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Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a second to share with you a new product that I am really excited about!!

As a mama who understands the benefits of traveling with your kids, I also understand that world travel is harder for some families to obtain.

Even if you can’t hop on a plane tomorrow to some faraway destination, doesn’t mean your kids can’t learn about the world from home.

I’m a big fan of introducing kids to different cultures early in life by traveling in place through local simple activities such as eating diverse foods or attending local cultural festivals. Well, now traveling in place is as simple as reading a bedtime story.

Courtesy of Tabula Raisa LLC

Courtesy of Tabula Raisa LLC

Tabula Raisa, by Eric S. Townsend, is a children’s book about a curious young girl from Seville, who yearns to learn more about the world and where the items in her home were made. Raisa has a magic tablet that contains a genie named Ogul and with his help she and her travel buddy, Hendrix the fox, go on epic adventures to 51 different destinations. Once at their desired destination, Raisa meets a local artisan who teaches her and her travel companions about a traditional local craft. Not only do you and your kids get to learn about a special product that comes from the destination, you’ll also get some great souvenir ideas if you ever get to travel there yourself!

I recently read Tabula Raisa Destination Dhaka with my son (3) and my daughter (4) and they really enjoyed it. The best thing about the story is that they were intrigued to know more about Dhaka and carpet making. The story was short, but my kids hit me up with a plethora of questions that kept a lasting discussion well after the book was read.

“Where is Dhaka?”

“Wool is from sheep?”

“How do you turn wool into carpet?”

“Do we have a carpet from Dhaka?”

“What else is in Dhaka?”

“Do we have a genie in our iPads?”

It is great to hear my kids utter the word Dhaka from their lips. Many kids (and some adults) have never even heard of Dhaka and it is the 10th largest city in the world! I love that my kids get to learn about new places from the comfort of our home.

Courtesy of Tabula Raisa LLC

Courtesy of Tabula Raisa LLC

The fun and learning doesn’t stop there!

What I love most is that Tabula Raisa is not just a children’s travel book, but rather a comprehensive system of interactive tools to help kids continue the learning process. After reading about Raisa’s adventure, kids can log on to the website and follow up with field projects, videos and interactive activities that encourage creativity and critical thinking.

Courtesy of Tabula Raisa

Courtesy of Tabula Raisa

There is even a handmade doll of Raisa to help bring the story to life. I don’t know about your kids, but mine love having matching dolls to their various books and movies. It makes the story more tangible. Something to hold onto.

Courtesy of Tabula Raisa LLC

Courtesy of Tabula Raisa LLC

This is a truly unique series that makes learning about the world easy and exciting for kids. I love that families can learn about faraway places together in the comfort of their home and may even be inspired to see the world for themselves! I really love Tabula Raisa and definitely recommend to anyone with kids! Two thumbs up!

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    Eric S. Townsend at June 1, 2015 Reply

    Hello from the author! I’m so grateful that Amanda decided to showcase our project. We have signed and unsigned copies of the first Tabula Raisa book Destination Dhaka at our website. Just under 800 copies remain of these. We also have an adorable, handmade doll named “Tabby” who’s available (in the spirit of the book’s lead character). There’s also a gift set, a postcard series, a limited edition art print, and pre-order products for sale as well. Visit to take a look. Email me if you have any questions: Thank you so much!

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      Hot Mama at June 1, 2015 Reply

      Thank you Eric for enjoying the review and creating such a fun read for kids!

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