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21 Epic Las Vegas Shows for Families with Kids 2024

Find the perfect Las Vegas show experience for your family

So you’re planning a trip to Vegas with kids, right? Don’t let the haters tell you that you’re crazy! We take our kids to Vegas every year and they absolutely love it there.

And one of the main reasons why my kids love Las Vegas is they get to experience amazing family-friendly Vegas shows with us.

Heck, we even took our Baby to Vegas for New Year’s and experienced the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur. You can tell the kids had an amazing time, even my 11 month old!

Baby at Las Vegas Show Tournament of Kings
Tournament of Kings is fun for all ages

It is literally only in Vegas where you can find so many incredible shows and live entertainment every single night of the week. And lucky for us (and you!), most of these Vegas shows are actually kid-friendly! Even many of the family restaurants have live music.

However, the large volume of Vegas shows also presents a problemHow do you know which one to pick!?

The point of this article is to help you by giving a succinct overview for 21 of the top kid-friendly shows in Las Vegas organized by category and our own personal recommendations.

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Top Las Vegas Shows for Kids by Category

The Best all-around

Blue Man Group @ Luxor
All Ages
What to expect: live music, drums, interactive, multimedia theatrics, comedy

The Best for music and drama

The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil @ Mirage
Ages 5+
What to expect: cirque, musical show, aerials, dancing, acrobatics

The Best for magic

The Magic of Jen Kramer @ The Westgate
Ages 4+
What to expect: comedy, fun, audience participation, magic tricks

The Best on a budget

Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre @ Planet Hollywood
All Ages
What to expect: physical comedy, animal tricks, clown, juggling

Why Our List Of Las Vegas Shows For Kids Is Different

We provide detailed insights about what the best Vegas shows are really like, so you can determine whether it is appropriate for your family depending on the age and interests of your children, and the adults, in your party.

We provide all the details you would ever need to know about just about every Las Vegas family show including factors like cost, location, age restrictions, duration, and show times, as well as insightful and succinct descriptions that we distilled from research of comprehensive reviews written by families like your own.

Now this is important. I realize that people like to explore and absorb information in lots of different ways.

So we didn’t make just a plain old list. We also provide custom ratings along 5 key dimensions that will help you to visualize the strengths, weaknesses, and feelings associated with each of the top kid-friendly Vegas shows.

Best Las Vegas Comedy Shows For Kids

Mac King

Location: Thunderland, Excalibur
Info: Ages 5+, 70 mins, ave. cost: $$
Showtimes: Tuesday-Saturday @ 1:00pm and 3:00pm
What it’s like: magic, comedy, goofy, clean jokes, wild stunts
hilarious, witty, interactive, kid-friendly, one-of-a-kind

Mac King comedy show in Las Vegas for kids graph

Overview: The Mac King magic show at Excalibur is a comedy extravaganza and is the perfect family friendly show in Las Vegas if you are looking for laughs and a fun, quirky experience. Mac King has had an illustrious career, for example, he formerly won an award from the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood as the “Magician of the year”. Mac King’s show involves fun props, sleight of hand tricks, and silly jokes. But most importantly is that this comedy magic show involves plenty of audience member participation. Mac King is naturally witty and engaging and has produced a stellar Las Vegas family show – it is funny, it is magical, and your whole family will love it!

See More: The Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Piff the magic dragon

Location: Flamingo, Flamingo Showroom
Info: Ages 13+, 75mins, ave. cost: $$
Showtimes: Thursday-Monday @ 7:00pm
What it’s like: comedy, chihuahua, magic tricks, stand-up
charming, tricky, unique, hilarious, cheeky

Piff Magic Dragon family show Las Vegas graph

Overview: Piff the Magic Dragon at the Flamingo is a show for families with kids 13 or over and is truly unique in a town that has seen virtually everything. I mean, who would expect to see a comedic magician on stage in a dragon suit with a small chihuahua names Mr. Pifles? Well that is the kind of awesomeness you can expect in Piff’s show at the Flamingo.

You might recognize Piff from his successful run on the TV show America’s Got Talent with his cheeky wit and charm. This show will make you laugh and will make you wonder with distinctive magic tricks that you won’t see anywhere else on the strip. Although you can’t bring the little children, we consider Piff the Magic Dragon to be a family friendly Vegas show and just incredibly fun.

See More: Piff the Magic Dragon

Best Family Shows in Vegas for Dance


Location: MGM Grand, Jabbawockeez Theatre
Info: All Ages, 75 mins, ave. cost: $$$
Showtimes: MWTF: 7:00 & 9:30pm, Sat-Sun: 4:00, 7:00 & 9:30pm
What it’s like: audiovisual storytelling, synchronized dance moves energetic, pulse-pounding, exciting, fun, brilliant

Jabbawockeez best vegas show for families graph

Overview: Jabbawockeez is “the” premier hip hop dance crew who stepped into the national spotlight on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance, and they have also performed on America’s Got Talent. Believe it or not, I was once on a competitive hip hop dance crew in my early twenties in SoCal and before all the national fame, Jabbawockeez were already very well known locally among dancers as a force to be reckoned with.

Jabbawockeez have since created an epic family friendly show in Las Vegas at the MGM, where they dawn their notorious white masks and gloves and perform insane dance routines in perfect unison. You can expect TONS of dance, compelling audiovisual storytelling through music and movement, and even a little bit of comedy that will make you laugh out loud.

Basically, this show has it all and I definitely recommend it as one of the best Las Vegas hip hop shows to see in Vegas. Jabbawockeez will entertain everyone in your family, young and old, and is extremely high on our X-factor because they will deliver a performance you will not soon forget.

See More: JabbawockeeZ

Michael Jackson ONE

Location: Mandalay Bay, Mandalay Bay Theatre
Info: Ages 5+, 90 mins, ave. cost: $$$
Showtimes: Mon/Thur/Sun @ 7:00pm, Fri/Sat @ 7:00 & 9:30pm
What it’s like: cirque, storytelling, dance, acrobatics, pyrotechnics
artistic, toe-tapping, dazzling, energetic, urban

Michael Jackson ONE Cirque Show for families in Vegas graph

Overview: Michael Jackson ONE is a Cirque du Soleil production with all the amazing antics you would expect from a cirque show – thrilling acrobatics, creative storytelling, artistic production, and mind-blowing displays of sheer human talent. What sets it apart, though, is that all this is set to your favorite timeless tunes from one of America’s most beloved and beleaguered artists, Michael Jackson, including “Thriller”, “Billie Jean”, “Bad”, “Smooth Criminal”, and many others. The show at Mandalay Bay involves dazzling pyrothechnics, surround-sound audio, and over five dozen professional dancers performing surreal and heart-pounding routines.

Michael Jackson ONE will make you want to dance along, it will mesmerize and thrill you, and it will be one unforgettable performance for the whole family. That is why we consider Michael Jackson ONE a top Vegas show for kids and a well rounded show for the whole family. You can find this show at Mandalay Bay, which we have reviewed in detail as a top family friendly hotel in Las Vegas due to the amazing pool with lazy river, shark reef aquarium, and luxurious laid-back tropical atmosphere.

See More: Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil

Blue Man Group

Location: Luxor, Blue Man Theatre
Info: All Ages, 105 mins, ave. cost: $$$
Showtimes: Thur-Mon @ 5:00 and 8:00pm
What it’s like: live music, drums, interactive, multimedia theatrics
colorful, heart-pounding, creative, animated, humorous

Blue Man Group Best Las Vegas Show for Kids graph

Overview: What else can I say, Blue Man Group at the Luxor is a true Vegas classic and clearly one of the best shows in Las Vegas for kids. It is a surreal musical show on steroids, with vibrant colors and sounds and heart-pounding drum beats that will keep the kids engaged and on the edge of their seats. The show includes interactive features with the audience, multimedia theatrical elements with state-of-the-art technology, and even a bit of comedy. Blue Man Group is dramatically entertaining from start to finish and is considered by many, including ourselves, as the overall  best family show in Vegas.

If you are in Las Vegas with kids once in your lifetime and you get to see just one show, this is the Vegas show I would recommend you should – no, that you MUST – see. It is just incredible, even after 25 years on the Vegas Strip. Go see it. Blue Man Group plays at the Luxor, which made our list as a top 5 Vegas hotel for kids because it has a good family pool, several kid-friendly exhibits and lots of family friendly dining options.

See More: Blue Man Group

The Beatles LOVE

Location: Mirage, LOVE Theatre
Info: Ages 5+, 90 mins, ave. cost: $$$
Showtimes: Sun/Mon/Thurs @ 7:00pm, Fri/Sat @ 7:00 & 9:30pm
What it’s like: cirque, musical show, ballet, aerials, dancing, acrobats
psychedelic, vibrant, fast-paced, athletic, stunning

Beatles LOVE family friendly Cirque du Soleil Vegas graph

Overview: The Beatles LOVE is a musical show by Cirque du Soleil at The Mirage that is set to beloved Beatles tunes, including an award winning soundtrack of 26 unique tracks that sample collectively from over 130 different songs including “Hey Jude”, “Octopuses Garden”, “Twist and Shout”, and too many others to count. The show tells the legendary story of The Beatles and their rise to world fame by surveying many different historic elements of the 1960’s including politics and pop culture.

While the clear driving force of this show is the composite story told by Beatles music, there are also fantastical elements that will give you thrills and utter excitement including athletic moves, dancing, and dangerous acrobatics performed by stunning visual characters. The show is uniquely psychedelic and imaginative, and has carved out a space in the Vegas scene as one of the best all-around show experiences for families in Las Vegas. The Mirage is also our pick for the top family hotel in Vegas, so it makes sense to book this show together with a stay at the Mirage on your next family visit to Vegas.

See More: The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil

Best Family Shows in Vegas for Thrills


Location: MGM Grand, Ka Theatre
Info: Ages 5+, 90 mins, ave. cost: $$$
Showtimes: TEMPORARILY CLOSED as of 07/14/2021
What it’s like: cirque, martial arts, folklore, fire, puppetry, flying
immersive, exotic stunts, engaging story, gravity-defying

KA Cirque Las Vegas for families graph

Overview: Ka by Cirque du Soleil is the ultimate Vegas show for families that are looking for a serious thrill and engaging storytelling. On a dynamic stage that keeps changing seamlessly throughout the production, it tells the saga from Asian folklore of good vs evil, of love and war, and of family. The show transitions periodically from martial arts and hand-to-hand combat to poetic puppetry and life-like shadow puppets – all with a backdrop of surreal elements including fiery pyrotechnics and jaw-dropping special effects. There are insane and dangerous stunts throughout the performance, including an intense moment that literally defies gravity.

The thrills and entertainment provided by KA are on par with what you expect from other Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas, but the real reason KA stands out to me is the degree of intricate storytelling that involves a perfect balance of comedy, romance and drama. With unique whimsical elements inspired by historic Asian cultures, this show is sure to please everyone in your group. You can catch KA at the MGM Grand, which is a great Vegas hotel for families that also has an enormous pool complex and a great collection of family friendly attractions.

See More: KA by Cirque du Soleil


Location: Bellagio, O Theatre
Info: Ages 5+, 90 mins, ave. cost: $$$
Showtimes: Wed/Thurs @ 7:00pm, Fri-Sun @ 7:00 & 9:30pm
What it’s like: water, synchronized swimming, diving, acrobats, contortion
artistic, elemental, whimsical, stimulating, brilliant

O Bellagio Cirque du Soleil for kids in Vegas graph

Overview: “O” by Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio a phenomenal production that involves a million gallon pool in the middle of an ancient European-style theater. Yes, this means that most performances involve unique water elements like synchronized swimming and diving that you won’t find anywhere else on the Vegas strip.

The costumes and characters are visually stunning and the death-defying airborne acts on the trapeze and red silks will leave you breathless. There is an energetic fire dance and a group of contortionists that will blow your mind. “O” is epic, artistic, inventive, dangerous and strangely delightful. Oh, and don’t sit too close to the stage unless you want to get a little wet! This is one great family show in Vegas that is so epic and unforgettable that it breaks our chart for X-factor alone.

See More: ‘O’ by Cirque du Soleil


Location: Treasure Island, Mystere Theatre
Info: All Ages, 90 mins, ave. cost: $$$
Showtimes: Mon/Tue @ 7:00pm, Fri-Sun @ 7:00pm & 9:30pm
What it’s like: cirque, acrobats, live band, storytelling, chinese poles
magical, fantastic, original, thrilling, wondrous, fun

Mystere Cirque du Soleil family show Las Vegas graph

Overview: Mystere is the “OG”, and the original Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. It is also a thrilling Vegas show for families with kids because they will allow all agesinto the show. It is a raucous circus act with wide ranging, specialized performances from aerialists, bungee jumpers, gymnasts and clowns – yes, clowns – like Brian Le Petit, who interacts repeatedly with the audience causing trouble and creating tons of laughs. The show is a wild ride that changes abruptly from moments of laughter to moments of awe and sheer wonder. Kids and adults alike will appreciate the mystical performances, and will love the overall experience delivered by Mystere.

See More: Mystere by Cirque du Soleil

Criss Angel Mindfreak

Location: Planet Hollywood, Criss Angel Theatre
Info: Ages 10+, 90 mins, ave. cost: $$
Showtimes: Wednesday-Sunday @ 7:00pm
What it’s like: illusions, acrobatics, live DJ, pyrotechnics
wild, mysterious, immersive, incredible, mind-warping

Criss Angel Mindfreak show for kids in Las Vegas graph

Overview: Criss Angel’s new show, MINDFREAK (which moved to Planet Hollywood in January 2019), is a mind-boggling adventure that is so much more than just a magic show. Yes, Criss Angel is a freak of nature, a brilliant magician, and a master of illusions. But this is a full throttle show that involves live DJ’s, light show, pyrotechnics, various entertaining on-stage performances, and 3D immersive elements.

The show incorporates top-notch stage production of 75 crazy illusions, with aesthetics that are fascinating and other-worldly. Criss Angel’s show scores exceptionally high on wonder and thrills, and is such a crazy and distinct experience that it also brings a high level of X-factor. This is a show I would generally recommend for teenagers and adults, as this is a show that only allows children 10 years and older. Check out our full list of recommend Las Vegas shows for teens.

See More: Criss Angel MINDFREAK LIVE!

Best Magic shows for kids in Las Vegas

The Magic of Jen Kramer

Location: The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
Info: 4+, 75 mins, ave. cost: $
Showtimes: Friday – Sunday @ 5:00pm
What it’s like: comedy, fun, audience participation, magic tricks, engaging

graph of experience at Magic of Jen Kramer Show at Westgate

Overview: The Magic of Jen Kramer is a hilarious all-ages magic show that features tons of audience participation. She has been featured on TV shows such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Masters of Illusion. Kids and adults alike will have an incredible time watching Jen predict audience member’s thoughts, amaze you with illusions, and ultimately leave you mesmerized. Jen Kramer is an absolute must if you are looking for entertaining Las Vegas magic shows for kids. The show starts at 5:00 PM on Wednesday and runs through Saturday.

See More: The Magic of Jen Kramer

Shin Lim

Location: The Mirage, The Mirage Theatre
Info: Ages 5+, 90mins, ave. cost: $$
Showtimes: Thursday-Monday @ 7:30pm
What it’s like: magical, spellbinding, master of card tricks, captivating, mesmerizing, storytelling

Overview: Looking for Las Vegas Illusionist shows? The Shin Lim show in Las Vegas is a captivating and mesmerizing experience that combines the art of magic, illusion, and sleight of hand with Shin Lim’s unique style and incredible talent. Known for his appearances on “America’s Got Talent” and winning the competition twice, Shin Lim has taken the world by storm with his extraordinary performances. Shin Lim brings his unparalleled skill and artistry to the stage, leaving the audience spellbound and in awe.

His performances are filled with mind-blowing illusions, mind-reading tricks, and astonishing card manipulations that defy logic and leave viewers questioning reality. With his signature style, Shin Lim effortlessly blends storytelling, music, and magic to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience. His stage presence is captivating, drawing the audience into a world of mystery and wonder. The show is filled with suspense, surprises, and moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

See More: Shin Lim

David Copperfield

Location: MGM Grand, David Copperfield Theatre
Info: Ages 5+, 70 mins, ave. cost: $$
Showtimes: Sun-Fri @ 7:00pm and 9:30pm, Sat @ 4:00, 7:00 & 9:30
What it’s like: illusions, magic tricks, disappearance, reappearance
entertaining, amazing, engaging, imaginative, fun

David Copperfield Magic Show for families in Vegas graph

Overview: David Copperfield is perhaps the most famous magician in the world and has been a long-time staple on the Vegas strip with unimaginable illusions of appearance and disappearance. He has made jetliners and hundred foot statues disappear, and has even walked straight through the Great Wall of China. This is a family friendly Vegas show that is all about one thing – magic and illusions. Copperfield has a magnetic personality and engages in continuous audience engagement, making the show a fun and interactive experience for all. Copperfield with literally blow your mind like no other, and is worth experiencing if you and the kids are in the mood for a little magic and wonder.

See More: David Copperfield

Xavier Mortimer’s magical dream

Location: Stratosphere Theatre, The STRAT
Info: All Ages, 75 mins, ave. cost: $
Showtimes: Wednesday-Monday @ 6:00pm
What it’s like: magic, shadows, physical comedy, theatrics
poetic, charming, dramatic, dream-like, nostalgic

Xavier Mortiner Vegas Show for families graph

Overview: Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream is an astonishing show that will transport you to another world where anything seems possible. Xavier has been featured on the TV show America’s Got Talent and was a star of Micheal Jackson ONE before landing his own headlining show at Planet Hollywood. This show blends magic and illusions with physical comedy and enchanting theatrics reminiscent of Mary Poppins. This is a very entertaining show that is the perfect for families in Vegas looking to be mystified.

See More: Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream

Penn & Teller

Location: Rio, Penn & Teller Theatre
Info: Ages 5+, 90 mins, ave. cost: $
Showtimes: Thursday-Sunday @ 9:00pm
What it’s like: magic tricks, comedy, jokes, cards, learn tricks
daring, awe-inspiring, humorous, wildly entertaining

Penn and Teller Magic Show for kids in Vegas graph

Overview: Penn & Teller are synonymous with Vegas, and their classic comedy-magic act is one of the best shows in Las Vegas for families. They have honed their craft over the last 3 decades together, and it is hard to imagine a pair of performers with better rapport.

You never know what to expect at a Penn & Teller show, but you will always get a full dose of elaborate illusions, head-scratching magic tricks, and original humor that makes for an incredibly entertaining experience. You may see performers eating fire and knives, you may see tricks with live animals, and you are almost certain to see something grand disappear. This show scores very highly in 4 out of the 5 categories including laughs, thrills, wonder and X-factor, making it a must-see Vegas show for families visiting Sin City.

See More: Penn & Teller

Paranormal Mindreading Magic

Location: Horseshoe, The Magic Attic
Info: Ages 5+, 75mins, ave. cost: $
Showtimes: Tue/Wed, Fri-Sun @ 4:00pm
What it’s like: magic, hypnosis, mind reading, surprising

David Goldrake Magic show for kids in Vegas graph

Overview: Internationally renowned mentalist Frederic Da Silva is the host of this new magic show at Bally’s, featuring hypnosis, mind reading, and much more! Many fans recognize him from his amazing performances on “France’s Got Talent”. His unbelievable talents will have you scratching your head and will leave the whole family mesmerized.

See More: Paranormal Mindreading Magic

Cheap Las Vegas Shows For Family

Popovich comedy pet theatre

Location: Planet Hollywood, V Theatre
Info: All Ages, 60 mins, ave. cost: $
Showtimes: Tuesday-Saturday @ 2:30pm
What it’s like: physical comedy, animal tricks, clown, juggling
unique, entertaining, clean fun, amazing, cute

Gregory Popovich Show in Vegas for families graph

Overview: Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre is designed as a fascinating show for all ages, and is definitely one of the best shows for families in Las Vegas. This show will impress with juggling and tons of physical comedy, and will delight the kid in all of us with silly clown routines. The best part, is that it is an affordable Las Vegas family activity!

The cast includes an amazing 25 pets, including 10 dogs and 15 cats, that were rescued from animal shelters. You will see tons of pet tricks and balancing acts in this raucous show. If your family loves animals, especially dogs and cats, then you will absolutely fall in love with Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theatre at Planet Hollywood.

See More: Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre

Potted Potter: All 7 Harry Potter books in 70 mins

Location: Horseshoe, The Magic Attic
Info: Ages 6+, 70 mins, ave. cost: $$
Showtimes: Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri @ 8:00pm, Sat-Sun @ 2:00 & 8:00pm
What it’s like: comedy, ridiculous props, costumes, storytelling, goofy

Laughternoon with Adam London comedy in Vegas for kids graph

Overview: Potted Potter is a raucous two-person show that hilariously recreates the story of all 7 Harry Potter books on-stage. With ridiculous props and goofy antics, expect to laugh frequently and be thoroughly entertained (especially if you are a fan of Harry Potter). You can even expect to see a fire breathing dragon greet the duo onstage!

See More: Potted Potter

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Location: Planet Hollywood, V Theatre
Info: All Ages, 75 mins, ave. cost: $$
Showtimes: Everyday @ 4:00pm
What it’s like: comedy, illusions, showgirls, captivating, fun

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Las Vegas Shows For Kids
Jeff Civillico kid friendly Vegas show graph

Overview: Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic Show is a multi-faceted family-friendly Las Vegas show for all ages that involves masterful illusions, close-up magic, and lots of jokes along the way. Nathan Burton is known for a special he created called “The Ultimate Las Vegas Showgirl Challenge,” where he spent seven nights in a sealed box with seven showgirls, and he has also been featured on various television shows over the years. It’s no wonder that Nathan Burton was named Illusionist of the Year.

See More: Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

V – Ultimate variety show

Location: Planet Hollywood, V Theatre
Info: All Ages, 75 mins, ave. cost: $
Showtimes: Every day @ 7:00pm and 8:30pm
What it’s like: variety, circus, magic, comedy, singing
exhilarating, insane, entertaining, energetic

V Ultimate Variety show in Vegas for kids graph

Overview: V is a world-class variety show that literally has it all – music, comedy, acrobatics, juggling, magic and everything else in between. V presents an eclectic mix of individual performances that somehow congeal into a fantastic and extremely entertaining experience that is much greater than the sum of its parts. The show is fast paced and exhilarating, much like being at a circus, and it is extremely family friendly. The show will appeal to every age in your group and is definitely a top show for kids in Las Vegas. Best of all, you can catch it any day of the week at 7 or 8:30pm at Planet Hollywood.

See More: V – The Ultimate Variety Show

Tournament of Kings

Location: Excalibur, King Arthur’s Arena
Info: All Ages, 90 mins, ave. cost: $$
Showtimes: Wednesday-Monday @ 6:00pm, and Thursday-Sunday @ 8:30
What it’s like: dinner and show, jousting, King Arthur, pyrotechnics
delicious, family fun, entertaining, funny, fantastic

Tournament of kings Vegas show with kids graph

Overview: Tournament of Kings is technically a dinner and a show, but it is extremely kid friendly and will transport you to the era of King Arthur, where knights battled with swords on horseback and jousted for sport. The show involves intricate battle scenes, comedic interludes, maiden dances, and exciting pyrotechnics paired with a delicious meal. You will get your money’s worth at the Tournament of Kings and your kids are sure to love the story and adventure. Also, kids under 3 can sit on your lap and eat for free! This is a kid friendly Vegas show and dinner that you won’t want to miss.

See More: Tournament of Kings

That’s A Wrap!

Vegas is a truly unique place full of lights, and glitz, and energy, but it is also the perfect place to catch some of the best family friendly Vegas shows. We always put aside a small budget for gambling when we go to Vegas, but it is really easy to dedicate a portion of that toward a family Vegas show experience. Better yet, if you happen to win a little bit, I think you should splurge some of those profits on a Vegas show for kids. I am certain your kids will appreciate the fun and your family won’t be disappointed! It is an experience you and kids will not soon forget.

Please comment below:

  • What is your favorite kid-friendly show in Las Vegas and why?
  • Have you had any bad experiences?
  • Did I miss something on this list of the best family shows in Vegas?

For more Vegas fun, check out all our Las Vegas family resources! And, explore more of what cool things the great state of Nevada has to offer families.

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  4. Las Vegas is insane, there are so many shows to see! I went to see Blue Man Group in Boston years ago and loved it, so I definitely agree with your pick! I would love to see Cirque du Soleil and David Copperfield though, what a legend!

  5. Las Vegas does have a lot to do. They really did a great job reinventing themselves a few years ago. It seems like it has something for every for everyone. You can have a blast even if you don’t like gambling.

    • You’re right, Vegas really has reinvented itself over the years, and we have found it to be a fun trip for the kiddos (and for us!) It is such a unique place with so much to offer that none of us can find in our own home towns. You know?

  6. What amazing shows! Sometimes I feel a bit envious when I read about places that have so many child friendly events 😉

  7. Thanks for the great list. Really love the graphs, they’re so helpful!
    There’s so much to do in Vegas, it’s always tough to decide where to spend your time!

  8. Hi, How strict is the 5 year old age limit for some of the shows. I have a daughter who will be 4.5 years old daughter. She is tall:)



  9. great list. I was thinking we’d do blue man group (kids will be 5 and 8) but now i’m leaning more towards a magic show. Love the graphs, too!

    • Thanks Katie! If you want any other advice or have any questions, just let me know. If you end up staying at Mirage, Terry Fator would be fun for 5 and 8 year olds. It’s not magic, but ventriloquism is kind of like magic in itself! ~Amanda

  10. Would love to take the kids to Vegas. Maybe. They might be a little too wild there and they’re chaotic enough at home 😂

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