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A Farm girl’s adventure with grandkids at LEGOLAND Beach Resort

Family travel is an opportunity for Grandparents to cherish experiences with the kids too
As a travel writer who is married to a farmer and lives on a farm in central Illinois, it is always fun to see other parts of the world and learn about different things. While many of the publications I write about include antique tractors, farm toys and agriculture, since 2012, I have been adding a focus
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How a police escort saved my family going to NYC in the dead of night

This family learned some tough lessons about the Newark Train Station after dark
“Don’t worry, I take the PATH train all the time,” I said confidently to my sister, Misty, and brother-in-law, Travis. We needed some positivity after the evening’s events. Our flight into Newark International Airport had been delayed by 2 hours, and we landed after 1 AM - right after the rental
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A simple day at the Beach turns into “Revenge of the Squeegulls!”

This story has some surprising twists and turns, but is all too familiar to every mom
“Woo hoo! Free vacation at the beach!” That was my first thought when my husband told me that his company was sending him to an all-expenses-paid, 3-day conference in San Diego. You see, my husband often travels around the US for his job, speaking and presenting as an expert in his field. When one
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We visited Rome and now I think my son is Famous in China

This family found out it doesn't take much to get kicked out of the Vatican
When our oldest was 20 months old, he had a very important job to do. He was going to be a ring bearer at a family wedding that was taking place in Tuscany, Italy. It was a black tie affair and it was going to be a supremely chic event for such a young guy. The wedding was being held at a private village
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A little Barf is just a Bump in the Road for this Road Trippin’ Family

Sometimes it's the most difficult moments that define us and bind us together as a family
Family road trips - you either love them or loathe them. I happen to fall in the loving them category. There is something so special about packing up the car and family, and heading out on an all-American road trip. Picture it. The music is playing. Your hair is blowing in the open window. And you’re
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Sweatpants in Scotland, Tantrums in Airports, & Super Nanny to the Rescue

Traveling with young kids can be a complete disaster, but it just might be worth it
As far back as my memory goes, I have always wanted to visit Scotland. Perhaps it was the stories from my Grandma Goldie, whose middle name was Bruce and who always said we were related to King Robert the Bruce (we're not). As a young girl, naturally, this made me think I was some kind of princess who

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