We finally made it over to Guy Harvey Outpost! Not risking another tropical storm to derail our plans, we got up early and made our way to RumFish for breakfast. What a good choice!

RumFish in St. Pete Florida
We all decided to go for southern comforts. I had the Crab Cakes and Poached Eggs, as did Papa. Grams went for her favorite, Biscuits and Gravy. HotDaddy feasted on Fried Chicken and Waffles. After I had a bite, I totally get the why it’s a famous combo! So freaking good! The kids had an amazing eating Hotcakes and French toast, while being entertained by the jumbo fish tank that took up an entire wall of the restaurant. It feels as if you are eating under the sea! For added entertainment, the girls cleaning the tank played and waved to the kids and they loved every minute.

Breakfast at RumFishLargest tank by TANKED at RumFish

After breakfast, we finally planted our butts at the Sandbox. It is never too early for a beer and that’s precisely what we ordered!

Yuengling at Guy Harvey Outpost
The kids played in the sand, trying to hook the Bimini ring. FireCracker tried her hand the Triple Wipeout and then the kids just relaxed on the hammocks.

Bimini Ring at the Sandbox Guy Harvey Outpost

Triple Wipeout

Hammocks at Guy Harvey Outpost

Later, we hit up the pool where the kids a chance to cool off and make some Vacation Friends.

Vacation Friends at Tradewinds
Before long it was time for pre-dinner rest. The kids as well as HotDaddy were beat and quickly crashed in the cool comfort of our room.

Vacation tired at Tradewinds
They woke up feeling refreshed, but hungry and decided to head back to Bermuda’s. They have an all you can eat Crab Legs special for $30 and it was calling my name. You see, I am part mermaid and Crab Legs are my jam. With kids eating free, it makes this a really good deal!

Crab Legs at Bermudas Tradewinds Resorts
No storm means we were back at Guy Harvey Outpost for a beautiful evening by the firepits.

Guy Harvey Outpost

Apparently there was a contest going on over who made the best Bloody Mary’s at the Tradewinds and I found the winner (at least to me). Flying Bridge served up a fantastic loaded Bloody Mary!! Bacon, pickles and olives, oh my! Talk about the perfect start to my day! Oh, and our server Ginger was the lovely lady that ushered us through the back door, helping us escape the storm on our first night! She told me about the Bloody Mary competition and was the one to recommend the Bloody Mary that I enjoyed. Ginger was just full of awesome help!

Loaded Bloody Mary at Flying Bridge at Tradewinds Resorts
After Bloody Mary’s we headed to the shady pool to give my little white kids a break from the sun. Papa joined them for a swim, which they were super excited about. HotDaddy fetched Grams and I more cocktails (hey we’re on vacation) and everything was wonderful.

Shady pool at Tradewinds Resorts
That was until three ducks decided to zoom from the lagoon through the shady pool. Two ducks went under the window, but one duck made the terrible mistake of crashing right into the window! His poor little body flopped limply to the ground, the kids in the pool screamed and the duck just laid there motionless for awhile. It was all so dramatic. Finally, the duck got up and stumbled around in a daze before flying off. Just as we were about to relax again, his two buddies came back looking for him and landed in the pool!!!

Ducks in the pool
It was time to brave the sun and move back to the beach front pool where FireCracker entered a belly-flop contest, winning a free snow cone. Yay! Then suddenly an alarm went off. I’m not from the south, so I had no idea what this alarm meant. I thought maybe a hurricane was coming, but it was just a lightening warning and we were instructed to get out of the pool.
Where to go now? Duh. Flying Bridge for a beer! We weren’t the only ones to seek refuge at the Flying Bridge and it was packed! We found a table and ordered a round of Yuenglings. Myles, our server was amazing and never looked stressed, handling the crowd with ease. It was shocking to discover that it was his first day! Wow.

Hiding from the storm at Flying Bridge

CuddleBear is tired

Again, the storm passed quickly and we decided to take out a paddle boat around the lagoon. We made an adventure out it by telling the kids that there might be alligators in the water. Was that mean? Anyway, what is an adventure without an element of danger?

Paddle Boat at Tradewinds Resorts


Then we cooled off with snow cones, which we took over to Salty’s so that we adults could cool off with a treat of our own.

Snow Cones at Tradewinds Resort

Beer at Salty's Tradewinds Resorts

Club Vision, baby!! Where vision scientist all over the world gather to light up the night and dance, dance, dance. I was really excited about taking the kids this year, but they were pretty tired. Determined, I brought them anyway. I dressed them in neon and decked them out with glow sticks. Party time!

Club Vision
FireCracker took over the dance floor right away!

Club Vision
CuddleBear, however, took a little longer to warm up. Thankfully, the snack pretzels and Chex mix really got him excited! Whatever floats your boat, buddy.

FireCracker burned out pretty quickly. After being the first one on the dance floor, she was the first to crash. Grams and Papa offered to take the kids to the room so that HotDaddy and I could cut a rug. See multigenerational travel has its benefits.

Club Vision


It was another perfect morning in St. Pete; time to hit the beach and hit it hard. It was our last day, so we needed to soak up as much beach as we could. The water was warm, the sand was soft and life was good.


FireCracker ( 4 yrs old) learned to work the camera and scored an awesome shot of HotDaddy and I. Yay! No more selfies of our giant faces.

St Pete Beach
Before we hit the beach, we did take a moment to snap some family photos. Never know what will make a great Christmas card.

Family fun at Tradewinds Resort

Family Fun at Tradewinds Resort

Then we headed to lunch at Beef O’Brady’s for a bucket of Coronas, because why not?

Bucket of Coronas at Beef O'Brady's
After we rocked the beach, we headed to the pool and Grams surprised the kids with fancy strawberry mocktails. They loved it!

Mocktails at Tradewinds Resorts

We had a busy night of activities ahead, so we got ready for an early dinner. Yes, Bermuda’s again. I’m sorry, but those Crab Legs are bomb!!! I had to have more…and more. MORE!
After I managed to stuff myself full of Crab Legs, we took the kids to Red Beard Pirate Show. We sang songs, listened to pirate tales and searched for shark teeth in the sand.

RED BEARD Pirate show at Tradewinds
Then we went to the beach front pool for the Dive in Movie. Unfortunately, it was too windy for the inflatable screen, so they moved the movie to the KONK center (kids only no kidding). We opted for night swimming inside.

Night swimming & cocktails at Tradewinds Resort
Since it was such a gorgeous night, we went back to Guy Harvey Outpost to roast S’mores. The walk on the beach at night was breathtaking. No filter needed.

St. Pete Beach at Night
When we arrived, all the firepits were on with free supplies to make some S’mores were available for the kids. Corn hole was setup and hammocks as well as Adirondacks scattered the sandy landscape.

Guy Harvey Outpost

Guy Harvey Outpost

Guy Harvey Outpost
The kids made another friend and had a ball playing on the beach at night; hence we had a blast on the beach at night too. Living the life on St. Pete Beach.


WHAAAA! I don’t want to go! I don’t want to. You can’t make me!
Well, at least if I have to leave paradise I will leave with a full belly. Where to go when you really want to put it down for breakfast? Skidders, of course. A local favorite, Skidders has the best prices for a great morning feast. Can’t decided on Blueberry Blitzes or an Omelet? Get both!

Breakfast at Skidders

Breakfast at Skidders
After a HUGE breakfast, Grams and I decided to digest our food with a farewell cocktail at the lobby bar with Tiffany the awesome bartender. Love that girl!

Lobby bar at Tradewinds Resort

Not done with our vacation yet and trying to calm our pre-flight nerves, Grams, HotDaddy and I downed a couple buckets of beer at Beef O’Brady’s overlooking the beach. OMG did I have to pee! I tried to empty my bladder before the shuttle came to pick us up, but it didn’t help. Traffic on the bridge to Tampa nearly killed me! It was torture.
Once we arrived at Tampa International, I ran straight to the restroom, leaving the unloading of the shuttle to everyone else. Sorry, but when you have to go, you have to go.
I love Tampa International. Everything is so clean and efficient, making for a great experience every time.

We had some time to kill before we took off, so we ate at Columbia, a Cuban restaurant near our gate. Here, we discovered that the kids love Cuban Sandwiches and plantains.

Cuban sandwiches at Columbia

The flight home was mostly smooth, minus the turbulence over New Mexico. The pilot said it would only last 15 minutes and he was right. I timed him.

When we arrived to LAX, I was so happy to home and off the plane, but LAX was crazy. Always under construction, the walk to the baggage claim was ridiculous. CuddleBear woke up and was said, “This place is crazy, let’s get out of here!” I agree baby. LAX, please get your stuff together, because every year you have construction going on and chaos.

Thankfully, Quik Park was amazing and efficient. We were picked up, loaded in our car and on our way home in no time.
Until next year St. Pete!

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