Going somewhere you have never gone. Doing something you have never done. Meeting someone you have never met. Travel provides the opportunity to learn about the world, ourselves and others. When we open ourselves to new experiences we enrich our lives, we evolve and we grow. One of the great aspects of traveling is the ability to meet people from all over the globe. A fun way to make the most of your trips is to be social and make vacations friends.

Whether you are traveling with friends, family or solo it is always exciting to add another spice to the sauce. Vacation friends can push the fun-o-meter to the next level as well as provide a valuable learning experience. If it is your first time to a location, it is helpful to meet someone who has been there multiple times or even a local, because they can offer priceless information to aid in making the most of your stay. Even an avid traveler can pick up new travel advice or secrets and insider knowledge of various destinations.

Almost every trip I have taken, I have met someone to enhance my vacation experience. For example, on a trip to Puerto Vallerta we met a sweet man name Angel who showed us around all local gems that had never been able to see, despite traveling their multiple times before. He took us past Liz Taylor’s house and down local streets where school children were buying roasted corn on the corner. Angel exposed a whole new side to Puerto Vallerta and until this day it is one of my favorite travel memories.


When my husband and I were on cruise to the Caribbean we were sat with two lovely ladies, Vera (Maine) and Jane (Naples, Fl). Regulars to the islands, they introduced us to Pusser’s Rum. Before I met Jane, I had never heard of Naples. Little did I know that I would later be visiting Naples annually, putting to use the information I had learn years earlier.

As child, I loved making friends on vacations. I can still remember the excitement of meeting my new friends at the teen club on my first cruise. Now, I see the same joy with my children. Every trip they make new friends. I love that they are not only having fun, but they are learning. On our last vacation, my two-year-old would jump out of bed in the morning, grab his water-wings and shouted that he wanted to go the pool to see his friends. As I watched my kids play with their vacation friends I could hear them sharing stories of their hometowns and travels, learning new words, slang and accents. My kids are only toddlers and they have already met kids from all over the world, picking up new things from each new person they meet.


What’s great about traveling with kids is that, they force you to socialize. Kids are carefree and friendly, easily making friends wherever they go. I have met many wonderful people from all over the world thanks to kids. For instance, my daughter was playing with a little boy from Ireland facilitating the mother and I to strike up a great conversation. Ireland is on my bucket list, so talking to her was a real treat.

I can still remember the names of most the people I met while on various vacations. Although, most of them I will never see again, the things I’ve learned from my vacation friends continue to influence my travels today. So next time you are on a vacation, let down your walls and make vacation friends.

What stories do you have from people you’ve met on the road?

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Vacations Friends