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Hot List: Things To Do In Anaheim with kids (besides Disney)

As Anaheim residents, we've got the inside scoop on tons of family activities besides Disneyland
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Living in Anaheim, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring every nook and cranny of this popular city. My knowledge goes way beyond Disney, but if you are visiting Anaheim or looking to visit, chances are that you will be checking out a Disney Park or two while you are here. That’s great.

As a Disney mama and pass-holder,  I will provide links to my extensive posts, loaded with tips to help make your day actually magical. However, there are many more attractions and beaches near Anaheim besides Disneyland. To help make your visit to my hometown truly rock, I want to share with you some other exciting things to do in Anaheim.

But first, some quick links for my Disney peeps:

Things to do in Anaheim Besides Disney:

Anaheim Packing House:

This building in the Anaheim packing district was once used as the packing and shipping warehouse for the citrus farms in Orange County. This 1919 building is now a modern market place for locals to gather, enjoy international cuisine, craft beers and cocktails and listen to live music. It has quickly become a favorite hangout of mine, with fun literally for the whole family! If you are interested in visiting the Anaheim Packing House, you must read our full guide. It has this clean and fresh indoor garden vibe, but it is usually hopping with interesting people and activity. We also share the secret for finding the hidden white rabbit, behind which you will find an underground speakeasy with top-class cocktails!

Anaheim Packing House

Angels Stadium:

It is always fun to check out a local sports team in action. When we travel, we always try to see a baseball game at the local stadium. Luckily for us, the Los Angeles Angels are in our backyard (yes, it is a bit of a misnomer since we are in Orange County here, but whatevs). It is nice to dress up in fan gear, chomp on peanuts and popcorn and sip on some cold ones while watching the big boys play ball. The atmosphere is always fun for the kids and the Angels’ Stadium really caters to families with a family center with games, fireworks on Friday and Saturday nights and even a mini-firework display when our boys hit a home run. Go Angels!

Angels Stadium Anaheim

Anaheim GardenWalk:

This is one of my favorite Anaheim attractions that is very close to Disneyland. After a day at Disney or before a big game or show, be sure to check out the restaurants, bars, entertainment and shops at the Anaheim GardenWalk. Again, the nightlife is great and the kids enjoy walking around under the stars. Our family pick is always the Cheesecake Factory at the GardenWalk, because Firecracker loves her some cheesecake and Hot Daddy ironically says that they have the best burgers he has ever had. Which is saying a lot!

Honda Center:

The site of many concerts, events and even Anaheim Ducks games, the Honda Center is the main stage for some of Anaheim’s biggest events. When the circus comes to town, the Honda Center is where we gather to watch the amazing show.

Circus at Honda Center with Kids

Things to do near Anaheim:

Anaheim is located in the heart of Orange County, and there are many other amazing family friendly activities near Anaheim. All of these options are highly recommended for anybody visiting the area, and are all within twenty minutes of Disneyland.

Orange Circle:

Old Towne Orange, known as Orange Circle by locals, is a charming section of town that is not only charming and historical, but also very lively. The center of activity, Orange Circle is lined with delicious restaurants, hopping bars and endless shops. Some of the best Antique shops in Anaheim can be found clustered right around the circle (the circle is a literal circle roundabout with a huge fountain in the middle). From brunch until last call, the circle is always in full swing. For everything you need to know about Visiting Orange Circle, click the link to see our full article with all the juicy details!

Orange Circle with Kids

Beaches in Orange County:

Anaheim is not directly on the beach, but it is close to some of the best beaches in California. If you come to Anaheim to visit Disney, please don’t leave before you visit at least one of our beautiful beaches. My own personal favorite is Newport Beach because I spent so much time there as a kid, but every OC beach has something special and amazing to offer. I’ve written about many of them on my blog as well as a round-up of some of the best ones. If you want the skinny on how to visit Orange County beaches, click below for more information.

Kids at Newport Beach Pier

Beach Links:

Buena Park & Knott’s Berry Farm:

Anaheim attractions aren’t the only items on the menu. The neighboring city of Buena Park has a lot to offer the Anaheim visitor. Not only is there the awesome Knott’s Berry Farm theme park, but there are numerous dinner show attractions, exhibits, shops and dinning options. You can catch a Medieval Times dinner show with knights and jousting or a Pirate dinner show at Pirate Adventure in Buena Park. You know the drill, we got Ultimate Guides for comprehensive information on Knott’s Berry Farm and Things to do in Buena Park below.

Funny Knotts Log Ride Scared

Buena Park Links:

Great Places to Eat in Anaheim

You have to eat while you are here, right? You might as well eat well. The great thing about Orange county is that it is so diverse – and with diversity comes great cuisine. There are so many fantastic restaurants and opportunities to eat literally anywhere around the world near Anaheim. We have definitely taken advantage of this, by introducing our kids to new flavors at a very young age. Check out our articles below for more details on global cuisine in Orange County, and my own perspective on the value of developing a global palate for kids at a young age.

Ethnic Cuisine in Anaheim

Eat Links:

That’s A Wrap!

What did I tell you? There is a whole more to Anaheim than Disney and I want you to see as much as you can.

Did you learn something new about Anaheim?

What would you most like to do in Anaheim?

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Things to do in Anaheim with Kids


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  1. Being a Disney family’s the best adjective on Earth! Love the photos 🙂 Who had more fun, the parents or the kids?

    • We were so excited when they updated to Anaheim Packing House to a full fledged Farmer’s Market type thing. It is really hopping every weekend (and hard to find parking, but valet is cheap!) and really worth a visit if you are in town.

  2. We were Anaheim two year ago exactly on this day. We just did a quick two days to Disneyland, but you post definitely has me interested in returning for an Angels game and a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.

    • That’s awesome! Being locals, we want to start producing more lists of things to do locally, since so many people visit Disneyland and Anaheim each year. We want people to know there is so much more to do here if they have a few extra days! I am glad you found some inspiration from our post 🙂

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