Let’s be honest, traveling with kids is not the easiest thing in the world, the linguistics alone is a challenge. With the proper props on hand it is easy to keep everything running smoothly…well as smoothly as possible. I’m a big fan of making things run smoothly and the more I enjoy family travel the more I will be willing to take on more trips with my family. What to know what helps keep me sane? Here are some of my picks for the best gadgets for traveling with kids.

1. EarPlanes:

Ear popping is no bueno. I remember the first plane ride with my kids and I was stressed about them having ear issues and being miserable. These great little earplugs help to keep kids ears from popping during takeoffs and landings. I like them, because you just insert them into the ear and forget about it. This is a great product if the child it too young to chew gum or  (if you’re like me) you worry about them choking on gum.

2. Roll’n Go Car Seat Transporter:

If you choose to take your car seat with you on a flight it is a hassle to haul that big and bulky thing through the airport. With the Roll’n Go your car seat now becomes an easy to roll stroller, making maneuvering through a busy airport with a baby a breeze.

3. InnoTab with headphones:

Great mini-travel-computers for kids loaded with tons of games, videos and music to keep them entertained for minutes (smirk). Seriously though, it is great for travel, because it’s like bringing a bunch of activities in one compact device. My advice is to introduce a new game they haven’t played before on the trip to grab their attention. I loaded it with One Direction music videos (FireCracker’s fav) and she was captivated. Also, buy exciting and fun headphones so the kids want to wear them. I’m sure you and everybody else does not want to listen to the video the kids are watching.

4. Kids’ neck pillows:

Whether traveling by car or plane, neck pillows are essential for comfort when the babies fall asleep. We like sleeping children when traveling, yes sleep and kids is a fabulous combo. So help keep them sleep and comfortable and prevent head-bobbing and neck cramps during long travels.

5. Color Wonder:

Kids love to color, but sometimes it can be a big mess. My daughter not only loves to color, but she also loves to color on herself. No bueno. I am a big fan of Wonder Color products because it allows kids to color their little hearts out without a trace of ink on anything else, but Wonder Color paper. I recommend the travel set to keep all their little papers and markers in one spot! Perfect of planes and road trips.

6. Mommy Hook:

Mama. Bag lady. Pack mule. Yep, that pretty much sums up how I feel most of the time. Despite the fact that I am expected to carry everything, I can’t be weighed down. The Mommy Hook allows me to lighten my load; freeing up my arms by hanging purses or shopping bags on my stroller. I have a couple connected to all my different strolls, so I’m never left without one. I truly love this product!

7. Lugabug

I was recently sent a  Lugabug to review. I loved it and now it goes everywhere with us. It is perfect for trips when you don’t want to haul a stroller around along with your luggage. Not only does the Lugabug turn your suitcase into stroller, it also acts as extra storage for items you would like to have within quick reach. See my full review, HERE.

When traveling with kids you have to be a Mary Poppins with bag a tricks at your disposal. Traveling can be exhausting, but it’s a whole lot more pleasant when the babies are happy campers. This products make my list of best gadgets for traveling with kids, because they have made my life of family travel a little bit easier. Hope you make your next trip easy on yourself! Happy trails.

*Disclaimer: The products list above do include affiliate links. If you are interested in any of these products, please click the link within this post and show me some love.

What are you favorite gadgets to use when traveling with kids?

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Best gadgets for traveling with kids