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How to Spend a Cheap Fun Day at Tom’s Farms

Started from humble beginnings, Tom’s Farms was once a fresh produce stand and is now a favorite hangout for many travelers passing through Riverside County. I actually grew up visiting Tom’s Farms as a child and continue to make regular visits throughout the year. It is a little country oasis and it perfect for a relaxing afternoon with the family or a quick little pit-stop for travelers. Since we go there several times per year, I thought I would share how to spend a day at Tom’s Farms, while keeping it affordable and fun.


Money Saving Tip

It is really easy to have low cost fun at Tom’s Farms. Everything is self serve and very relaxed. The farm itself is free to visit, so what you choose to spend your money on is up to you.

Tom's Farms

Where to stay near Tom’s Farms

Tom’s Farms is more of a pit-stop along the I-15, so there aren’t any accommodations on the property, but there are some options in Corona nearby if you need a place to rest.

Places to Eat at Toms Farms

There are various options for dining at Tom’s Farms. Everything is quick-service, which helps with the reduced cost of meal purchases.

Tom’s Old Fashioned Burgers serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The burgers are really yummy. You can sit inside or out, but I prefer the patio. I know big surprise, but honestly, I don’t go to Tom’s Farms if I can’t enjoy patio seating. The view of the pond and live music is the major appeal.

Tom's Farms

Senor Toms is great if you fill like Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is set back from the pond, but the patio is still my favorite spot. We sat out there in the rain one afternoon, sipping beer and munching on nachos. It was perfect.

My absolute favorite spot is the Wine & Cheese Shop. Yes, there are lots of wine and cheese, but also yummy pizzas and sandwiches! This is our go-to spot every time we visit. We get a table on the patio, where we can be a part of the all the action and enjoy the view. Then we start with a bottle of wine, a fresh loaf of flaky crusty bread and a fun cheese dip. We take our time before ordering pizza, sandwiches and another round of drinks. It is a great spot for the kids too, because they can play around outside while parents relax in the sun.

Tom's Farms


Produce Market is where is all started. Tom’s Farms has always been known for their fresh produce, so partaking in the Produce Market just makes sense.

Sweet Shop is one of my kids’ favorite stops, of course. The amount of treats in this place is amazing. From fresh fudge to flavored licorice, the Sweet Shop is overwhelming with sweetness.

Tom's Farms

Where to Grab a Drink

Alcohol is served at Tom’s Farms within the designated dining areas. So, no you can’t crack open a cold one and meander around the property. You can, however, enjoy craft beers and a wide selection of vino at one of the restaurants. I prefer the selection of libations at the Wine & Cheese Shop! I actually quite enjoy the bottle of Cheap Red Wine and Cheap White Wine.

Fun Things to do at Tom’s Farms

The weekends are really happening at Tom’s Farms and we usually try to make a visit at least one Saturday every couple of months. For us, it is a great halfway meeting spot for our family and a fun way to spend a Saturday together.

Live Music is on performed every weekend near the pond, which is another reason I love the patio seating. Nothing like live music to get the party started!

Tom's Farms

Craft Fair is held every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 6:00pm, which has a ton of interesting and unique vendors. You never know what exciting treasure you will find!

Family Fun Zone is on the weekends only, but is great for entertaining the kids. Most the attractions do cost a small fee. For instance, for $4 the Tom’s Mining Company allows kids to mine for various stones and gems.

My kids’ favorite is the Train, which is an 1800’s steam train repoduction that takes guests around the property. It only cost $3 per rider, so it fun to do at least once. Also for $3, kids can ride the Old Time Carousel, and Tractor Driving. There is a Shooting Gallery, Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, face paintings and a Magic Show too. So, tons, tons, tons of stuff for the kids to do.

Tom's Farms

Tom's Farms

Tom's Farms

Tom's Farms

For those who love to shop, you’ll love the Home Store. This building is stocked fill up furniture and décor to explore. My mother and mother-in-law never visit Tom’s Farms without a stroll through the Home Store!

Tom's Farms

Holidays are a fun time to visit as well. During Halloween there is a fun little pumpkin patch that we visit every year, usually on our way to Vail Lake. The Home Store is also full of exciting Halloween décor that is always exciting to me!! Christmas is the same. Tom’s Farms is decorated, Home Store is stocked with fascinating trees and décor, and there are festive weekend festivities. Also, always check the calendar of events for exciting festivities happening throughout the year.

Tom's Farms

Tom's Farms

That’s A Wrap!

Sounds fun huh? It really is a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon. So, if you ever find yourself traveling in between San Diego and Orange County, take a break. Pull off the freeway and enjoy some libations, grub and entertainment at Tom’s Farms! Maybe I’ll see you there.

Tom's Farms


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  1. What a fun place for family day out.
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