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If you have got a great product or service that is relevant to our readers, we can help promote your brand to thousands of travelers.

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HotMamaTravel is a high-quality family travel blog that provides information and inspiration to help parents travel, and travel often. We provide honest hotel and restaurant reviews, destination guides, and information about tours, museums, transportation – basically anything related to the travel needs and desires of our readers.

Most importantly, we give this information a personal touch so that our avid readers feel that we are traveling along with them!

We cultivate trust by providing sincere, up-to-date information and by engaging every inquiry and comment on our site promptly and politely. We engage daily with over 10,000 followers across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

We also cross-promote much of our content on our growing YouTube channel, which is generating (as of Nov 2017) an additional 2000 views per month and over 4000 minutes of viewer’s attention.

Because we travel often with my kids and parents, our content is targeted to the rapidly growing segment of family travelers, as well as multi-generational travelers.  We can help to increase your brand’s exposure to this high value audience.

Who are we?

We live in Anaheim, a vacation mecca in itself, and we have explored and blogged about many of the great attractions in and around Orange County CA. In summer 2017, we packed up the minivan with the two kids and two grandparents and took an 8-week road-trip across the United States, visiting 26 states and reaching almost 9k total miles, fulfilling a life-long dream of ours. We basically live for travel, and when we are not traveling, we are still dreaming and planning out our next big family adventure!

I am also a freelance writer and bartender at a local family-owned restaurant, and my husband is a neuroscientist. My retired parents refuse to stay home and let us travel without them. My little nuggets are 5 and 7 years old, and I am proud to see how our purposeful investment in travel has helped to broaden their beautiful little minds and shape their funny personalities.

How we can work for you

With our blog, YouTube, and social media channels, we can promote your product or service to over 24,000 travelers every month. We started HotMamaTravel in 2012, and have worked hard to build our audience organically, by consistently delivering funny, high-quality and honest content. We can help make sure that our viewers consider your brand when they make their next vacation plans.

These are some of the ways you can work with us:

1) Sponsored Posts

We can write a featured article about your travel-related product, service or destination. Or we can simply give your brand a HotMama “shout-out”, whatever fits your needs. We can promote you across any or all of our media channels, and we are happy to create custom packages.

You can expect to increase exposure and brand awareness with a diverse traveling audience, as well as a possible increase in search engine rankings through direct links and social media interaction.

2) Product Reviews

You know your product is great, and others probably will too! We can provide a featured in-depth review of your product or service and promote it across our various media channels. One of our most effective strategies is to provide a video review on our YouTube channel. You can see an example here.

You can expect to increase visibility and awareness of your featured product. And our review will remain on the HotMamaTravel blog and/or YouTube channel forever, so you can expect that it will continue to influence potential customers over many years.

3) Press Trips

Every destination has something unique and attractive to offer, and sometimes the word just hasn’t gotten out yet. We can help change that by sharing our experience of your destination with our loyal audience. Our destination guides are comprehensive and designed to make sure that our readers are inspired to take action. We keep up with SEO best practices to help achieve the best possible Google search rankings.

Our blog posts will deliver high-quality photographs and information about your destination, and our HD videos will show our whole family experiencing all of the things you think are great and want to share with the world.

You can expect to improve awareness of your destination and increase your search engine visibility and rankings. You will reach a targeted audience of family travelers, primarily from United States, who have disposable income and may be considering to travel more at home or abroad. The content will be continually updated, marketed, and shared to influence readers for many years.

4) Traditional Advertising

We can provide advertising space in the sidebar or footer of our blog so you can promote your travel brand. This will be marked as an ad.

You can expect to generate more clicks-throughs to your site and increase exposure to a wider audience of our visitors for your travel-related brand.

5) Brand Ambassadorship

For special brands that we really love to use frequently, such as a popular hotel chain or travel product manufacturer, we can provide consistent promotion of your brand through an exclusive brand ambassadorship. We will provide regular promotion of your product launches, property openings, ad campaigns, etc., and really focus on driving interest and awareness within your specific brand domain.

You can expect continual content marketing in close collaboration with your brand and company. You can expect to maintain increased exposure to our targeted audience and exclusive association with our own trusted brand.

6) Giveaways

People love getting stuff for free, and giveaways are a tried-and-true method of increasing engagement and interest in your product. We can promote a product giveaway on social media and/or YouTube. For the one person that wins the contest, there will be potentially thousands of others with newfound interest and desire in your specific product.

You can expect increased exposure and product awareness, as well as an increase in social media and/or email subscribers when people enter the contest.

Some great brands we have worked with:

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Thank you for your interest in partnering with HotMamaTravel!

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