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Vinarmour: The Best Travel Wine Bag for Wine Lovers?

When luxury meets handsome strength

Ever been on an unforgettable trip and want to savor the memory a little longer by bringing home a special bottle of wine? Then when get are home, maybe you would like to transport that special bottle of wine to a restaurant to enhance a romantic dinner, or to a gathering to share with friends. So, how do you get that special bottle of wine home and around town safely? That is what the founder of the Vinamour travel wine bag asked himself during his travels before creating (in my opinion) the best travel wine bag out there for wine lovers like me.

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Photo Courtesy of Vinarmour

The Vinarmour Birth Story

When founder Brian Hart visited Napa Valley he wanted to fly back home with a special bottle of wine. However, he could not find a wine travel bag he trusted completely to keep both his precious wine and the contents of his luggage safe. He found that the hard cases took up too much space and were useless when empty and the bubble-wrap style neoprene wine bags didn’t seem durable enough. So he created a wine carrier that was handsome, soft, compact, leakproof and unquestionably protective.

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Photo Courtesy of Vinarmour

Vinarmour Exterior

Outside, the Vinarmour has a luxurious appearance made with Scottish Waxed Twill from the pioneers of waxed cotton since the 1800’s, Halley Stevenson’s, and leather straps from the legendary Horween® Leather Company of Chicago. Available in brown and burgundy, the collapsible and leakproof Vinarmour travel wine bag allows you to not only travel around town, but around the world, in style.

When empty, the Vinarmour folds down and secures with a leather strap, becoming small enough to fit into a purse! When holding wine, the delicious smelling leather strap can be used as a tote handle to carry your wine to dinner or to a picnic. Laser etching of your logo or custom text is even available for extra personalization, for example, as a gift for your groomsmen and bridesmaids.

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Vinarmour Interior

Inside, is an extreme impact protection layer of PORON XRD foam that absorbs 90% of impact energy as well as two types of Kevlar and Dyneema fabrics used for making bulletproof vests.

Air travel can be rough on your luggage, but you can be confident that your wine will be safe within your Vinarmour luxury wine travel bag. The impact foam prevents your wine bottle from breaking; and if for some insane chance it does break, the protective fabrics along with the confident closure prevents puncture and leaking onto your luggage. Made in Seattle, Washington, your Vinarmour comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Don’t worry about your wine getting hot, the Vinarmour’s eco-fleece inner layer and 3-ply laminate will maintain wine temperatures 30 % better than neoprene thermal totes. The Vinarmour accommodates all major bottle sizes from standard Champagne in width to Riesling in height.

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Quick Specs

  • Capacity: 1 Bottle
  • Collapsible
  • Unfolded Product Dimensions 14″ x 4.6″ x 4.6″
  • Folded Product Dimensions 5″ x 6.5″ x 4.25″
  • Material: Exterior is waxed cotton twill. Interior is XRD Extreme Impact Protection foam surrounded by Dyneema and Kelvar fabric
  • TSA Approved: Yes

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That’s A Wrap!

The Vinarmour travel wine bag is a beautiful and elegant product that you will be proud to tote around town and the world. I was thoroughly impressed when I received my very own for this review. Not only is Vinarmour appealing to the eye and smells of delicious leather, but it is a wine bag I can truly trust with my most precious bottles of wine. I highly recommend Vinarmour and believe it would make for the perfect gift for the wine-lovers in your life or as a special treat for yourself. Cheers!

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