Friday 02.06.15
Day 2

Good morning from Idyllwild! I’m feeling pretty good right now as I sip on HotDaddy’s famous Bloody Mary, despite having a rather not-so-nice sleep. Nothing was wrong with the BlueBird, but I forgot to pack Cuddle Bear’s GoodNites. Although he has been potty-trained over a year, he sometimes has accidents at night. GoodNites are great for traveling, because we don’t want to deal with wet sheets away from home. I even use them on long flights, just in case. Anyway, I was stressed out all night, trying to pick up signs he had to use the potty. Then he woke up thirsty and I gave him water, which stressed me out even more. Eventually, I just woke him up to go so I could finally relax. Just as I fell into a deep sleep, HotDaddy’s alarm went off at 5:00 am as if he had to go to work. Ugh. Now, the kids are enjoying a Jacuzzi bath and I’m feeling great.

HotDaddy Bloody Mary in IdyllwildHotDaddy Bloody Mary:

Tomato Juice

Worcestershire sauce

Lime juice



Cayenne Pepper

Steak seasoning

Garnish with everything! Olives, pickles and okra

I was in the mood for Asian food, so for lunch we headed to Mile High Café. An Asian fusion restaurant, Grams and I enjoyed a big bowl of Udon, a shrimp crunch roll and a frosty beer. HotDaddy was excited to see Bibimbap on the menu, but even more excited about eating it. So, what did the kids eat? Chicken fingers! I know. I know. Although I prefer them to be more adventurous, sometimes you got to just let them order what they’ll eat. However, they did try my Udon and the spicy in-house sauce.

Udon Soup and Shrimp Crunch Roll at Mile High Cafe Bibimbap at Mile High Cafe in IdyllwildNext, we took them to Earth ‘N’ Fire to let them try their hand at painting pottery. I knew it wasn’t going to go perfectly smooth, but I had a semi-plan. Two kids and two parents should have been the perfect ratio to have some control, but of course it didn’t go as planned. Grams decided that she wanted a Nome, but wanted HotDaddy to paint it. Okay, Grams will help me with the kids’ pottery, right? Nope, she would rather micro-manage the painting of her Nome. I was left to the help two toddlers paint fragile pottery. Needless to say, I was getting really annoyed. I was constantly picking up dropped brushes, stopping them from squirting out too much paint and catching them from falling off the stool.

Just as I was feeling myself bubble over with frustration, Firecracker finally got the hang of it and ended up making some beautiful designs on her butterfly. Cuddle Bear did a great job on his little kitty, but lost interest rather quickly and wanted to get down and walk around. Summer, the owner, noticed and came right over with a bucket of blocks to keep Cuddle Bear entertained, while Firecracker and HotDaddy finished their paintings. In the end, the kids had a fun and we got to take some cute personalized souvenirs home.

Firecracker painting a butterfly at Earth 'N' Fire Cuddle Bear painting a kitty at Earth 'N' FireAfterwards, we checked out some shops and made a beer stop at Jo’An’s beer garden. Cuddle Bear managed to mortify me right away, by chucking a wood chip and nailing a man right in the head. I couldn’t believe it. The worst (of funniest) part was that the wood chip stuck to the button on the top his hat!! Thankfully, he and his wife laughed, but I was so embarrassed.

Idyllwild, CaEven though it was getting late, we had promised to take the kids to the Community Playground. I made a deal with them that if we gave them 20 minutes of play time that they would be good at dinner. We heard about this new place Idyology, which looked really nice in the photos and I didn’t want any issues.

Idyllwild Community PlaygroundIdyology was amazing, but the décor was what really did it for me. Some people described it as old Western, but I would say it was more Victorian Saloon. Beautiful furniture, crystal chandeliers and glowing wax candles adorned the room. It was gorgeous, making this my new favorite Idyllwild hangout. I couldn’t take enough photos. The food was really delicious too. I ordered the Broccoli Blue Cheese Soup and Stuffed Bell Peppers with Goat Cheese. YUMMY! For dessert we ordered the Girl Scout Cookie Bread Pudding, featuring Lemonades (Cuddle Bear’s favorite). Then the kids started to get whiny and tired towards the end, so we called it a night.

IDYologyLater that evening…

We’re back at the BlueBird with one game of Skip-Bo down. HotDaddy won the first round, but I am confident that I will rein champion shortly. Both kids are asleep…AMAZING. Grams was going to try and sneak off to bed, but I put a stop to that. I don’t blame her for being tired. We had a busy day and lots of yummy food. It was enough to put us all in a blissful coma, but with both babies sound asleep, it is times to pour another glass of wine and bust out the cards.