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Should You Quit Your Job to Travel?

As a traveling mama, I often wonder if I am ready to quit my job and commit myself to full-time travel. This guest post, by Matthew Sienna, gives wanderlusters some food for thought. Are you ready to go all in? Should You Quit Your Job to Travel? You have probably seen countless stories floating around …

Money Saving Tips For The Traveler

Money Saving Tips

Sense of adventure? Check. Temporary freedom from work? Check. Loads of expendable cash? EEK! Lack of funds can often derail travel plans or even make the idea of travel seem daunting. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right spot. Welcome to HotMama’s Money Saving Tips, where you don’t have to have a big income to travel …

Developing Kids’ Global Palate

Developing kids' global palate

A major perk to travel (at least for me) is the opportunity to indulge in new flavors and styles of cuisine. Whenever I’m planning a trip, my list of must-do’s is mostly made up of places to eat. As comedian Jim Gaffigan once said, “Vacations are really just about eating somewhere we’ve never eaten before.” …

5 Ways Kids Change Travel

5 Ways Kids Change Travel

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When I was really baby-hungry, people used to ask me, “Don’t you want to travel more before you have kids?” As if I was throwing in the travel towel to suddenly live a stationary lifestyle. My answer was always an affirmative, “No.” I wanted my kids to see to the …

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