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Back home to sunny California? Well, we are home, but it is not sunny. We literally got home from St. Pete Beach for one night’s sleep before heading to Mission Bay RV Resort for the weekend. This is the first camping trip as a group in the new RV since Sis and family returned home from their cross-country road trip and we are really excited!!!


Anyway, we were looking forward to more fun in sun and sand, but San Diego has decided to be overcast and a little chilly. Okay, a lot chilly. Oh well, we still had a great first day. Just seeing the new RV was thrilling enough. Although I still love and miss the Enterra, the new Voltage is a step up and there is plenty of sleeping space for the family. I’ll be posting video tour of the RV soon.

The Voltage
Beyond checking out our new family vacation-mobile, the first night was all about the bonfire and catching up with friends and family.

Mission Bay RV Resort

Mission Bay RV Resort

Kids woke up in the Voltage feeling refreshed and ready to play with their cousins and friends. We actually had a sunny morning and the kids had a blast with all the outdoor activities. I mean, as a kid, who wouldn’t love to wake up just to run outside and play?

Mission Bay RV Resort

Mission Bay RV Resort
While the kids were off having their fun, we adults were having a blast of our own. That’s right; we were sipping HotDaddy Bloody Mary’s.

HotDaddy Bloody Mary
After a leisurely morning, we headed off to SeaWorld to check out the Seven Seas Craft Beer and Food Festival. We got our map, our passport and traveled the world with food!

Seven Seas Food Festival

SeaWorld San Diego

Seven Seas Food Festival

Since we are pass holders, we just kept this trip simple by focusing solely on the festival, letting the kids check out the exhibits that were conveniently located to the beer and food stops.

SeaWorld San Diego
The Boss’s favorite souvenir of the day was is fake beer mug. Actually, all the kids loved the beer mug. They drank out of it all day and loved seeing the double-takes from passing adults. Silly kids.

Beer is not just a hobby

The Boss

The Boss

We were back at Mission Bay RV Resort by dinner and grubbed on tacos. Yummy! The food festival was fun, but the portions of food were sample size and we were hungry!! Our family likes to put it down, so we made sure to bring plenty of Mexican themed food for the weekend.

Seven Seas Food Festival
After dinner it was S’more time!! Surrounded by warm glow of the fire and the excited conversations of close friends and family, I realized how lucky our family is to be making these memories for our kids.

Mission Bay RV Resort

HotDaddy was excited about whipping up some breakfast and trying out the new BBQ. HotDaddy is our traveling chef and bartender, if you couldn’t tell by now.

HotDaddy cooking

The kids love Spam and egg burritos. It has become a traditional camping breakfast for us, as we never eat Spam at home. I don’t know why, it is damn good, especially the jalapeno Spam. YUM!

Spam Burritos

Spam Burritos
CuddleBear has unlucky this trip with injuries. He scraped his finger on the patio of the Voltage, and then he fell and tore up his cute little nose. I pinched his chunky cheek when I put on his helmet and then got hit in the face with the football while play catch. Ahhh!

Camping injuries
We never visit San Diego without popping by Old Town (my favorite) and that’s what we did today. First stop is always O’Hungry’s for a yard of beer. Check out our favorite places to drink in Old Town HERE. Nothing like a yard of beer to get you in the party mood and live music and roses from our boys helped too!


Roses at O'Hungry's
Then walked over to Los Locos for AWESOME spicy street tacos!!!

Spicey Street Tacos at Los Locos

Us girls enjoyed a round of Panty Droppers, but honestly, beer is the ultimate panty dropper with how much we all have to potty!! I read somewhere that you have to pee twice for every pint and we just killed a yard each! Party Time or Potty Time?? Maybe next time we will wear Depends. Holla, Lisa Rena!

Panty Droppers at Los Locos

Now that the adults had our fun, we took the kids to the play in the Historical Plaza. Being in the birthplace of California always gives me chills! I love it here.

Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego

Then we took the kids to the candy shop to pick out some taffy, before us ladies headed to the cigar shop for our little treat.

Candy shop in Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego

Cigar Shop in Old Town San Diego
Then it was back to the Voltage for taquitos, campfire and fun with our friends.


Micheladas concluded our first RV trip in the Voltage at Mission Bay RV Resort.

We packed up, took some photos and headed home to Orange County.

Mission Bay RV Resort in the Voltage

Back to work for a couple of weeks before we are off to Glasgow, Scotland!! Stay tuned!

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