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5 Best Cirque du Soleil Shows in Vegas for Families in 2024

Kid-friendly Cirque du Soleil ranked for ultimate entertainment

It is fair to say that Cirque du Soleil has taken Las Vegas by storm over the last few decades. The first permanent Cirque show in Vegas was Mystere, which opened it’s doors at Treasure Island on Christmas Day of 1993.

And with that, Cirque was off and running.

Since that very first production, several more Cirque du Soleil shows have been added as permanent fixtures on the Las Vegas strip with many of the best cirque du soleil shows in Vegas being family-friendly!

Sure Cirque shows in Vegas are amazing and obviously popular all over the world with adults. But did you know that most of these shows are also considered to be kid-friendly? Yes, you read that right – kid-friendly – meaning you can book tickets for your kids of all ages!

However, (and this is a big however) there are certain things you need to know before taking your child to a Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show. Here are a few pieces of advice from experience:

Some things to consider:

Cirque du Soleil Vegas shows are totally worth it, but they’re not cheap, so there’s a risk you’ll be super stressed if the kids are being disruptive to you or others around you.
Cirque du Soleil shows often incorporate intricate storytelling that children may not fully understand or appreciate.
For really young children, the show may be intense at times due to loud music, flashing lights, pyrotechnics, etc.

Some tips before you book:

Prepare your children for the show by being frank about what it’ll be like for them (we have ready-made reviews below to help the discussion along)
Consider sitting on an aisle seat and toward the back so you can sneak out like a ninja if your child becomes difficult during the show
Try to book an earlier showtime (7:30 instead of 9:00pm)

In this article, you will learn all about family-friendly Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas. I will share just the right amount of detail so you know exactly what each show is about and you can decide whether it is appropriate for your kids.

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Best Cirque Du Soleil Shows In Vegas For Kids

Mystere Las Vegas Cirque Show for kids


Treasure Island

*All Ages

It makes sense to start this list of the best Cirque shows in Vegas for kids with the one that started it all – Mystere at Treasure Island. It is a high energy circus-themed show that has captivating performances from aerial artists, gymnasts, bungee jumpers, and (of course) clowns. What circus would be complete without clowns!? The clowns interact with the audience throughout the show and perform a bunch of riotous acts that will make the kids roar with laughter.

You can expect a night of laughs, amazement, entertainment, and just plain old kid-friendly fun. Mystere Cirque du Soleil does not have an intricate storyline to follow like other shows on this list, which is good for younger children, and there is no age restriction. All-in-all, Mystere has something that every family, with kids of all ages, will thoroughly enjoy.

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Ka best cirque du soleil shows in vegas for kids


MGM Grand

*Kids 7+ Great for Teens!!

Ka by Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand is a captivating kid-friendly Cirque du Soleil show that involves exquisite storytelling on a dynamic stage that changes throughout the show. You can expect intense, but beautiful scenes of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat interwoven with puppetry and pyrotechnics.

The storylines are derived from Asian folklore and tap in quintessential issues of good versus evil, love, war and family. The kids will be mesmerized by the life-like shadow puppets that bring an ancient art to life on stage. There are dangerous stunts and incredible special effects that will carry through the epic journey together as a family. This is definitely a great Vegas show for teens, especially.

If you visit during the spring and summer, be sure to enjoy the amazing pool complex at MGM Grand. They have one the best pools in Vegas for families.

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Michael Jackson One Show at Mandalay Las Vegas

*Kids 5+ Great for Teens

Does your family like the music of Michael Jackson? What about dancing, acrobatics, aerialists, and trampoline artists? Oh yeah, and pyrotechnics! Who doesn’t, right!? You can expect to see all that and more at one of the best Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas, Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay. Tap your toe to classics like “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal”, and “Billie Jean” while dozens of professional artists on stage dazzle you with visually compelling performances. This is the newest Cirque du Soleil show on the Vegas Strip (that is currently running), and it is definitely one of the hottest tickets in town for guests of all ages.

If you are feeling the music and not ready to let go of a fun night out with the family, check out some of the cool Mandalay restaurants with live music. They are kid-friendly and a ton of fun.

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O at Bellagio Cirque du Soleil Shows Las Vegas



*Kids 5+ Great for Teens

Despite the short name, “O” is perhaps the most extravagant family-friendly Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas. Located at the Bellagio, the theatre has an ancient European style and it has a million galloon pool for some amazing aquatic performances from synchronized swimmers (how do they do that!?) and professional divers. That is what makes this show so unique – you have probably never seen anything like it. Not even close.

There are intriguing costumes, sets and characters. There are crazy trapeze acts, a pulse-pounding fire dance, and acts by contortionists that will bend your mind! “O” is creative, inventive and oddly delightful. Just be careful not to sit too close to the stage (unless you want to get a little wet)! This is an epic show (but probably the most expensive on our list) that runs 105 minutes (the longest on our list), so we highly recommend for families with kids that are a little bit older like 9+.

For even more entertainment, be sure to take the family to watch the Bellagio Fountains along the Strip. It is a free Las Vegas attraction you won’t want to miss.

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Blue Man Group Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas

*All Ages

The Blue Man Group at the Luxor is a family favorite. People love the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas and I will be your kids will like it too. This is an electrifying, colorful spectacle that brings together music, comedy, and multimedia theatrics in a way that captivates audiences of all ages. Although not a traditional acrobatic Cirque du Soleil show, Blue Man Group is owned by Cirque and shares the same spirit of creativity and wonder that makes it a fantastic choice for families.

It is a weird one, I will say that. Three bald, blue-painted men creating a mesmerizing blend of percussion, technology, and visual art. They communicate without words, using their expressions, movements, and actions to connect with the audience. It’s a sensory feast where the performers use unusual instruments like PVC pipes and giant drums, splattering neon paint with each beat, creating an immersive experience that’s as visually stunning as it is musically vibrant.

The show’s appeal lies in its universal language of rhythm and visual storytelling, making it accessible and enjoyable for both kids and adults. There is even a sensory-friendly version of the show, for families who may have members that have sensory sensitivities.

There’s an element of surprise and interaction that keeps the audience on their toes, often incorporating volunteers from the crowd into their playful antics. The humor is clever and whimsical, ensuring giggles from the young ones and chuckles from the grown-ups.

Moreover, the production values are top-notch, with dazzling lighting effects and high-energy performances that make the show a sensory delight. It’s a safe, family-friendly environment where everyone can come together to share in the fun and excitement. The Blue Man Group’s blend of comedy, music, and multimedia artistry makes it a perfect outing for families looking to experience the magic and innovation of live entertainment in Las Vegas.

Luxor also happens to be home the awesome Bodies and Titanic Exhibits, which are great Vegas attractions for teens.

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That’s a Wrap!

Vegas has a ton of kid-friendly shows, but a lot of people don’t seem to realize that you can also take kids to Cirque du Soleil shows. In this article we reviewed and ranked the best Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas for kids. Next time you are in Vegas with kids, don’t be afraid to check out a Cirque show and book it like it’s hot! We prefer to use because they have a Best Price Guarantee and their site is easy to use.

For more details of planning the perfect Las Vegas family vacation check out all out travel guides as well as family travel ideas for around Nevada.

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