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6 Powerful things I learned driving cross country with my kids and parents

6 things i learned driving cross country with kids and my parents

Like many other millennial women that are busy planting seeds and starting families, I have unassailable dreams of traveling the world with my kids. Admittedly, these visions have always been more about exciting destinations, and less about the method of getting there. I suppose the “getting there” part is a common afterthought in this age, …

Should You Quit Your Job to Travel?

As a traveling mama, I often wonder if I am ready to quit my job and commit myself to full-time travel. This guest post, by Matthew Sienna, gives wanderlusters some food for thought. Are you ready to go all in? Should You Quit Your Job to Travel? You have probably seen countless stories floating around …

5 Easy Ways to Staying Fit On The Road

Staying Fit on the Road

Being a busy mama, I understand that it can be hard to maintain a regular workout routine. Kids, work, housework and the chores never end. Throw in frequent travel and it can feel nearly impossible. Health experts claim that we need at least 30 minutes of cardio a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I …

10 Family Travel Taboos You Should Break

Family Travel Taboos

Mistakes. Mishaps. Fails. These Uh-Oh moments are not always a bad thing, if you learn from them that is. Happily, family travel provides plenty of opportunity for learning experiences. I have been traveling with my babies since they popped out of me and believe me, we have had our share of challenges, but I always …

Money Saving Tips For The Traveler

Money Saving Tips

Sense of adventure? Check. Temporary freedom from work? Check. Loads of expendable cash? EEK! Lack of funds can often derail travel plans or even make the idea of travel seem daunting. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right spot. Welcome to HotMama’s Money Saving Tips, where you don’t have to have a big income to travel …

Celebrating Life With Birthday Getaways

Birthday Getaways

Some of us were simply born to travel and birthdays make for the perfect excuse to pack up and leave town. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a huge birthday party person. The cost to reward ratio is unbalanced. I would rather take the money I’d spend on a party and have a …

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