As you probably already know, we really love to visit Ghost towns. On our frequent trips to Vegas from Southern California I was always allured by the signs to visit Calico, an authentic Old West mining town turned Ghost Town. Just a few miles off the 15 freeway outside Barstow, this place is worth planning a few hours to stop by, grab lunch and a cold one, and explore the old town that was the real-world inspiration for Knott’s Berry Farm’s very own Ghost town. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to have your mind blown and take some awe-worthy photos at the Calico Mystery Shack!

You can read all the details about visiting Calico Ghost Town HERE

What’s in this video

  • 00:05 – Intro to Calico
  • 00:33– Underground mine tour
  • 01:49 – Calico Train Ride
  • 03:17 – Lunch at Calico House Restaurant
  • 04:12 – Calico Mystery Shack Experience


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