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Must See and Do: Things to do for the Ultimate Iceland Family Vacation

Waterfalls, hot springs, and puffins - oh my!

Consider Iceland when searching for the best place to visit as a family. This country offers the amazing family-friendly activities and experiences. Iceland has low crime rates in terms of security, and it was even rated at the top by the Global Peace Index for ten years in a row. Tourists get surprised to see kids play outside after dark which is common in Iceland.

Iceland has many exciting activities for both adults and kids, such as hiking, whale watching, waterfalls, and the famous Vikings, all of which can be fully experienced through various tours in Iceland. Here is a small list of some of the best things to do in Iceland as a family.

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The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is probably one of the most popular places in Iceland, and for a good reason! This milky blue geothermal hot spring is situated in a spectacular location. The hot spring experience gives you the ultimate luxury; here, you can also discover Blue Lagoon+, the spa’s very own skincare brand, featuring products made from the locally sourced ingredients that you can try in the spa.

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Learn about Vikings

Viking culture is one of the most exciting things to learn about in Iceland, especially for kids and adults who love history. Learning about how things went down before we even existed is fascinating. There are Viking museums that tell the sagas and the great history of this country, including the Saga museum. The museum is a Viking world with an impressive display to capture kids’ imagination and has a famous Settlement Centre. Also, it is one of the most iconic artworks in the country, where you can catch the moments in beautiful pictures and videos.

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Eye-catching waterfalls

There are countless waterfalls in Iceland. Waterfalls are a true natural wonder and kids will be utterly mesmerized. You can bring along a tripod and capture the beautiful long-exposure of the waterfalls. Commonly known waterfalls are Kirjufellsfoss, the Majestic Gullfoss, and Svartifoss waterfalls, which have a stream at the bottom that is perfect for taking a dip and splashing around.

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Observe the wildlife

People, including children, are allowed on board the whale-watching wildlife tour, provided the water is calm. The marine mammals in Iceland include several different species such as playful white-beaked dolphins, humpbacks, orcas and porpoises. There are also other unique animals to the island, such as puffins and Icelandic horses.

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Explore the black beaches

We all love a trip or vacation to the beach. Well, have you ever been to a black beach? If you haven’t, then do not miss out on this experience while in Iceland. The black sand beach is unique and memorable; your family will love it. You can book a boat tour and explore it to the fullest.

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Family-friendly Hike

When exploring in search of beautiful waterfalls and nature reserves, you can choose to hike and discover them yourself. With the whole family involved, you will experience more fun. Check with the local tourism board in the area you are staying to find out about safe places to hike with your family, or book a guided walking tour with a friendly and knowledgeable local.

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That’s A Wrap!

Iceland is a land full of breathtaking landscapes and Viking history, that you will want to keep exploring. This list gives you that head start to have a great family Iceland adventure. Start your planning by finding the best places to stay in Iceland and get going! Have you ever been to Iceland or is it on your bucket list?

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