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Things To Do In Buena Park with Kids

Orange County, California is home to many popular cities. Newport Beach and Laguna Beach both have been the back drops to famous television shows and Anaheim has Disneyland, but what do you know about Buena Park? There are so many fun things to do in Orange County for families that it would take you multiple trips to see and do it all. I’m lucky enough to call this piece of the U.S home and I want to share the best of it with all of you! Today, I want to share all the fun things to do in Buena Park with kids!

My family has deep seeded roots in Buena Park. In fact, Papa (my daddy) is the oldest surviving officer of Buena Park Police Department! Grams (my mama) used to hang out at Knott’s Berry Farm as a teenager and I was even married in Buena Park! So, I’m very familiar with this area of Orange County. There are tons of Buena Park attractions and exciting restaurants, making it easy to have a fun-filled day in Buena Park with kids.

Buena Park police officer old picture

Wedding photo from Knotts in Buena Park

Keep the Cost in Check!

There are a lot of expensive areas and cities in Orange County and Buena Park is one of the most reasonable cities to visit. When traveling with kids, you’ll want to save where you can, so if you choose to visit Buena Park, you are saving money already. Many of the Buena Park attractions have discount tickets available, so be sure to check and for great deals! Although there are pricey touristy restaurants in the area, Buena Park is home to many amazing under-the-radar dining options and ethnic cuisines. Yelp is great place to check out local reviews and find popular local eats that you may have easily overlooked.

Drop Your Bags!

Because there are a lot of Buena Park attractions, there are also a lot of Buena Park hotels. When choosing a place to stay, consider the things to do in Buena Park and budget, in order to make the best choice. When traveling with kids, you’ll want to pick the most convenient location to the Buena Park attractions you want to experience.

Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

I love the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel for a few reasons. For one, it was where my wedding reception was held. So, I have sentimental attachment. Secondly, it is walking distance to Knott’s Berry Farm and Knott’s Soak City. Finally, it is good for budget travel, because they offer packages for attractions/accommodations with payment plans to help further. Basically, Knott’s Berry Hotel helps make traveling with kids and family travel that much easier.

Places to Eat in Buena Park

The options are endless when it comes to restaurants in Buena Park. They have the typical U.S chains, but they also have unique ethnic cuisine experiences, budget-friendly dining and entertainment dining. Whatever you are hungry for; there are restaurants in Buena Park for you.

When dining out with kids, I like to keep it interesting. I either pick places that have a fun and lively atmosphere to keep them entertained or I like to take them on a culinary adventure by exposing to different styles of cuisine. You can read more about how we travel through food, HERE.

Mrs. Chicken Dinner Restaurant:

You can’t go to Buena Park with kids and not go to Mrs. Knott’s Chicken House. Established in 1934, it is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Buena Park. You can tell it is popular among locals as well as tourists, thanks to the daily and endless line of hungry people waiting patiently to get a table. If you get there early or non-peak times, you can get a seat fairly quickly. Early dinners and late lunches seem to be the best times to get in. You’ll want to dine here at least once. The fried chicken dinner is not only yummy, it is also a classic. It was even the dinner served at my wedding reception! Did you know that the Boysenberry was created here at Knott’s Berry Farm? No meal is complete without a slice of Mrs. Knott’s famous Boysenberry Pie!

Rock & Brews:

One of the newest restaurants, and one of our favorite new things to do in Buena Park, Rock and Brews is also one of the coolest! A magical combination of Rock & Roll, craft beer, great food and family fun, Rock & Brews is guaranteed to make everyone in your group happy. This is a great pick if dining out with kids, because not only is the atmosphere exciting and stimulating, but there is an awesome outdoor play area! Parents can dine al fresco, sip on some cold brewskies, and maybe play a few rounds of corn-hole, while the kids enjoy yummy choices on the kids’ menu and burn energy in the play house. Win-Win.

Rock and Brews Restaurant Buena Park

Kid Patio at Rock and Brews buena park

Tana Ethiopian Restaurant & Marketplace:

I love teaching my kids about the world through food and there are plenty of opportunities for dining adventures in Buena Park. Buena Park is one of the few areas in Orange County that one can find good Ethiopian food and Tana is my favorite. It gets great reviews on Yelp and has a strong following. The kids love eating with their hands and feeding others (Gersha). I love the yummy food, Ethio beer, Tej and Ethiopian coffee.

Tana Ethiopian Restaurant Buena Park


Okay, I haven’t had a chance to eat here yet, but it is on my list. I love Indian food and this place looks over the top. It is the place to go if you want a dining experience, not just great food. I’ll let you know when I try it out myself.

Where to grab a drink

There are lots of bars if you are looking for nightlife, but I’m usually in Buena Park with kids. I have to get my drink on in establishments that are family-friendly, so most the time I’m drinking in the restaurants in Buena Park. I like to time my visits when happy hour is going on, because family travel, for me, is synonymous with budget travel.

Ethiopian Beer
Tej (honey wine) & Ethio Beer at Tana


Beer at Rock and Brews
Mama’s lil Yella Pils at Rock & Brews

If you are in Buena Park with kids, specifically Knott’s Berry Farm, you have to indulge in all that is Boysenberry. Knott’s has everything from jam, pie, cookies to punch, coffee and yes, beer. There are even new Boysenberry cocktails! Boysenberry fun for parents and kids! Yay!

Cocktail at Knotts chicken house

Fun things to do in Buena Park

I know I talk a lot about Knott’s Berry Farm when I talk about Buena Park with kids, but we do go there a lot. Yes, we have passes. Anyway, the truth is that there are actually a ton of things to do in Buena Park.

Former Movieland Wax Museum:

Well, let’s clarify. There is no longer a wax museum, but the facility now houses various rotating exhibits. Currently, it is showcasing the Bodies Exhibition and the Titanic Exhibition. Two very cool exhibits, but you have to hurry if you want to check them out yourself. Both of these exhibits are ending April 2016.

Knott’s Berry Farm

Okay. Okay. I know you heard about Knott’s, but I can’t talk about Buena Park with kids and not give a few shout outs to Knott’s! Well, first there is the theme park, but across the parking lot is Soak City (Knott’s water park). You can a combo tickets if you are traveling with kids and what to try our both. The Knott’s Independence Hall is a free Buena Park attraction, so that is good for budget travel. It is an exact replica of the real Independence Hall and is often visited by schools, but the public can visit for free every day. See more on my post, HERE.

Family at Knotts Berry Farm Buena Park

Looking a food and some live entertainment? Some of the restaurants in Buena Park take dining out with kids to a whole other level.

Medieval Times:

This is a time when knights fought for honor, for the king, for that special lady. Take the family and pick your side. As you feast on a royal meal, cheer your knight to victory. It is a really exciting dining experience. I still remember my parents taking me here as a child and how thrilled I was when “our” knight handed me a pink rose! I tried to save that rose forever! Adults are $60 and kids are $36, but deals are readily available.

Medieval Times Buena Park

Pirate Dinner Adventure:

Ahoy Matey! Watch the all the pirate ship action go down while you and your family gobble up a three course meal! Kids are $36 and adults are $60, but there are always coupons and deals available.

Pirate Dinner Adventure Buena Park

That’s A Wrap!

Whether you want to hang with knights, pirates or cowboys, Buena Park attractions has you covered. Great restaurants, exciting live entertainment and amusement for the whole family. So, next time you are thinking about family travel, think about visiting Buena Park with kids. It’ll be fun, I promise.

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