We have just unpacked from St. Pete Beach and now we are packing again. This time we are off to a very different climate and for very different length of time. We are setting flight and heading to the land of rich history, haunting castles…and rain. Any guesses?

We are going to Scotland!!!

Let me tell you, packing for this trip was a bit difficult. Not only will we be gone for almost three weeks, we have to pack thicker clothes for a cooler and wetter climate. I didn’t want to haul (or pay) for a bunch of checked luggage, I decided to pack for half the time with mix and match clothes that can serve multiple days wear. Providing, of course that my kids are not too messy. Who am I kidding? I’ll be doing laundry in Scotland. Haha.

Anyway, I’ll have to keep this post short, as we are leaving soon.

In California, we don’t get much use out of our sweaters. So, Scotland is the perfect opportunity to bust them out. More specifically, I wanted to pack sweaters that oozed Scotland and had the appearance of Celtic knots.

Sweater for Scotland Thread Up Scotland Thread Up Scotland

Castles scatter the Scottish landscape and we will be paying a visit to a couple ourselves, so it seems fitting that my lil princess rocks all her outfits that have a crown.

Thread Up Scotland Thread Up Scotland

Scotland is also an island surrounded by a fierce ocean.

Thread Up Scotland

Thread Up Scotland

CuddleBear has some preppy and nautical looks that I thought would be fun for the trip. He will be visiting HotDaddy at the university most days.

Thread Up Scotland

Let’s not forget plaid! You can’t go to Scotland and not have some plaid!

Thread Up Scotland
Okay, well we gotta go! Stay tuned, because I will be posting all our adventures and tips from Scotland!