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Hotel Spotlight: Family review of Fireside Inn in Idyllwild, CA

As a couple, HotDaddy and I have been visiting Idyllwild since 2003, becoming quite a tradition. Since having our beautiful and wild babies, Idyllwild has shifted from a romantic escape to a family retreat. Despite our number of visits, it wasn’t until 2010 we discovered the Fireside Inn when we were looking to mix things up and stay closer to town. Only 3 blocks from the village, Fireside Inn in Idyllwild was the perfect choice.

Fireside Inn Idyllwild

Keep the Cost in Check:

Normally in this section I would suggest visiting during off season, but there really is no “off season” in Idyllwild. Located in the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California, the weather conditions year round are relatively mild. Every season offers something special for nature lovers, snow in the winter and hikes in the summer.

That being said, Fireside Inn Idyllwild has very reasonable rate compared to other accommodations in town. Be aware that holiday weekends are higher, but even still Fireside usually has the best rates.

Disclaimer: These Rates were at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Fireside Inn Cottages:

Lodge House:

Built in the 1930’s this historic cabin sleeps three with one queen bed and one single bed. Rates are $130 for weeknight, $145 for weekend, and $695 for a week.

Cedar Den:

Sleeps four with two bedrooms. One bedroom has a queen bed, while the other contains to singles. This cottage is great for families with two kids. Rates are $115 weeknights, $130 weekends, and $620 weekly.


Is great for couples. Rates are $105 weeknights, $120 weekends, $570 for a week.

Oak Leaf:

Romantic setting with the fireplace able to be viewed from the bed. Rates are $95 weeknights, $110 weekends, and $520 for a week.

Blue Jay:

Studio style, this cottage is a couples’ choice. Rates are $95 weeknights, $110 weekends, and $520 for a week.

Pine Cone:

Super cute studio cottage for two, but could be combined with Squirrels Nest to sleep four. Rates are $90 weeknights, $105 weekends, and $495 for the week.

Squirrels Nest:

Has a private patio and is adjoined with Pine Cone. Rates are $80 weeknights, $95 weekends, and $445 for the week.

Racoon’s Retreat:

This the first cottage we stayed at in 2010, when I was preggo with FireCracker. It was so romantic and just a walk away from the village shops and restaurants. Rates are $85 weeknights, $100 weekends, and $470 for a week.

Fireside Inn Idyllwild

Fireside Inn Idyllwild

Fireside Inn Cabins:

Not as close to the village as the Fireside Inn cottages, but just a two minute drive.


One bedroom with one queen bed and one twin bed. Rates are $85 weeknights, $100 weekends, and $470 for the week.


This cabin also has one bedroom containing a queen bed and double bed, a kitchen, living room with fireplace and porch. Rates are $95 weeknights, $110 weekends, and $520 for a week.


A couple’s cabin or maybe a small family that can fit into one king bed, this cabin has a double sized Jacuzzi tub in addition to the kitchen and porch. Rates are $130 weeknights, $145 weekends, and $695 for a week.


We have stayed here and I loved starting my morning sipping coffee on the lovely porch. There is one bedroom with a King bed, which the kids, HotDaddy and I slept in, and a double bed that Grams slept in. We are a close family, so this cabin worked fine for us and I would book it again. Rates are $150 weekdays, $165 weekends, and $795 for a week stay.

Fireside Inn Idyllwild

Fireside Inn Idyllwild


Sleeps two with one queen bed. Although there is a kitchen, there is not a fireplace in this cabin. Rates are $85 weekdays, $100 weekends, and $470 for a week.


Sleeps 4 with one bedroom with a queen bed and a double bed pull out in the living room. Rates are $95 weeknights, $110 weekends, $520 for a week.

Eagles Nest Lodge:

This is a great cabin for a large family or group. There are three bedrooms and four beds, one king, two queens, and 1 double bed. Rates are $195 weeknights, $210 weekends, and $1020 for a week.

Meadow Lark Lodge:

We have also stayed in this cabin and it worked out really nice for us. We actually could have fit more family in the cabin. There are four bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and living room with a cozy fireplace. One room has a king bed, the second room has two double beds, the third bedroom has one double, and the fourth bedroom has three singles. In addition to ample sleeping options, there is a great outdoor space for the kids to play outside. Rates are $185 weeknights, $200 for the weekends, and $970 for the week.

Fireside Inn Idyllwild

Fireside Inn Idyllwild


Stay two nights and get a third night free. Book during the week and get two weeknights free if you book a week.
Free Wifi!

Guests of Fireside get 10% off purchases at Wooley’s store in the village.

Get Your Grub On:

Every cottage and cabin has either a kitchenette or full kitchen. The cabins have their own barbecues as well as barbecues on the Fireside Inn property.

The surrounding nature in Idyllwild is gorgeous, but I go to Idyllwild to eat at their amazing restaurants. I’ve written several posts on the foodie scene and I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Needless to say, I don’t ever use the kitchen’s at the Fireside Inn for more than my morning bagel or midnight popcorn. See my post on where to eat in Idyllwild, HERE.Fireside Inn Idyllwild


Always bring your own bar to your cabin. While staying at the Fireside Inn in Idyllwild, you will want to enjoy the mornings and evenings on the porches sipping something fun. Bloody Mary’s in the morning, maybe a gin mule in the afternoon, and wine in the evening.

Fireside Inn Idyllwild
While exploring the village pop into one of the many restaurant bars for a craft cocktail or glass of wine. Many restaurants offer a happy hour, so be aware of those. On the weekends, JoAnn’s has live music in the beer garden, which makes for a nice afternoon.

Fireside Inn Idyllwild

Fireside Inn IdyllwildEntertain Me:

I go to Idyllwild to decompress and reconnect with my family. Although we do have our fun in the village, my kids love coming to Fireside Inn in Idyllwild because they love that we hang out at night playing games. Playing a few rounds of SkipBo has become a tradition for us.

Fireside Inn Idyllwild
On the property is the daily feeding of the birds, squirrels and raccoons. This is a fun activity for the kids to enjoy. Who doesn’t like to see cute little squirrels up close and personal? And, if you really want to bask in nature, the Fireside Inn cabins are conveniently located near some great trails.

That’s a Wrap:

I could go on and on about why Idyllwild is a great place to visit, but this is more about where to stay when you do. I recommend Fireside Inn in Idyllwild, based on personal experience. Every stay has been a great experience, because we always get a great rate and I love that we are close to town. The cabins are clean, cozy and always accommodate our large family comfortably.

Do you have a favorite mountain retreat?


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  1. What a cool looking destination! It looks peaceful and “homey.” The food looks great, too! I’ve never heard of Idyllwild, so I’m glad I stumbled upon this post. Thanks for sharing!

    • It is one of our favorite mountain escapes. They have such a great food and art scene. Fireside Inn is really cozy.

  2. just discover this site from somewhere. great sharing story & experiences. i will recommend this site to my friends out there.

  3. These cottages are so cute and at great prices! Seems like a great area for an outdoor enthusiast and foodie.

  4. That looks like a cute and cozy place! To be very honest, I had never heard of Idyllwild until this post, but it looks like a neat getaway!

    • A lot of people even my hometown hadn’t heard of Idyllwild, so I love sharing it with others. It is really a great place.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun for your family. Loved your drink photos too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience at the cabin.

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