Saint Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe New Mexico Read Article

Hot Tips for visiting Santa Fe with Kids – from historic and artsy to the psychedelic

Santa Fe is a mecca for artists and history buffs, and it makes for a playful family vacation
Let me start by saying that we were really excited to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico during our Route 66 family road trip. Santa Fe has been calling my name for quite a while now, and I am happy to report that it did not disappoint! I mean, basically, from the first time I saw Jack Maxwell from the show Booze
Answering questions about kids in Las Vegas Read Article

Ultimate List of FAQs from Parents (with answers) about visiting Las Vegas with kids

There is nothing sinful about taking kids to Vegas. Take it from this Mama who does it year after year (after year)!
We go to Vegas regularly with our kids, so I'd consider myself at least a semi-expert on how to do Las Vegas with kids of just about any age. Given our love of the city and extensive experience, we have ended up writing a TON of content over years to help families have a fun and safe visit to Sin City. As
Baby friendly Las Vegas Read Article

Mama’s Guide for doing Las Vegas with Baby: Perfect 2-day itinerary & FAQs

Trust this Mama - there are plenty of fun and safe family activities in Las Vegas with an Infant
OK, so you are going to Las Vegas with baby and you probably have a few questions, like… Is it safe? Is it appropriate? What can and can’t we do with a baby in Vegas? Don’t worry, I got you. First of all, you are not alone. Millions of families visit Las Vegas each year and you won’t
Disney Wonder Review Read Article

Ultimate Disney Wonder Review for Families taking their first Disney Cruise

A wonder-filled family vacation aboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship
Let me tell you, Disney Cruise Line has got us hooked - anchor, line and sinker! Since we first took a cruise on the Disney Fantasy two years ago (which you can read about HERE), we just recently took a Disney Wonder cruise from Vancouver to San Diego this year, so I decided to write a Disney Wonder
The Vatican line drawing Read Article

We visited Rome and now I think my son is Famous in China

This family found out it doesn't take much to get kicked out of the Vatican
When our oldest was 20 months old, he had a very important job to do. He was going to be a ring bearer at a family wedding that was taking place in Tuscany, Italy. It was a black tie affair and it was going to be a supremely chic event for such a young guy. The wedding was being held at a private village
Downtown Vancouver things to do with kids Read Article

Ultimate Guide to visiting Vancouver with kids for the first time

Your family will love exploring the natural beauty of this pristine modern city
Exciting. Beautiful. Adventurous. Safe. Friendly. Foodie haven. These are just some of the wonderful adjectives people have used to describe Vancouver BC. Ranked in the top ten of the world’s most livable cities, Vancouver is a lively seaport on the west coast of British Columbia. Dubbed the Manhattan
Events for Families for Halloween Read Article

Our favorite spooky Halloween events and activities for Families

A list of our favorite haunts in Southern California during Halloween season
A sprinkle of creepy, a dash of suspense, and a handful of fun is the perfect recipe for a spooktacular family adventure! Halloween is not just a one-night event. No, for my family it is a month long celebration. So whether you want to travel far or stay close to home, October is chock-full of amazing
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park with kids Read Article

Visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge Park with Kids: Tips, Advice and Video Tour

An incredible outdoor adventure awaits your family in Vancouver, BC
Have you ever heard of the Capilano Suspension Bridge? Honestly, I didn’t know much about it until I started planning our family vacation to Vancouver. However once we discovered it, Capilano quickly became the number one Vancouver attraction we wanted to visit together as a family. The thought of
Kid friendly day trips from Las Vegas Read Article

8 Amazing Kid-Friendly Day Trips from Las Vegas that will blow your mind

It's refreshing to escape the city and explore the natural beauty surrounding Las Vegas
There is so much to do on the Las Vegas Strip, even if you are visiting Las Vegas with kids, that you might be wondering why would anyone in their right mind ever want or need to leave the Vegas strip!? Well many people don’t realize it, but Las Vegas is actually situated in one of the most beautiful
Large accommodation in Las Vegas for Big Family Read Article

Great places to stay in Las Vegas for Big Families (or groups of 5+) near Vegas Strip

Finding a place to stay in Vegas for a big group or family is actually not that hard with these tips
Here is an amazing fact. There are over 150 thousand hotel rooms in Las Vegas, which is almost twice as many as New York City! However, the frustrating thing about Vegas (well actually about hotels in general) is that a large majority of these rooms are designed to accommodate only up to four
Kid friendly Vegas Hotel with Dolphins Read Article

13 Affordable Family Activities in Las Vegas that are worth your time (and money)

These family activities in Vegas are loads of fun and are way cheaper than gambling!
As you hopefully already know, there is so much more to Las Vegas than gambling and nightclubs. Las Vegas is a virtual playground for adults (and children) with about a gazillion different attractions to entertain just about everyone. It seems that all the hotels on the Vegas strip have something truly
List of Free activities in Vegas for Families Read Article

10 Free Family Activities in Las Vegas that are Definitely worth your Time

You don't have to spend a lot of money (or anything at all) to have a great time in Vegas
Truth be told, you really don't have to spend a lot of money to do some very fun family activities in Las Vegas. Sure the city has elegant restaurants and five star accommodations (and $10k blackjack tables), but the city is also full of cheap or even free entertainment opportunities around almost every
Annapolis Galway Bay Irish Pub Read Article

Annapolis Live Music: Best Kid friendly restaurants with FREE live music

Maryland's capital is a beautiful and lively city with plenty of live music joints
Annapolis is Maryland’s capital city and was founded way back in 1649. It is home to Maryland’s State House, which once served as the United States national capital in the 1700’s, as well as the United States Naval Academy. Resting on the sparkling Chesapeake Bay surround by waterfronts and history,
Tips for families visiting las vegas with kids Read Article

5 Insider Tips for doing Las Vegas with Kids the right way (plus a bonus tip)

Find out why we think Vegas is a safe and fabulous vacation spot for families like yours
Too many articles out there about visiting Las Vegas with kids are either out-dated or written by parents that are too prudish to really appreciate all the city has to offer. As a Mama that brings her munchkins to Vegas regularly, I am confident in saying that Vegas is awesome for families – that is,
Visiting Old Town Scottsdale with Kids Read Article

Old Town Scottsdale – Best Hotels and Fun Things to do with Kids

Escape to Old Town Scottsdale and experience the "West's most Western Town"
Old Town Scottsdale is the not only the oldest area in Scottsdale, it is also in my opinion the most happening. First settled in the 1880’s, this neighborhood is now a bustling collection of interesting shops and restaurants, also referred to as downtown Scottsdale. With such an exciting merge of old and
Pregnant in Las Vegas Guide and Tips Read Article

Pregnant in Vegas – A Guide to Las Vegas for Expecting Mothers

Thinking of going to Vegas pregnant? Follow these expert tips for a fabulous visit
I love Vegas! It is the perfect vacation destination, no matter your situation. It was fun for me as a child, long before I was legal to party. I thoroughly enjoyed it in my 20’s, when I could fully participate in Sin City shenanigans. If you’ve read my blog then you know how I feel about making any
kid friendly travel blog round up and survey data Read Article

Blog Roundup: What is “Kid Friendly”? We asked 14 family travel bloggers

The answers from these family travel experts may surprise you
If you followed us on our 60 day road trip across the US last summer (#HotMamaDoesAmerica), you will have noticed that we spend a lot of time in bars, pubs, saloons and basically any place with live music and cocktails. This is just how we roll, and there is no shame in our game. And the kids seem to love it
Cross Country US Road Trip with Kids and Grandparents Read Article

6 Powerful things I learned driving cross country with my kids and parents

Road Trips are affordable way to check items off your bucket list
Like many other millennial women that are busy planting seeds and starting families, I have unassailable dreams of traveling the world with my kids. Admittedly, these visions have always been more about exciting destinations, and less about the method of getting there. I suppose the “getting there” part
Cruising on the Disney Fantasy with kids Read Article

Ultimate Disney Fantasy Review for Families cruising with kids

You will not regret spending extra dough to take your kids on a Disney cruise experience
As long-time Orange County residents and Disneyland annual pass holders, it is safe to say that we are quite the Disney family. So, it may come to a surprise to many of you that we finally just completed our first Disney Cruise. [Update Dec 2018: We just took our second Disney Cruise on the Disney Wonder,
How to Stay fit on the road during travel Read Article

5 Easy Ways to Staying Fit On The Road

There are lots of fun tools to stay fit and in shape while traveling
Being a busy mama, I understand that it can be hard to maintain a regular workout routine. Kids, work, housework and the chores never end. Throw in frequent travel and it can feel nearly impossible. Health experts claim that we need at least 30 minutes of cardio a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I
family travel taboos to break Read Article

10 Family Travel Taboos You Should Break

It's OK to break the rules every once in a while
Mistakes. Mishaps. Fails. These Uh-Oh moments are not always a bad thing, if you learn from them that is. Happily, family travel provides plenty of opportunity for learning experiences. I have been traveling with my babies since they popped out of me and believe me, we have had our share of challenges,
Read Article

Money Saving Tips For The Traveler

Our Motto: If you spend less traveling, then you can travel more often
Sense of adventure? Check. Temporary freedom from work? Check. Loads of expendable cash? EEK! Lack of funds can often derail travel plans or even make the idea of travel seem daunting. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right spot. Welcome to HotMama’s Money Saving Tips, where you don’t have
why to ride scotrail with kids in scotland Read Article

Why You Should Ride ScotRail With Kids

The trains run on time in Scotland, and ScotRail is the way to get around the lush countryside
I love train travel. There is something so relaxing about sitting back and watching the world go by (and knowing that I am safely on the ground). I always opt for train travel when provided the opportunity, especially while visiting a place with gorgeous a countryside. While visiting Scotland, it was a
Develop a Global food palate for kids Read Article

Developing Kids’ Global Palate

It's never too early to expose children to foods of the world, even in your own backyard
A major perk to travel (at least for me) is the opportunity to indulge in new flavors and styles of cuisine. Whenever I’m planning a trip, my list of must-do’s is mostly made up of places to eat. As comedian Jim Gaffigan once said, “Vacations are really just about eating somewhere we’ve never eaten
Everglades airboat tour in Florida with kids Read Article

What You Should Know About Everglades Airboat Tour With Kids

You know Floridians take their kids on air boats, so why not this California Fam?
The When you are visiting certain destinations there are some things you just have to do. For instance, zooming through swamp land on an airboat while in South Florida. Despite Papa and Grams’ objections, I booked one of these adventures on our last visit to Naples. I had some apprehensions too, I mean
dunns river falls with kids Read Article

What You Should Know about Climbing Dunns River Falls with Kids.

Climbing Dunn's River Falls is a once in a lifetime experience
Standing at 180ft high and stretching 600ft in length, Dunn’s River Falls is a Jamaican national treasure. It is also said to be the site of the infamous battle of Las Chorreras between the English and Spanish in 1657. In short, the English won control of the area now known as Ocho Rios. Today the falls
Ways that kids change travel for parents Read Article

5 Ways Kids Change Travel

Kids don't have to keep you from traveling, you just have to adapt a little
Follow my blog with Bloglovin When I was really baby-hungry, people used to ask me, "Don’t you want to travel more before you have kids?" As if I was throwing in the travel towel to suddenly live a stationary lifestyle. My answer was always an affirmative, "No." I wanted my kids to see to the
Parenting advice for raising brave kids through travel Read Article

No Fear and Family Travel: Raising Brave Kids in a Big World

It's a big world out there and travel makes it a little smaller each time
Fear: The unpleasant feeling when something is believed to be dangerous or to cause pain. Fear isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is what helps to keep us alive and sometimes, I wish my kids had a little more of it. My kids are so willing to embrace new food, new adventure and new people with little
Survival Guide for Water Parks with Kids Read Article

Water Parks with kids: A Survival Guide for Parents!

I can't stand water parks, but if you must go here are some helpful tips for surviving the day
I will be the first to admit that I am not a water park person. Sure, the kids love them and I would have too as a kid. Well, I’m not a kid. I’m a grown ass woman and water parks are not my go-to for a good time. For the most part, they are hot, chaotic, and a lot of work. The funny thing is we
Tips to fly on airplane with kids Read Article

8 Awesome Tips to Make Flying with Kids Easier

Kids can be great airplane travel buddies, it just takes some finesse
The joys of flying with kids. I will admit, being trapped in a metal tube thousands of feet in the air with two toddlers does not sound like a barrel of fun, but it is the burden I bare in order to travel with my babies. The truth of the matter is that I hate flying. I can feel the panic tightening in my
Advice for Traveling in Place Staycation Read Article

Traveling in Place and Embracing Local Travel

Scratch that travel itch by enjoying a weekend staycation in a local city
It is no wonder I have a nomadic spirit. Growing up, there was always a new adventure around the corner; somewhere to go, something to see. My family didn’t necessarily travel to far and exotic places (mostly due to my mama’s extreme fear of flying), but we had plenty of fun road trips and weekend
Best travel gadgets for kids Read Article

Best Gadgets for Traveling with Kids

These gadgets will make traveling with kids just that much easier
Let’s be honest, traveling with kids is not the easiest thing in the world, the linguistics alone is a challenge. With the proper props on hand it is easy to keep everything running smoothly…well as smoothly as possible. I'm a big fan of making things run smoothly and the more I enjoy family travel
Lugabug Product Review Read Article

How the Lugabug Makes Family Travel a Breeze

Lugabug will make traveling through airports with kids that much easier
Picture this: You’re trying to hustle through the airport, maneuvering around crowds of fellow travelers as you haul luggage down a never ending terminal. On top of all this is the constant whining request to be held. As traveling parents, we’ve all been there. Little legs just can’t keep up,
spend less during holiday travel Read Article

10 Tips for Overseas Travel

These tips will help you thrive when traveling through international airports with kids
Overseas travel can seem a bit overwhelming, especially you have never traveled abroad, don’t do travel often or taking the kids for the first time. The more I travel the more I learn ways to make things easier for myself and my family. I get asked questions about overseas travel all the time and I have

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