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Terror in the Oaks: Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

Starting the second weekend of October,  the Vail Lake Resort Halloween festivities transforms this serene campsite into a frightfully fun party for the whole family. Although we love RVing at Vail Lake Resort throughout the year, October is our favorite time to visit. By day the kids enjoy running in the grass, swimming by the pool and playing miniature golf against the lovely backdrop of the rolling hills and shady trees…

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

By night, the laid-back vibe becomes a lively Halloween bash, filled with activities the whole family can enjoy. So load up the RV, pack the costumes and get yourself to Vail Lake Resort for the Terror in the Oaks Festival!

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities


Staying at Vail Lake

During the month of October rates for lots are $110 a night. The rates are higher this month, because of the popularity of the Halloween events. Vail Lake Resort sells out of spots every year. I recommend to booking a year in advance for a spot. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, because a spot could open up later.

Be sure to bring your Halloween decorations, because there is a RV decorating contest!!

If you don’t have your own RV, no problem! A nearby family-owned company called Lake RV Storage and Rentals will deliver and set-up an RV rental for you! It’s super easy and they have several different sizes to choose from. If you want to check them out, don’t forget to mention “Hot Mama Travel” to get a 10% discount!

Due to rising popularity, it is getting harder and harder to get a spot at Vail Lake Resort during their Halloween weekends. Luckily, you don’t have to stay at the RV resort to participate in the festivities. Vail lake is located near Temecula wine country, providing plenty of options for nearby accommodations. Check Hotels and Rates.

Where to eat during Terror in the Oaks

Snacks can be purchased at the lobby store and during the party nights, there are food trucks available. Exciting news is that there will be restaurant on the property coming soon!

Where to grab a drink:

The Bunkhouse Bar is always a fun spot to grab a drink and is located in the village where the Halloween party is held every year. In addition to the Bunkhouse Bar, there may beer trucks available during the party.

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

Fun Festivities at Terror in the Oaks Vail Lake

Friday and Saturday night Vail Lake Resort holds the Terror In The Oaks Halloween Festival. If you are local and don’t want to spend the weekend RVing, you are welcomed to come enjoy the Vail Lake Resort Halloween festivities for the night. Parking is $10 and with that admission you get to dance the night away with fresh mixes from the D.J, bounce houses and petting zoo.

Dance Party:

A giant spider web, made of lights, stretches the expanse of the dance floor as the jumbo inflatable spider watches from above; its next meal dangles over the party-goers. Ghouls, goblins and monsters hang from the surrounding trees and watch over the Bunkhouse Bar, giving the party a spooky fun feeling.

Vail Lake Resort Halloween FestivitiesVail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

There are surprises lurking around every corner; photo ops, creepy motion censored figures and more. The music blasts all night as kids take the stage to show off their best dance moves. In addition to dancing your butts off, the party also includes scream contests and costume contests. It is a great way to have a night of Halloween fun with the family.

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

Haunted Hayride:

Sit on a hay barrel and wait to be freaked out as you are driven into a zombie land. First, the hayride takes you through the campground to view all the RV decorations. Some people really go all out and it is fun to see what creative ideas everyone comes up with. As you past the last RV you are ushered through a gate and that’s when the real stuff goes down. Deep into the hills at night the hayride moves slowly as various scary scenarios play out before your eyes.

Witches, zombies and psychos torment and tease the passengers throughout the 30 minute adventure. Although recommended for older kids and adults, I do take my toddlers on this creepy adventure. Most little kids would be scared, but I know my kids’ fear tolerance is higher than most. Only parents know what their kids can handle, so be aware that it is really scary before taking small kids. Tickets for the hayride ride are $10, kids under 6 are free. When you book a stay with Vail Lake Resort, you receive four passes.

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities


Recently, Vail Lake went under new owner ship and some changes to the Halloween festivities have been made. Now instead of a Haunted Hayride, there is just a regular hayride that takes you around the campground to view everyone’s Halloween RV decor. It is much more family-friendly now, but of course we didn’t go on it this year…haha.

A mild scenic hayride has replaced the haunted hayride and a Haunted Walk has been included. It is basically what the Haunted Hayride was, but instead of riding through the dark woods, you have to actually walk through them…in the dark…in very small groups of two to four…for 20 minutes. HotDaddy and I went it alone, since we already scared the babies with the haunted carnival/asylum.

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

Haunted House:

Located outside the club house, people wait anxiously to enter this horror house of fun. This maze changes themes every year, is way scarier than the Haunted Walk. Monsters, creepy clowns and various although creatures from the dark pop out at you from around every corner. They recommend kids over 8 years old participate due the major scare factor of the haunted house, but of course we took ours. Although the haunted house was intense, we all laughed about it later. Tickets are $10. Campers receive passes at check-in.

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities
A bit scarier at night


Head over to the Gypsy wagon to have you fortune read. We loved it and all had our cards read. FireCracker learned that she will be getting a new girlfriend thanks her mama (me). Hmmm…maybe a sister is the future? Stay tuned to find out.

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

That’s A Wrap!

We literally go every year! As Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love to fill the month of October with festivities. See the many ways we celebrate Halloween as a family all month, Here.   Vail Lake Resort Halloween festivities is a trip  we definitely look forward to the most. They deliver very year and it kicks of our season just right! I can’t wait to see what is up their sleeves each season! So, who is down to come party with me?! I’ve already booked my spot, now what about you??

Vail Lake Resort Halloween Festivities

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Want are some of your favorite Halloween activities or travels?

Please share want you do in your hometown in the comments!!

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  3. Wow-this looks like a great place to celebrate Halloween with a family. Does this resort go all out for other holidays? This looks hard to top!

  4. As a European, it’s always interesting for me to read about how North American’s celebrate Halloween. Where’s Lakevale? Is it in California? I can’t remember reading in the post where it is. It sounds like fun!

    • Oh yeah. Halloween is huge. It’s my favorite holiday. Vail Lake is in Temecula,California just between San Diego and Orange County.

  5. Anyone know how late the haunted houses and walk through are open till?

  6. Dawn Elder Reply

    Its a shame you can’t reserve online to camp there for this event. For people who don’t live near there and can’t go down at 8am to reserve a spot it’s really unfair.

    • I completely agree. You used to be able to, but they are under new ownership and the policy changed. We live out of town too, so it has been nearly impossible for us to get a spot the last couple of years ourselves.

  7. Thanks for the info. We are local and coming by only for the festivities. What time would suggest is a good time to go?

    • Hi, I am sorry Martell, I just saw this (and it is after Halloween!). I hope you had a great time and arrived at a good hour. I would have recommended to get there early (by 4pm maybe) if you want a close parking spot, otherwise you have to park in that dusty lot across the way. Otherwise, festivities run all night long and you will get to experience it all if you are there at a reasonable hour.

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