Alright people! It is spring and you know what that means. We are getting ready to plop our butts in the sugary white sand of Florida’s Gulf Coast. This is about the time that I start day dreaming regularly about my impending travel. Now that all the important stuff has been handled (flight booked, hotel booked, money saved) I can start focusing on my favorite part of the planning process…deciding what we are going to wear!
I usually think about how I want our photos to look and that means coordinating the colors of our wardrobe with the colors of the landscape. See my post, Hello Color-Coordination. Since Florida has become an annual travel for our family, I like to keep our look fresh every year. Last year we focused on sunset colors; the year before that, was teals and greens.
This year I’ve created a palette inspired by the whimsical bright colors of the tropics. Luckily, my babies were kind enough to put on a little fashion show for me, so that I could see our trip come alive through fashion.

What we are packing:

Firecracker is rocking the neon this year. Bright, sunny colors will keep her standing out in the crowd. This beach babe isn’t afraid of a little extra attention.

Rocking Neon on St. Pete Beach
Wet and wild, Firecracker is bold with vibrant colors and daring prints. Her new favorite this year is here bright orange and black floral tankini. It is a playful mix of sporty and girly. Spicing it up, Firecracker is a saucy senorita in her wild zebra print and purple pompom teeny bikini.

Who needs glow sticks with this flashy getup? Firecracker is lighting up the night and ready to party at Club Vision!

CuddleBear is keeping it cool this year with varying shades of greens and blues. Like the ocean, Cuddle Bear is calm and peaceful with a wild side.

Bright is right
This playful surfer boy will be catching many eyes when he steps out on the sand in these awesome suits. His coral and navy ensemble featuring a giant squid and sprinkled with anchors is sure to get some attention at the toddler pool. Watch out ladies, CuddleBear is on the loose.

Surf boy
Like his sister, CuddleBear plans to rock it at Club Vision this year. He too is going to glow in the dark with his neon orange muscle shirt, sporting a skull like his big sis. Dancing the night away with glow sticks and pumping jams! What a great finale to a fantastic beach vacation.

Florida ready
This HotMama has a mixed look this year, with Navy Blue being the common color throughout the wardrobe. I’ve been working a lot to hustle for all our travels this and have had no time off to shop for myself. Thankfully, HotDaddy spoiled me, by surprising me with all my outfits for the trip. What a guy!!! I’m super excited about my new “One Way Ticket to Paradise” sweater from Kohl’s!!!

HOTMAMA St. Pete Beach
HotDaddy bought some new things from himself too. He decided he was going to stick with teal and coral scheme for the trip. This is a work trip of HotDaddy, so he has to keep it a little dressy and was excited to score some awesome new button-ups at T.J Maxx. He is going to look mighty handsome against the tropical beach backdrop.

HotDaddy St. Pete Beach
Grams was stressed out that she had nothing to wear. Luckily she scored some cute outfits for Christmas and an early Mother’s Day gift. Now she is excited to pack her Florida attire and rock her new looks!

GRAMS St. Pete Beach
Well, that’s our look for St. Pete Beach! Visualizing out outfits is a great way to get excited about our trip!

Bye St Pete
How do you plan your wardrobe for a trip??