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Press & MediaDining in Glasgow: Fun for the Whole Family

Going to a restaurant with kids can send a chill up some parents’ back. The stress of kids getting bored and antsy, while you spend money on a meal that is hard to enjoy will make some parents opt for dinner at home. But when you are traveling, the experience of new restaurants is at least half the fun. Read more.


Press & Media

Top 5 Laguna Beach Spots for Dining with an Ocean View

Along California’s coast are oodles of awesome beach towns, but Laguna Beach is a special little piece of paradise. Some think that it is an isolated bubble of rich people and artists, but there is nothing snobby about Laguna Beach, which is great news for those of us traveling with kids. Read more.


Press & MediaThe Real OC; Beyond Housewives And Disneyland

So much of what people know of Orange County, California is based on what they have seen on television. We aren’t all Real Housewives and Disneyland isn’t the only place to visit (although, I am a pass holder and regularly visit Disney California Adventure). Beyond the crazy reality shows and world famous tourist attractions, Orange County has so much more to offer families on holiday. As a local, I’m going to show you the real OC. Read more.


Press & MediaBig Bear vs. Idyllwild

If you have never been to Southern California, you may not realize that it has a very diverse landscape. Everything from a gorgeous coastline to vast deserts to towering mountain ranges can be found within a couple hours drive from one another, allowing one to surf and snowboard in a single day. Yes, our beaches get the most attention, attracting many tourists seeking fun in the sun, but where do locals get away to play? Read more.


Press & Media8 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online & Devices Secure, While Travelling

Parents can find their way around new destinations, read reviews, purchases tickets, communicate with loved ones at home, and even work with the push of a button. Kids are now easily entertained as well as educated anywhere, anytime. Long flights, road trips, extended dining experiences, no problem. It is remarkable that children as young as toddlers can work electronic devices like a pro, but it also poses new dilemmas for parents. Read more.


Press & MediaWin $1000 Adventure From #ShareYourBROOKSIDE

It is not a secret that I love to travel with my family. Embracing new experiences and making memories that will bond us forever. From exploring castles in Scotland, to venturing deep into the mines of Tombstone, to blasting through the Everglades on an airboat, we love the diversity of sights, sounds and flavours that travel has to offer. Read more.


Press & Media5 Kid-Friendly Camping Recipes Your Family Will Love

We all know how important it is for families to share meal times together. But in our hectic lifestyles and with juggling schedules it can be tricky to accomplish.That is why my family loves camping. It offers ample opportunity to unplug, play outside and reconnect with each other and with nature. And one of our family’s favourite camping activities is cooking. Kids are eager to help prepare their food, and get to learn more about what they are eating. This truly is a precious bonding opportunity for our family. Read more.


Press & Media

San Diego with Kids

As Southern California resident, it is safe to say that we are frequent visitors to sunny San Diego. Whether it is a quick day trip to Old Town or a weekend long RV trip to Mission Bay, we always have a great time. However, San Diego is rather large and for first time visitors it can be somewhat overwhelming. Read more.


Press & Media

5 Tips for Beach Rving

I love the heat and while many of you out there are desperately trying to survive the blistering cold of winter, I thought I’d send some warm beachy thoughts from Cali your way.Our family has become quite the RVers since purchasing a family RV two years ago. We try to take a trip at least once a month. Although we enjoy everything from the sea to the mountains, our favorite sites tend to be at the beach. Read more.


Press & MediaHow Summer Travel Helps Promote Outdoor Play

As I watch iridescent orbs float through the sunset sky I think, “Wow.” In the age of iPads, iPhones, and numerous other electronic devices, something as simple as blowing bubbles can still stir up so much excitement. Although we live in a world of over-stimulation, kids really do love the simple things in life and I think deep down, so do adults. Read more.


Press & Media5 Simple Ways to Save on Flights

For potential travelers, airfare is one of the most expensive portions of the trip, especially if you have a big family to haul around.Most people can find ways to cut corners in order to afford a trip by dining at less costly restaurants or staying at budget-friendly hotels, but airfare is what it is. Suck it up and pay up if you want to go, right? Read more.


Press & Media7 Fun Ways to Travel With Your Kids Through Food

A question that many moms ask themselves daily is, “what the heck am I going to feed my kids?”When you take the kids on the road then the question gets harder to answer. What if the trip is abroad, where the culture and food are more exotic and unfamiliar? Where ever you are, you end up finding that there isn’t Mac ’n Cheese and chicken nuggets on the menu. That’s a scary thought for some parents, especially if their children are picky eaters. However, there is a simple solution that requires no travel. Read more.


Press & MediaUltimate Guide to RVing

For many families RVing is an affordable and convenient way to travel, but how do you know if it is right for your family? If you had asked me three years ago, I would have been doubtful. I was raised as a resort girl. My parents were not into RVing or camping or any style of travel that appeared to be more work than pleasure. Although the thought of hitting the open road in an RV did intrigue me, it was just outside my family’s travel comfort zone of no stress, no mess holidays. Read more.


Press & Media5 Kid-Friendly Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas! Just the word alone invokes images of showgirls, casinos, sexy pool parties, over-the-top cocktails and hot nightclubs. Sin City is the ultimate adult playground. So, it is no surprise that I’m often met with odd looks when people discover I actually enjoy taking my kids to Las Vegas. Can you really have fun in Vegas if you bring the kids? Read more.


Press & Media10 Mocktail Recipes from Around the World

After many years behind bars, I’ve learned a thing or two. Relax; I’m talking about doing time as a bartender. In addition to making drinks, I also write about them. I’ve combined my passion for spirits and travel as a regular contributor to Cigar & Spirits Magazine and of course my blog. I’ve found that drinks are a great way to learn about history and culture. They not only enhance your travel experience, but can help you create a travel experience at home. Read more.


Press & MediaWild Women of the West

Swinging saloon doors, gunfights, law dogs, outlaws, miners, and cowboys – these are iconic images of the Wild West, popularized by decades of media and culture. The stories we tell about the rough-and-tumble American frontier are chock-full of masculine imagery and male characters. No doubt that the new frontier was rough, but what about the women that lived, loved, and worked there? Read more.


Press & MediaArts and Food in Idyllwild, California

A quick Google search will yield little results, and chances are you haven’t heard of this little town despite it being the setting of the movie Galahad, starring Elvis Presley. Where am I talking about you ask? I’m talking about Idyllwild, of course! For those unfamiliar, the San Jacinto Mountains are located in Riverside County about 90 minutes east of Orange County. Unlike other Southern California mountain towns such as Big Bear that are geared towards the sporty types, Idyllwild indulges the art lovers and foodies. Read more.


A Perfect Day in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is not only the largest city in Scotland, it also one of the friendliest. However, Glasgow hasn’t always had such a positive reputation. Once a major shipping port and industrial center, Glasgow had issues with overcrowding, sanitation, and violence. Since then, Glasgow has gone through major changes and re-branding. Fabulous shopping and restaurants, historical sites, Glasgow University and the School of Art have become major attractions to the city. In fact, in 2008 Glasgow was named UNESCO City of Music. With so much to see and do in this Scotish city, it is hard to have a bad day, but I am going to show you how to have a perfect day in Glasgow. Read More.

10 Ways Family Travel Differs from Couple Travel

There is nothing like seeing the world with the one you love. Jet setting around from country to country, trying new foods, exploring new places and sleeping wherever your little budget allows while hand-in-hand with your favorite travel buddy. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Sure couple travel has its challenges, but for the most part it is can be easy and affordable. What happens when the one you love becomes more than one? No, I am not talking Big Love here. I’m talking about the addition of kids. Read More

Top 10 Things to do in Orange County with Kids

With it being the setting for shows like Real Housewives, Laguna Beach, Arrested Development, The O.C and a host of numerous other popular films and television shows, some may come to the conclusion that Orange County, California is too expensive, too health conscious, too weird and too snobby to have a fun affordable family vacation. Read More.

Favorite Children’s Museum Worldwide

I first heard of Pretend City Children’s Museum during my daughter’s field trip and I was completely amazed. The museum looks like a real city inside, complete with 17 interactive exhibits. As the kids run a play through this interconnected pretend city, they learn many aspects of a functioning town. Read More.

9 Tips for Road Trips with Kids

Hours trapped in a moving vehicle with kids. No, I am not talking about the new summer horror film. I am talking about a good old fashioned family road trip. Road trips can be an affordable and exciting way for families to travel to many destinations, but kids don’t always get the memo on the fun part. However, there are some ways to ease the pains of family road trips. As we are no strangers to long road trips (in fact we are embarking on a 60 day road trip across the US this summer!) I have some tips to help you get through your next journey on the road. Read More.


Features & Interviews

Hot Press & MediaJetsetters: @Hotmamatravel

Meet our girl Amanda. She’s a lot like us: she travels as much as she can, whether it’s a long weekend or a simple day trip, and her favorite way to explore is by eating and drinking her way around. What makes her infinitely more impressive than us, however, is that she does it with two kids. Read more.


Press & Media30 Days of Grateful Travel

In honor Thanksgiving, Amanda from HotMamatravel.com shared a travel experience that she thankful for this year. This photo was taken at the Rest & Be Thankful in the Scottish Highlands this past June. This trip was special, because it was filled with a bunch of firsts for her and her family. Read more.


Hot Press & MediaFamily Travel Blogger- HotMamaTravel

If you are planning an overseas holiday one of the best ways to research what to do with kids is to check out a local family travel blogger, like Amanda from Hot Mama Travel. This US-based family travel blog is packed with destination guides, money-saving tips and inspirational stories. Amanda writes about her travels with her husband and two children, aged six and four. Here we have a chat about some of her favourite holidays – and tips for taking the stress out of travelling with young children. Read more.