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Best South African Beaches to Visit

Best South African beaches to visit

When traveling or revisiting South Africa, local tour brochures and travel advisers alike will give you lots of different advice when it comes to the best places to visit or things to do in South Africa. These will always include compulsory visits to some of our finest cities (like beachfront Durban or varied Cape Town), …

Hot Press & Media

Hot Press & Media

Want more from HotMamaTravel? As a traveler, you can find here everywhere as well as her work. Here are a list of guest posts, features, interviews, speaking engagements, and more! Publications & Guest Posts Dining in Glasgow: Fun for the Whole Family Going to a restaurant with kids can send a chill up some parents’ …

Cruising for Solo parents

Cruising: The Perfect Match for Single Parents Traveling with Kids When you’re a single parent and holiday time comes around, many questions can run circles in your mind: What type of holiday will be the most interesting, safe and memorable for your children, while allowing you to relax and de-stress? Many single parents are finding …

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