your Vegas family vacation.

To be honest, we do like hanging out on the Vegas strip with kids, but it does have a pretty wild and exuberant atmosphere that can be intense and may be judged by some parents to be undesirable or inappropriate for their family.

kids on the vegas strip

But perhaps most important is that you can often find exceptional values by staying at a family vacation rental in Vegas that is just off the Vegas strip.

For instance, you can score a much larger accommodation at a beautiful resort for the same price or less than a typical Vegas hotel, especially after factoring the money you might save on resort fees, parking fees, extra guest fees, etc.

With that in mind, here are some great places to stay near the Vegas Strip for large families (or any group, really) with more than 5 or 6 people.


Family Vacation Rentals in Vegas

Room at MGM Signature in Vegas

There are several reputable websites where you can search listings of homes, condos and timeshares that are for rent in the Las Vegas area. In many cases, these accommodations can be found in beautiful family-friendly resorts with extravagant pools, arcades, grocery stores, restaurants and other conveniences for families. Some of these resorts don’t have gambling on site, which is nice for the kiddos, but you will still be just minutes away from all the action in numerous nearby casinos (e.g. if you can score a babysitter for a few hours!).

Pool at HGVC Las Vegas Resort

Rent a Timeshare

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas before, you have probably been asked to go on a timeshare tour by either your resort or one of those kiosks on the strip. That’s because Las Vegas is home to one of the largest collections of timeshare resorts in the world, and they are some of the most luxurious as well.

Condo at Wyndham grand desert Las Vegas

Most individuals are not aware, however, that you don’t need to purchase a timeshare to stay in one. Over the years timeshare rentals from private owners have grown in popularity for families wanting more space and amenities at an affordable price.

For example, located within high-end Las Vegas resorts like Hilton Grand Vacations Club at the Flamingo and Marriott’s Grand Chateau, timeshares are perfect for families because of the added space and comforts such as 1-6 bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, separate living and dining areas, and more. Here is a screen grab of a quick search I did for Las Vegas accommodations on SellMyTimeshareNow so you can get a flavor of the sheer amount of options there are:

Screenshot of sellmytimesharenow website

Each unit also usually comes with a kitchenette or full kitchen, providing families with the benefit of being able to prepare their own food on occasion, which can help keep costs down and allows kids to get some nutrition on their vacation. Many units even come with washer/dryers which are great bonuses to have when your kids inevitably spill something on their clothes.

Rent a Home or Condo

If you browse around, you can sometimes find a really good deal for large accommodations in Vegas on sites like Vacation Rentals by Owner ( to rent various apartments, homes, townhomes, condos and even penthouse suites in and around the Las Vegas Strip.

For example, on Vrbo (pronounced “verbo”), there are some nice listings for entire condos with 3, 4 or even 5 beds at places like the Jockey Club (near Bellagio and Cosmopolitan), the Wyndham Grand Desert Resort (near MGM and Hard Rock Café), and the Signature at MGM Grand (among many others) for between $100-300/night depending on the size of the unit and time of year.

Here is a screen grab of a quick search I did on Vrbo looking for big family accommodations in Vegas for 7 guests:

Best of all, I noticed that many of these listings do not have exorbitant resort fees. Sign me up for that!

Buy a Timeshare

As mentioned above, timeshares are awesome accommodations you can rent for a one-time, inexpensive vacation. If you find yourselves returning year after year to the City of Lights, however, I recommend looking into a timeshare there.

Though they can be expensive if purchased directly through the resorts themselves, Las Vegas timeshares can be found for much more affordable prices on third-party sites like SellMyTimeshareNow, a trusted timeshare reseller with hundreds of units for sale at 60-70% off.

Wyndham Grand Desert Pool area

Since timeshare resorts are super family-friendly, most do not have on-site gambling while also offering children’s pools, arcades, grocery stores, and planned activities. You can think of it as a wonderful and safe home-away-from home. We do not personally own a timeshare, but we visit Vegas so often with kids that I can really see the appeal.

That’s a Wrap!

Las Vegas has so many options for families of all sizes, but I found that it is worthwhile to look into condo and timeshare rentals just off the Strip if you need a Las Vegas accommodation for a big family or group with 5 or more people. Our family is all about the amenities and that was one of the reasons we never ventured from the traditional hotel setting, but after doing a lot of research I see that lack of amenities is not an issue. In fact, most rentals ooze luxury and space, sometimes at a ridiculously affordable rate. With our continuously growing family, family vacation rentals in Vegas are looking more and more like the way to go.

So how about you…have you ever stayed at a condo or timeshare rental in Las Vegas? 

What was your experience like?

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Top Places to Stay with a large family in Las Vegas


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