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Blog Roundup: What is “Kid Friendly”? We asked 14 family travel bloggers

The answers from these family travel experts may surprise you
If you followed us on our 60 day road trip across the US last summer (#HotMamaDoesAmerica), you will have noticed that we spend a lot of time in bars, pubs, saloons and basically any place with live music and cocktails. This is just how we roll, and there is no shame in our game. And the kids seem to love it
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Family Road Trip Across US: 19 states in 60 days

Taking your kids and parents together on a family road trip across US is a life-changing experience
In the Summer of 2017, we packed up the kids and grandparents and took the plunge on an epic family road trip across US, driving from one coast to the other in our own minivan. We were able to visit so many amazing cities and attractions that have always been on our bucket list. And we spent only $700 in

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