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8 Things to Do in Sayulita in 2023

Surf, sip, and see everything Sayulita has to offer.

Step away from the tourist crowds of Puerto Vallarta and immerse yourself in the charm of Sayulita. This once-tranquil fishing village has blossomed into a captivating destination with its unique allure. From cozy beds and breakfasts to sandy beach resorts and trendy restaurants, Sayulita effortlessly blends surf-town vibes with modern comforts.

While still retaining its laid-back ambiance, Sayulita now offers an array of attractions that appeal to adventurers and relaxation-seekers. Whether you’re yearning for peaceful moments or exciting explorations, Sayulita delivers the perfect balance.

Curious about the best-kept secrets of this picturesque town? Discover the true essence of Sayulita with our exclusive guide to its hidden gems – a treasure trove of recommendations cherished by frequent visitors. Unravel the magic of Sayulita and make your next Mexican escape truly unforgettable.

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Top 8 Things To Do in Sayulita

Experience the Mesmerizing Sunset at Carricitos Beach

Discovering the wonders of Sayulita doesn’t have to break the bank, as this charming surf town offers a plethora of cost-free delights. Among these, one activity stands out: witnessing the breathtaking sunset.

Want to know the secret spot? Make your way to Carricitos Beach, fondly known as Playa Carritos among the locals. Although it requires a 20-30 minute hike from the town center, the journey is absolutely worthwhile. You’ll be rewarded with an unparalleled view that truly encapsulates the essence and serenity of this remarkable town.

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Embark on a Majestic Whale-Watching Journey

Sayulita offers one of its most captivating seasonal spectacles: whale
watching. From December to March, these magnificent marine mammals grace Sayulita waters, offering an impressive show that should not be missed!

Imagine witnessing these magnificent creatures up close, their size mesmerizing you. Join one of the available whale-watching tours for an unforgettable journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Explore the Many Galleries of Sayulita

As you explore Sayulita’s vibrant bohemian atmosphere, you will uncover an assortment of art galleries, boutique stores, and artisan shops offering local arts and crafts that will tantalize your senses. Make time to visit these remarkable establishments – you won’t be

Revolucion del Sueno offers hipster elegance at its finest with limited- edition designs, boasting 100 pieces produced annually per color. Experience unrivaled quality and originality at this boutique that prides itself on offering exclusive pieces!

Galerias Esto es Mexico is an exceptional example of folk art, featuring striking pink, yellow, and blue façade designs. Their stunning collection represents the rich tapestry of Mexican culture – making this a must-see location.

Galeria Tanana is an essential stop if traditional jewelry piques your interest. Established by designer and anthropologist Susana Valdez, this store showcases exquisite beaded jewelry designs featuring meticulous detailing. What’s even better? All proceeds benefit the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts making your purchase that
much more meaningful and worthwhile.

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Indulge in Sayulita’s Eclectic Mezcal Selection

No trip to a Mexican town is complete without savoring its distinctive Mezcal, and Sayulita offers a delightful array of options. Just like the diverse local moles, Mezcal here comes in several varieties, each boasting its own unique flavor profile influenced by its place of origin.

At esteemed bars like Cava or Agave Experience, the Mezcal experience goes beyond simple tastings as they craft enticing cocktails highlighting this renowned spirit. Embracing the local essence, many bars incorporate indigenous ingredients to create one-of-a-kind drinks that promise an unforgettable drinking escapade. With an extensive
selection, you’ll have the pleasure of choosing from over 50 mesmerizing Mezcal varieties, all waiting to be discovered and appreciated at these vibrant local establishments.

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Ride the Waves at Sayulita’s Dynamic Surf Camps

While yoga camps and retreats are well-known, Sayulita is carving its place on the map with the rising popularity of surf camps, catering to many travelers seeking the thrill of surfing in this coastal gem.

A surf camp package combines accommodation with surf lessons, tailor- made for those who journey to Sayulita with surfing ambitions in mind.

Among the top-rated destinations, Yantara Retreats Sayulita stands tall, offering exclusive private bookings for an immersive surfing experience. Become a wave master during your stay as you ride the swells with finesse. But that’s not all; this surf camp goes above and beyond, treating you to invigorating yoga sessions, adventurous hikes, exhilarating cliff jumps, and tantalizing Mexican food tastings, just to name a few of its highlights.

For those venturing into surfing for the first time, the WildMex 7-Day Progressive Surf Camp beckons, promising an exceptional skill development journey and unforgettable moments on the waves.

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Experience the Ultimate Surfing Adventure

Experience Sayulita, a true surfing paradise! Your trip won’t be complete without riding its waves – whether you’re just getting started or are an advanced surfer looking to improve. Surf schools here offer helpful guidance.

Sayulita offers ideal conditions for year-round surfing, making this the ideal spot to begin or expand a hobby or hone existing ones. Litibu Beach provides beginners with a safe introduction to surfing; intermediate surfers can test themselves at famous spots like Stinky’s and La Lancha for an unforgettable wave surfing session.

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Embrace the Spirit of the Day of the Dead

Experience the beautiful Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead celebrations, unique to Sayulita. Plan your visit for late October when this cultural festival occurs, and visit local cemeteries.

At this intimate ceremony, Mexicans pay their departed loved ones tribute by decorating tombstones with beautiful arrangements of flowers, candles, flags, and memorabilia from a life gone by. You’ll get an unforgettable glimpse into this vibrant culture which often uncovers unique items or activities not found elsewhere.

Sayulita’s cemetery offers visitors the perfect chance to reflect and discover Sayulita’s cultural heritage. After your visit, enjoy a peaceful beach visit, have a delightful picnic, rent lounge chairs for optimal relaxation, or take advantage of nearby shacks that serve delicious food and refreshing drinks – and then complete your experience by sampling
some delectable treats from nearby shacks offering mouthwatering food and refreshing beverages!

Immerse Yourself in the Bohemian Charm of Open-Air Markets

Don’t miss the vibrant and eclectic Sayulita Hippie Market – a must-add to your Sayulita bucket list! Despite its growing popularity, this colorful marketplace retains its allure as one of the town’s finest gems.

Wander through the market’s enchanting stalls, each brimming with a treasure trove of unique items and locally crafted souvenirs, perfect to bring home as cherished mementos. While it has gained some tourist attention, the thrill of exploring this bohemian haven remains unparalleled, promising delightful surprises at every turn of the corner.

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That’s A Wrap!

Sayulita is the perfect destination for travelers seeking an authentic Mexican experience without the hustle and bustle of popular tourist spots.

With its laid-back atmosphere and a wide range of accommodation options, including boutique hotels, surf hostels, and budget-friendly options, Sayulita offers something for everyone. To make your trip planning process easier, Travel-Wise is here to help.

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Disclaimer: Links in this page are meant to help you find relevant information and book attractions easier by linking directly to specific pages on partner websites (i.e. TripAdvisor, If you click a link, we may earn a small commission on transactions. This helps support the cost of running our website, and it adds absolutely no extra cost to you as the consumer. Thank you, we appreciate your support! You can read more on our disclosure policy.

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