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Family Guide to Naples Florida with kids – Where to eat, stay & play

Naples is a beautiful laid back city in Florida that is ideal for your next family vacation
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Naples, located on the Paradise Coast in southwest Florida is known for many things. It has been called “the Beverly Hills of Florida” as well as “the town of newlywed and nearly dead” and it gets its reputation for good reason. True, it is not a cheap party town ideal for young college spring breakers.

Rather, Naples is luxurious, classy, beautiful and full of family fun. It is brimming with so many fabulous shopping districts, delicious restaurants and pristine beaches that keep us coming back to Naples Florida with kids and why we think it the perfect choice for your next family vacation.

To make the planning even easier, let us show you where to stay, where to eat and things to do in Naples with kids.


Keep Cost in Check

When heading off on a big trip, it is easy to spend money. Preparation is the best way to find the best deals and save the most money. We travel to Florida the first weekend of “off-season” which allows us to take advantage of some amazing price drops. Most the time the Naples, Florida weather is perfect, minus occasional humidity.

Where to stay in Naples

Naples Florida Rentals:

When looking for places to stay in Naples, Florida, there are many option. On past trips to Naples, my husband and I have gone in with friends and rented houses for the week. It is definitely a more cost effective way to stay, because beach houses are pretty reasonable to begin with and if you split the cost with others, well you pay nearly nothing. A perk to renting a home is that you can stock the kitchen with food and save by making dinners and having BBQ’s poolside. I recommend (pronounced “verbo”) to book your next stay, which is what we have used in the past with much success. This is especially a great option for larger families visiting Naples with children.

Naples Resorts:

There is no doubt that hotels come with a certain level of ease. Sure they may cost more than renting a home with others, but sometimes the convenience is worth a little extra out-of-pocket. With so many great options, I feel like resorts are the best places to stay in Naples Florida. See full list of Best family Resorts in Naples Florida on Expedia.

Naples Grande Beach Resort:

Out of all the Naples hotels on the beach, The Waldorf Astoria Naples was the perfect home-base for a tired mama in desperate need of a relaxing vacation. No clean up, no laundry, no preparing meals, no making of beds. The pool and beach, which provide hours of outside enjoyment, just steps away. Synonymous with class and glamour, Naples Grande was the ideal choice for visiting Naples Florida with kids. Check Rates & Availability on Expedia

Waldorf Astoria Naples Florida

Family at Naples Grande Florida with small kids

View of Naples from Hotel

Best Places to Eat in Naples FL

When on vacation, I just don’t do three full meals a day. First off, there just isn’t time and second, I have usually packed cute outfits and don’t want to feel over-stuffed. This pattern has some side benefits like saving me money effortlessly. What meals we choose to eat depends on what is planned for the day.

Typically, we take our time sleeping and snack on fresh fruit and pastries in the room while we get ready for the day. Then we will have lunch and dinner out. When in Naples with kids, I always pack plenty of snacks to keep everyone happy while on excursions. On out last day we always have breakfast at the restaurant as a kind of a grand finale.

I love the restaurants in Naples, Florida. Just go Downtown. There are so many amazing restaurants along Fifth Avenue South. Italian, Irish, Indian, Thai, French, fusions and much more! Oh boy is my tummy rumbling! All of the ones listed below are great family restaurants and perfect if you are in Naples with kids.

The Beach Bar & Grill:

Located on the beach on the Naples Grande Resort, its perfect for lunch or beer break.

Family with Kids in Naples Florida

Beach Patio and Drinks in Naples Florida

Fernandez the Bull:

Best Cuban food in Naples!! Love, love, love the vaca frita! I recommend the red sangria to wash it all down. Muy Delicioso!

Naples restaurant with kid

The Dock:

You will never be at loss when looking for Naples Florida restaurants on the water.The Dock has the best food coupled with the best view. Amazing Paella. Amazing Filet Mignon. Yummy!

Family at the dock Restaurant Naples FL

The Dock Restaurant

Café Luna:

Delicious Italian cuisine and they offer a great deal with the purchase of two meals you receive a bottle of wine.

Cafe Luna Naples FL

Steak N’ Shake:

Just a yummy diner, but the food is ridiculously inexpensive. Everything is under $4. It’s great if you are just hungry and need some comfort food. The kids will love it.

Steak n Shake

kids eating at steak n shake Naples Fl

Seafood Depot:

If you take a trip out to Everglade City, try this establishment located directly on the Everglades. Take in the gorgeous views while nibbling on gator-nuggets.

Eating Seafood Depot Restaurant with Kids

Places to Grab a Drink

Whether I travel with kids or not, I always make sure to stock my room or house with libations. Yes, it saves an extraordinary amount of money, but honestly it’s just fun. I love having a balcony or patio so when the babies crash after a long day in the sun, Mama makes a little cocktail and enjoys the hot night air.

Just because I’m out of town, doesn’t mean I forgot about happy hour. Look up menus and reviews before you go on a trip to find where happy hours are located. Something usual that I don’t usually see in California is drink specials accompanied with meals. Many restaurants in Naples offer bottles of wine or specialty cocktails with certain menu selections.

Café Luna:

Dinner for two and a bottle of ine for $29.99.

Drink Wine Cafe Luna

Pincher’s Crab Shack:

One of the many restaurants in Tin City, they offer everyday 2 for 1 drinks!! Whoop. Whoop!

Funny kids Naples Crab Shack Restaurant

Fun Things to do in Naples FL with Kids

After a refreshing night’s sleep, some morning coffee on our balcony overlooking the Gulf and a “pinch me am I really here?” moment, it was time for some family fun. We travel with a diverse group and try to think of things to do together that everyone will enjoy, not just entertaining the kids. My parents are good as long as they have nice view and a cold drink, my kids need a little more stimulation and my husband and I need to bring it all together. We kept our days a happy mix of busy and laid-back to ensure everyone had memorable family vacation. Honestly, it is pretty easy to do, because there are so many things to do in Naples.

Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples

Just like with travel, the Naples Children’s Museum promotes family bonding and “the natural curiosity of children by offering an educational dynamic space that encourages exploration and discovery.” The museum features both permanent and temporary exhibits, all of which mix technology, the natural world and human communities. Children under 1 years of age and teachers are free, children are $12, and adults and seniors are $10. With so much to discover, a visit the children’s museum makes for an inexpensive family day out. Plus, you never know when one of those random tropical rains will pour down, making for great indoor activities Naples, Fl.

Naples Beach

When looking for what to do in Naples, Florida look no further than the beach. Luckily there are plenty of Naples hotels on the beach. The Waldorf Astoria Naples’ private beach looks like something out of a postcard. It’s too beautiful to be real with sand, white in color and powdery to the touch. The water is a gemstone turquoise and is as warm and inviting as it appears. Sea shells wash upon to shore in nearly perfect condition, making it easy to fill bucket after bucket with treasures from the sea.

The walk-way leading to the beach from the hotel is truly enchanting with its rustically laid wooden boards, lush mangroves offering cooling shade and sounds of Naples Florida beach wildlife echoing from deep within the tropical landscape.

Whether you choose to walk or ride the chauffeured gulf-cart to the beach, The Beach Bar & Grill is a welcomed site. Breezy white canvas chairs, umbrellas and ceiling fans beckon visitors to relax, eat and drink while gazing upon the picturesque Gulf. The Beach Bar & Grill is where my parents resided most the day, while my kids splashed in the water and played in the sand just steps away, burning up all that excess energy.

Naples with kids in strollers

Naples beach ocean with kids

Naples with kids Throwing in air at beach

Pool Time

Both the hotels and most house rentals will offer pools. This is must in the Florida heat! It’s easy to take the kids out for a swim any time of day.  The kids (and husband) loved the water-slide at the Waldorf Astoria. It was a major source of entertainment for our family! Since Florida is hot all night we would take the kids we would take the kids for a late night swim before bed to burn off that extra energy and make it really feel like we were on vacation!

In pool with kids at Naples Grande

Naples with kids water slide

Naples Zoo and Caribbean Gardens:

I’m from Southern California and we have some pretty big zoos like the Los Angeles Zoo and the San Diego Zoo, but I have to say my best zoo experiences have been at the Naples Zoo and Caribbean Gardens. First of all, the price is reasonable; about half of the cost of visiting the San Diego Zoo and even less if you purchase your tickets online. The animals are much more accessible, which my babies loved because they could actually see the lions and tigers and bears. Oh My. As far as Naples attractions, the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens was at the top of our list.

Although we enjoyed the primate boat cruise, where primates live freely on various islands within the zoo, the highlight of my daughter’s day was feeding the giraffes. It would cost too much at home in California to get up close and personal with these graceful creatures, but at Naples Zoo and Caribbean Gardens the experience was so reasonable that Firecracker feed the giraffes four times. Visiting the Naples Zoo is just one of the many fun things to don in Naples, Florida.

Naples Zoo with kids


Although not technically in town, visiting the Everglades should be considered on of Naples Florida points of interest. Despite my parents’ not so subtle reservations as we drifted further from the comfort of Naples and deeper into the swamps of the Everglades, we were off to experience an air-boat adventure. Sighing loudly and continually asking if I am sure that it is safe for the kids, was nothing compared to the reaction of my mom when we pulled up to Totch’s Everglades Island Tours and saw the actual air-boat.

Being the sweet, understanding daughter that I am, I kindly forced my apprehensive parents onto the vessel. “Get in the boat, this is happening.” To their credit, there were legitimate concerns. Would it be a constant battle to keep my rambunctious toddlers from jumping ship? Would the swamp be captivating enough to hold their attention for an hour through the swamp? How fast does this thing go?

That being said, it was a safe and fascinating journey, despite almost being attacked by a brazen pelican. Our captain held our group’s attention by intermixing mild cruising with daring high-speeds, beckoning wildlife to approach our boat and ensuring great photo opportunities. We were even allowed to pet, hold and take pictures with a baby alligator. Over lunch at the Seafood Depot, taking in the view of the Everglades and nipping on gator nuggets, we all agreed this one of our favorite memories from the trip. Read more about our air-boat adventure, HERE.

Book an airboat tour with Big Toho Airboat Rides.

Everglades airboat tour with kids
CuddleBear got cut off

Downtown Naples:

On one of my first trips I was told by a local that Naples was the town of the Newlywed and Nearly Dead. Although this was meant to indicate that nothing exciting happens, I quickly found that to be false.

True, it is not where young party-people would flock on Spring break, but for family it is perfect. Naples attracts a more mature and dare I say classy crowd, which makes the downtown area is not only bustling with activity, but beautiful and safe, perfect for family travel.

Downtown is made up five distinct sections: Third Street South, Fifth Avenue South, Tin City, Crayton Cove and Bayfront . Some are more upscale like Bayfront and Fifth Avenue South, while others offer a more laid-back vibe like Crayton Cove, Tin City and Third Street South. My family enjoyed some Naples shopping for quirky souvenirs, then chowing down on the day’s fresh catch and sipping two for one beer at Pincher’s Crab Shack while we sat on the covered patio watching the boats float by in Tin City. By night we frequented 5th Avenue South for amazing culinary experiences with a touch of whimsy at the many downtown Naples restaurants . The avenue is lined with lighted palms and sparkling floating orbs, perfect for enjoying those hot Florida nights.

Naples with kids Tin City
Tin City

Naples with kids

Downtown Naples at night

That’s a Wrap

In my busy life as a working mother, I sometimes forget to just stop, but when I am in Naples with kids all senses are engaged. I am reminded to take the time to touch, smell, see and taste all the things that make life pleasurable. Perhaps that is what intrigues me most.

In California, we have beauty, but Naples offers something else. Maybe it is the southern charm, the slower pace or the kindness and sociability of everyone we encountered. Whatever it is, I have not only grown love it, but need it. I think of the trees that grow native in Southwest Florida, how they have branches that grow down to support the roots. It is hard to convey the wonder of Naples, Florida in words for there is something intangible about this place that even the trees can’t seem to grasp. Naples it meant to be experienced and I am thankful to have experienced it with my family.

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Have you ever been to Naples, Florida?

What is that one travel destination you need to visit over and over again?

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I am a busy mama with 3 delicious babies and a serious itch for travel and writing (when I am not bartending, that is)! After graduating from Cal State San Marcos with a B.A. in Communications, I decided to start a family and pursue a career in freelance writing. I created HotMamaTravel as an outlet to do what I love while sharing useful travel tips and inspiration with others. Our mission is to show parents how to master travel with kids, while keeping your Saturday-night selves. We call it "Family travel...with a twist".


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  4. I really enjoyed reading about your family vacations in Naples Florida. You’ve definitely uncovered many of the great places to visit around town. Your info and details are very useful whether you’re it’s your first visit or a local. As a busy mom of two young children and local business owner our family tries to take time to slow down and staycation here locally and looking forward to your retsaurant recommendation Fernandez and the Bull. Thanks!

    • Thank you Susanna! Staycations are awesome and allow you to appreciate the things in your hometown that others have to travel to enjoy. Hope you like Fernandez the Bull! Get the Vaca Fritta!

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  6. I was in the Naples area a few weeks ago. Certainly, renting a hope is the most affordable way to go, especially with kids. If you really want to do it on the cheap go during the summer because there are few visitors and for good reason. TOO HOT. Even in the heat, Naples is a lovely city.

    • True, we always go the first weekend of “off season” to avoid crowds & enjoy great deals. The weather is still pretty nice as well.

  7. It looks like you all had so much fun. It’s wonderful to start a child’s love for travel early 🙂

  8. Naples is really a beautiful place and I would like to visit it once. Hope you had great fun 🙂

  9. Mimi Kondzich Reply

    Wow, a trip down memory lane! I lived there back in the 90s and reading your blog brought back some really nice memories! Check out The Bubbleroom on Captiva Island for a quirky, fun dining experience! Sanibel is GREAT for doing the Sanibel Stoop, a sea shelling adventure which requires one to “stoop” while walking the beach and admiring all the shells! Thanks for your blog, truly enjoyed it.

    • Thanks for the tips! I love quirky! And I’ve been meaning to get to Sanibel and do some shelling. Next time for sure.

  10. We go to Naples at least once a year! I love Vanderbilt beach and the zoo. We stay in north Naples always! Have to check out some of these restaurants always on the lookout for new places!

  11. Dewey Garrett Reply

    Thank you very much for all the info. We are heading to Naples for the first time this winter. Also, you do a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again, Thank you, The Garrett’s

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