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11 Best Breweries on Seneca Lake Families Love 2024

Indulge in the Finger Lakes' vibrant craft beer scene

The picturesque region of New York’s Finger Lakes, not only boasts stunning views but also a brew scene that’s as diverse as it is delicious. So, grab your tasting glass and get ready to hop from one ale adventure to the next, exploring the best breweries on Seneca Lake. Get ready for a sip of fun, a dash of flavor, and a whole lot of good times – because the brews here are as vibrant as the scenery that surrounds them!

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Family Friendly Live Musica at Scale House Brewery Seneca Lake
Courtesy of Scale House Brewery

Scale House Brewery

5930 NY-414, Hector, NY 14841

Live Music – Award Winning Beer – Seasonal Brews – Great Pizza & Meatballs – Family-Friendly – Views of the Lake

Scale House Brewery is situated in the picturesque Finger Lakes region, offering patrons a serene and beautiful backdrop to enjoy their craft brews. This family-friendly brewery fosters a sense of community thanks to the friendly staff and fellow patrons, creating a warm and social atmosphere. With live music featured every Wednesday through Saturday, and some of the best pizza and meatballs you’ll ever have Scale House is defiantly the place to be if you wan to have a good time with your friends and family.

Now let’s talk about the beer! Scale house has an awesome selection of craft brews, offering everything from the crisp and light to dark and roasted, as well as everything in-between. The have a great selection of hoppy IPAs as well as unique stouts, like Scale House Cannoli Stout and Scale House Peanut Butter Stout. They also have a rotating seasonal selection, that will keep you coming back throughout the year.

For those looking to hangout with beer drinker in your life, Scale House also offers a wide-selection of wines, ciders and seltzers.

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Family-friendly Two Goats Brewing Seneca Lake
Courtesy of Two Goats Brewing

Two Goats Brewing

5027 NY-414, Burdett, NY 14818

Live Music – Awesome Views – Signature Sandwich – Locally Sourced – Solar Powered – Family-Friendly – Dog-Friendly – Money Giveaways – Unfiltered Beers

For a truly unique experience, sip on crisp craft brew while taking in sweeping views of Seneca Lake from a refurbished 19th century barn. At Two Goats Brewing, everything from the beer to the food, is made in-house, is locally sourced, and is powered by majority solar.

All the beers are unfiltered and made manually with a 7-barrel system. They have about 13 brews on regular rotation, including some unique combinations. For example the Goastgasm is a Kolcsh plus a X-IPA. They also have about 10 specialty brews that you’ll have to catch throughout the year, like the Cherry Witte or Blondd Dopplebock. As usual, you can enjoy your beer by the glass, growler, can or even by flights.

Good beer is best enjoyed with good food. Although they don’t have a full menu, you are sure to leave satisfied. Sometimes one is all you need, and Two Goats Brewing has one signature sandwich, the beef-on-weck. This amazing sandwiched is made with thinly sliced, slow cooked, locally sourced, naturally-raised beef, drenched in au jus and piled onto a homemade kimmelweck roll, then topped with a mild cream sauce and straight horseradish. Hungry yet?

Don’t eat meat? No worries, they also offer a homemade hummus sandwich or hummus bowl and chips. All food is locally sourced and homemade whenever possible, adding to the quality of every bite.

Bring the kids, bring the dog and enjoy a wonderful time by the lake. Stop by on the weekends to enjoy live music every Friday through Sunday.

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Live music and great beer at Grist Iron Brewing Company Seneca Lake
Courtesy of Grist Iron Brewing Company

Grist Iron Brewing Company

4880 NY-414, Burdett, NY 14818

Family-Friendly – Lake Views – Full Restaurant Onsite – Tons of Unique Brews – Live Music – Lodging

Elevated above the expanse of Seneca Lake, spanning 150 acres, Grist Iron Brewing Company provides visitors with awe-inspiring vistas of a landscape adorned with close to 200 wineries and breweries.

At Grist Iron Brewing, revel in an extensive and distinctive array of on-site crafted beers. Their commitment to the craft shines through a diverse spectrum of styles and flavors, crafted to delight both the seasoned craft beer enthusiast and those with more traditional tastes. Whether you’re drawn to IPA variations, indulging in fruited sours, or savoring fine lagers, our rotating selection of 15 beers on tap at any moment ensures there’s a perfect brew for every palate at Grist Iron Brewing.

Expect to leave full as Grist Iron Brewing Company elevates the pub food journey. They offer an extensive array of pizzas, sandwiches, smoked meats, barbecue, shareables, and regular specials. Their menu caters to diverse preferences with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, ensuring a delightful dining experience for every palate.

Grist Iron is family-friendly and all about the party vibes, rocking a year-round lineup of events, festivals, and live entertainment. Trust me, there’s never a snooze-worthy moment at Grist Iron. Their mission is to inject maximum joy into life with the perfect combo of stellar beer and endless good times. The motto at Grist Iron Brewing is, “Good Times are Always on Tap!”

However, what makes this brewery truly unique is The Lodge at Grist Iron – a revamped, beer-themed haven where you can soak up the charm of upscale accommodations while diving into not just the brewery next door but the whole shebang the area has to offer. Need space for your squad? Their historic Farmhouse welcomes groups of up to 16, flaunting an expansive deck with killer views of Seneca Lake.

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Farm fresh brews at Climbing Bines Hop Farm
Courtesy of Climbing Bines Hop Farm & Brewery

Climbing Bines Hop Farm & Brewery

511 Hansen Point Rd, Penn Yan, NY 14527

Family-Friendly – Live Music – Farm to Barrel – Small Batch Brews – Great Views – Food Trucks

Guess what, craft connoisseurs? I’ve stumbled upon a gem – Climbing Bines Craft Ale Company, the cream of the crop when it comes to New York State’s farm-to-barrel breweries. They are all the about the small-batch, hand-crafted ales game. Their brews are whipped up with the freshest hops straight from their own farm and local barley that screams ‘homegrown goodness.’ It’s like a sip of Finger Lakes magic in every pint!

Make a pitstop for a tasting, snag a pint, grab a 32 oz. grenade, or fill up a growler. And get this – all while soaking in the killer view of Seneca Lake, strolling through the hop yard, or throwing down the gauntlet in a game of Corn Hole. Our spot is more than just a brewery; it’s a crafted haven where the community can kick back, unwind, and savor the good times.

Looking for a good time with friends and family? Enjoy an afternoon of great beer along with live music. There is always something fun going on at Climbing Bines. For grub, they offer fun small batch snacks from their snack shack as well as partner with food trucks.

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Small Batch Beers and Ciders at Lake Drum Brewing
Courtesy of Lake Drum Brewing

Lake Drum Brewing

16 E Castle St, Geneva, NY 14456

Family-Friendly – Dog-Friendly – Outside Food Allowed – Great Ciders – Views of Lake – Small Batch – Entertainment & Events – Mug Club – Sunday Supper Club

This small batch brewery is based in community. Lake Drum beckons all walks of life with open arms, aiming to be a welcoming haven. Cheers to inclusivity and flavors that speak to the heart of our community!

Crafted from locally sourced ingredients, Their diverse selection of beers and ciders promises a little something for everyone to relish. Currently, they have everything from rich stouts, tart sours, crisp kolschs, and hoppy IPAs on draft. In addition to their awesome brews, they are known for their wide-selection of unique ciders.

Keeping with the friendly family feels, they have a cozy little tasting room, live music and a patio. They have vinyls to browse and to play as well as games to keep everyone in your group happy and entertained.

You are allowed to bring in outside food, but if you want to try something special, check out the Sunday Supper Club. Guest chefs prepare amazing dishes to complete the beers and ciders on draft, bringing together community with food and drinks!

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Family-friendly Lucky Hare Brewing Seneca Lake
Courtesy of Lucky Hare Brewing Company

Lucky Hare Brewing Company

6085 Beckhorn Rd, Hector, NY 14841

Family-Friendly – Dog-Friendly – Farm Brewery – Event Space – Hare Club – Great Food –

Lucky Hare Brewing Company is the go-to Farm Brewery in Hector, New York, for the crème de la crème of farm-brewed craft beer right here in the Empire State. In 2016, the fine folks at Lucky Hare kicked off an epic journey to craft the finest brews out of a 100 year old barn, nestled along the stunning shores of Seneca Lake. Their mission? To concoct handcrafted beers that not only mirror their passion for the craft but also echo the essence of the Finger Lakes and its tight-knit community.

Every day, it’s their aim to whip up a beer-drinking experience that stays etched in your memory with every pint poured, can cracked, or bottle shared. So, if you’re wandering around the Finger Lakes, make it a point to swing by Lucky Hare, and of course, grab a little piece of the goodness to take home and share!

Currently, they produce 1500 barrels of liquid magic. From the OG ESB that’s been their ride-or-die to a plethora of styles including diverse IPAs, refreshing lagers, zesty kettle sours, and the bold flavors of barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stouts and Belgian-inspired Ales. Their lineup is a flavor fiesta. They also have had a Wild Hare series that featured locally sourced fruits and aged in local wine barrels. Now they are reviving a 90 year old ale, Glen Ale. Trust me, there’s a sip for every mood.

For more brewery fun, feel free to bring the family and doggies for some live music and food. Food, provided by Babes Burger, you can expect to enjoy delicious brew-paired dishes, 4-cheese mac n cheese, patty melts and more.

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dog and family friendly Seneca Stag Brewing
Courtesy of Seneca Stag Brewing

Seneca Stag Brewing

1720 NY-14, Penn Yan, NY 14527

Biergarten – Family-Friendly – Live Music – Bingo Nights – Food – Dog-Friendly

Seneca Stag Brewing Company is a fresh addition to the craft beer scene nestled near the charming village of Penn Yan, NY. Housed in a renovated hay barn just a stone’s throw from the picturesque shores of Seneca Lake, their brewery is on a mission to quench the burgeoning demand for artisanal beers in Central New York. Step into our rustic setting, designed to pay homage to the rich heritage and culture of traditional German biergartens, and experience a taste of hand-crafted excellence.

Seneca Stag Brewing is a family-friendly and dog-friendly environment, where you can come out and enjoy the country views out on the lake. The barn is the perfect place to come in for some live music, bingo night, and good food.

They offer a fun selection of menu items that you can order at the bar, including beer pretzels, a variety of hot sandwiches, cheese boards, waffle bites and much more. Don’t miss Fish Fry Fridays!

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Award winning craft brews at WeBe Brewing Company
Courtesy of WeBe Brewing Company

WeBe Brewing Company

796 Pre Emption Rd, Geneva, NY 14456

Family-Friendly – Dog-Friendly – Onsite Kitchen – Awarding Brews – Live Music – Events – Craft Sodas

Bring the kids and the fur babies, because WeBe Brewing Company is not your average brewery—it’s a Farm and Micro Brewery, where every sip tells a story. WeBe is all about quality over quantity, crafting small batches of beer that pack a punch of flavor. Their secret weapon is a local farmer who helps them recycle all their spent grains. That’s right, nothing goes to waste in at their brewery farm.

Despite being dually licensed as both a Farm Brewery and Microbrewery, the keep it close to home, sourcing all their ingredients locally. The make sure that every brew has that special New York touch. In fact, a minimum of 60% of the ingredients in their beers are proudly from the Empire State!

The WeBe taproom used to be a car garage. But, hold onto your beer mugs, because Colleen and Dan, the masterminds behind WeBe, took the place from garage to glory! During the demolition, they stumbled upon hidden treasures – beams and supports that had been playing hide-and-seek behind walls and ceilings. Talk about a brewtiful discovery.

They’ve got a whopping 12 taps in our taproom pouring out liquid happiness. But wait, there’s more! If beer isn’t your jam, they’ve got local wines, cider, and craft soda to quench every thirst.

For more fun catch some live music or stop by during an exciting event. If you get hungry while you are sipping away on your frothy beverage, try some of their yummy grub from their menu. They offer great salty grain pizzas, gourmet popcorn, pretzel bites, and more.

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French-style family-friendly brewery at Fleur De Lis Brew Works in Seneca Lake
Courtesy of Fleur De Lis Brew Works

Fleur De Lis Brew Works

3630 NY-414, Seneca Falls, NY 13148

Unique French Themed Beers – Farm Brewery – Yard Games – Family-Friendly – Live Music

If you’re on the lookout for a brewing experience that’s as enchanting as it is flavorful, look no further than Fleur De Lis Brew Works. Here, small batch craft beer isn’t just a drink – it’s a magical concoction brewed with the finest ingredients and a dash of historical charm.

Imagine stepping into a world where brewing meets history – that’s exactly what Fleur De Lis Brew Works has conjured up for you! Our brewing haven, reminiscent of a historic waterworks plant, boasts stainless steel brewing equipment proudly on display. Exposed plumbing, piping, a dazzling copper bar, and patina metal mingle effortlessly with brick walls, historic barn boards, and the warm glow of Edison lighting in our beer parlor.

They’re not just about the aesthetics; they’re on a mission to brew top-notch beer using the best New York ingredients. Think estate-grown hops, naturally filtered limestone well water, and a touch of magic that sets our beer apart from the rest. From locally sourced vegetables, fruits, and honey from our closely guarded apiary to maple and walnuts straight from our property – every sip is a journey through the Empire State’s finest flavors.

Ever heard of estate brewing? Where the terroir whispers from the ground to the farm, from grain to glass. It’s a symphony of flavors that dance across your palate, telling a story that starts right here on our hundreds of acres of farmland and forest.

Their love for all things French extends to our beer lineup. Picture yourself sipping on biere de garde and biere de mars – two French-style beauties not commonly brewed in the US but well-loved in the northern part of France. But fear not, they’ve got something for every taste bud – from everyday ales and popular IPAs to ancient Wild Ales and Saisons.

Located on hundreds of acres of farmland and forest, Their brewery and taproom are your passport to a getaway from it all. So come and enjoy a pint, some live music, and some yard games.

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Family-friendly Abandon Brewing Company
Courtesy of Abandon Brewing Company

Abandon Brewing Company

2994 Merritt Hill Rd, Penn Yan, NY 14527

Family-Friendly – Onsite Food – Lodging – Events – Live Music

Now, let’s take a journey to Abandon Brewing Company, a hidden gem nestled on 25 acres of picturesque vineyards and hops, proudly overlooking the serene Keuka Lake. Back in 2010, the visionary minds behind Abandon Brewing Co took the plunge and purchased a piece of land that was not just abandoned but in utter disrepair. With the skilled hands of local Mennonite builders, the once-neglected barn and farmhouse underwent a remarkable transformation, blending restoration with modernization.

Abandon Brewing Co isn’t just about crafting exceptional beer, ciders, and seltzers—it’s a commitment to providing you with a one-of-a-kind experience while minimizing the impact on our planet. How do they do it? Well, all the process water dances with geothermal energy beneath the parking lot, ensuring it’s heated efficiently. This geothermal marvel also lends a helping hand in cooling the chilling system, maintaining the perfect fermentation temperatures. And don’t even get us started on how they protect the watershed—waste water is reclaimed, treated, and then lovingly applied to the surrounding vineyards, completing the water cycle with a sustainable twist.

Come in for some brews and bites as Abandon Brewing Company has a small menu of yummy pizzas, cheese boards, beer pretzels and small bites. On weekends, enjoy live music or come in for one of their many special events.

Seeking a serene and tranquil escape? Our Farmhouse promises just that and beyond. This 19th-century abode has undergone a stunning transformation, boasting the latest amenities and modern conveniences. Nestled on the very grounds as our brewery, it’s a haven that marries history with contemporary comforts.

Whether you find yourself in the cozy taproom, placing an order in the kitchen, or collaborating with the event staff, Abandon Brewing Co extends a warm welcome. It’s not just about the brews; it’s about the community. The folks here believe they have the best customers, and they want you to feel that genuine appreciation every time you step through their doors.

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Fall Street Breweing Restaurant and brewery in Seneca NY
Courtesy of Fall Street Brewing Co

Fall Street Brewing

106 Fall St, Seneca Falls, NY 13148

Family-Friendly – Cafe with Breakfast, lunch and Dinner – Craft Brews – Specialty Coffee – Kombucha

Welcome to the heart of historic downtown Seneca Falls, NY, where the magic of craft brewing and the cozy vibes of a café converge at Fall Street Brewing. Our elevated brewery and café experience is designed to whisk you away to a world where quality takes center stage. Fall Street Brewing is not just a brewery; it’s a destination where the art of craft brewing meets the warmth of a café atmosphere.

This is truly a unique brewery experience like no other. Fall Street is a cafe that not only makes their own craft brews, but also specializes in coffee drinks and yummy cuisine. Unlike most breweries, you can actually enjoy an amazing breakfast! Stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy a good meal, and a good brew of various kinds!

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That’s A Wrap!

As the sun sets over the glistening waters, our journey through the best breweries on Seneca Lake comes to a frothy close. From hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts and everything in between, the Finger Lakes region has proven to be a haven for beer enthusiasts. Each brewery, with its unique charm and distinctive brews, has left an indelible mark on our palates and memories. Whether you’re sipping by the lakeside or sharing a flight with friends, the vibrant craft beer scene of Seneca Lake is a testament to the artistry and camaraderie that define this liquid culture. Cheers to the unforgettable flavors and the moments we’ve brewed along the shores of Seneca Lake!

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