Wow! I had a very productive morning! The kids actually slept in and I was able to get a blog post up! Then I enjoyed coffee on the patio before running down to see HotDaddy’s poster session at the VSS conference.

Working in St. Pete Beach at Tradewinds Resorts

Along my walk, I snapped a gorgeous photo of the property. I mean really? This place is paradise.

Tradewinds Island Grand St. Pete

When I arrived and HotDaddy’s poster, the room was busy with Vision Scientists scoping out projects that interests them. I was happy to see that HotDaddy’s poster was surrounded, even though I had to wait like an eternity to get a photo of him with his poster.

Steven Thurman Ph.D

While I waited for the crowd to disperse, I noticed that some of the people missed the memo on packing Florida attire, as many were draped in heavy fabrics. I was sweating my butt off in my sundress and just the sight of wool made me feel suffocated. So, I gave HotDaddy a quick kiss and made a beeline to the pool.

Making vacation friends at Tradewinds Island Grand

It is so hot here in Florida during the day that even I went in the pool to swim and I usually love to layout. I let the kids splash around while I chatted with Grams. Papa hung out at Salty’s until it was time to meet HotDaddy for a quick lunch at Flying Bridge.

Flying Bridge at Tradewinds Island Grand

HotDaddy was a busy man today and only had a minute to eat before preparing for his talk that afternoon.

Steven Thurman Talk at Tradewinds Island Grand

After lunch, I took the kids to get some ice cream at the Ice Cream Shoppe. FireCracker is like her mama and loves mint chocolate chip, while CuddleBear loves his cookies and cream. The kids messily gobbled down their ice cream until it melted, giving Grams and I time to enjoy our version of a cool treat…beer at Salty’s.

Ice Cream Shoppe at Tradewinds Island Grand

It is such an easy bar to hang out at with the kids, because there is so much to do to keep them entertained. This day, the kids enjoyed playing Bimini Ring.

Bimini Ring at Tradewinds Island Grand

Our evening didn’t go quite as planned, but it wound up being a fantastic evening anyway. Originally, we had planned to eat an early dinner at Bermudas, where kids eat free from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, before heading to Guy Harvey Outpost for happy hour. Dinner was amazing and our server Daniel was fabulous.

BERMUDAS at Tradewinds Island Grand

Right when we were going to leave for the SandBox at Guy Harvey Outpost, another tropical storm blew in. No Guy Harvey again!! Just then some friends of ours from the conference came into eat. I checked with the pleasant hostess to make sure no one was waiting for our table, before ordering another round of drinks to enjoy the storm and company of friends.

Bermudas at Tradewinds Island Grand

A cozy restaurant, yummy food, crisp chardonnay, good company, well behaved kids (thanks to iPads) and a tropical storm all added up to make for a fun evening indeed!

Bermudas at Tradewinds Island Grand

The storm passed quickly, as usual. So, after dinner we decided to hang out on the beach and swing in the hammocks to breathe in the fresh post-storm air. Only in Florida.

Hanging out on the hammocks at Tradewinds Island Grand

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