The Liebster Award is an award that is given out to travel bloggers from other travel bloggers. It is not only a sign of support from the travel blogger community, but an honor to be recognized by fellow bloggers. That is why, I am stoked to receive the nomination of the Liebster Award from Anisa and Kathrine of Two Traveling Texans. Thank you girls! I really appreciate it! Be sure to stop by their blog for some Texas-sized adventures!!

My blog has been a labor of love for some time now and I want to thank HotDaddy for all his techy support and late nights calming me down from my WordPress freak outs. Also, thanks to my family for going with the flow and indulging my need for constant travel and change. Our life is crazy and exhausting, but that’s what makes it exciting! Thank you to HotMamaTravel followers and friends! Without all of you, my blog would have no purpose. I love hearing your stories and making connections across the world! You all rock! Liebster Award So here are the rules for the Liebster award:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog

Answer questions they ask you

Display the award on your blog

Nominate 10 others and let them know

My Responses:

 1. How did you pick the name of your blog?

I was looking for something to really convey my travel-style. My life is rapid and chaotic. I love moving, seeing, doing. I wanted show people that family travel doesn’t have to be a daunting task, but an exciting adventure. Family travel doesn’t mean you always have to  put on your long shorts and hit up Disney. You can still rock your bikini while sipping on a cocktail in Las Vegas with your kids. I wanted my blog name to attract fun families that love making travel exciting, spicy and hot.  HotMamaTravel is not about how you look, it is about a state of mind See? In LV, Pina Colada in in hand & my baby!

2. Other than your own, what is your favorite travel blog to read?

This is hard, because I have a lot of blogs with  very diverse styles of travel. For family travel I really enjoy Travel with Bender, Where’s Sharon and Well Traveled Kids. I also love the Lazy Travelers, Girl vs. Globe. I have about a million others I read, including the boys like The Hungry Partier and Nomadic Matt. Okay, I’m obsessed with travel blogs. Sorry for the one’s I didn’t mention, but this list would never end!

3. What is your next trip?

Our next mini-trip is to Tombstone and Tuscan, Arizona. I am very excited about this trip, because I’m in love with the Earp brothers and the story of Josephine. If you don’t know it, look it up. It is so fascinating. Also, I’m excited as it will be my first press trip as the amazing and beautiful Arizona Inn has invited me to stay for a night.  From my sister's trip to Tombstone last year. Our next big trip will be in the fall when we take off to the Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy. Our family’s first Disney Cruise, so we are undoubtedly very ecstatic. We will visiting Jamaica, Mexico, Grand Cayman and Castaway Cay.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?

I love where I live (Southern California), because it has everything I need: family, sun, beaches, exciting cities and beautiful mountains. Best Family Travels of 2015 If I had to move I wouldn’t mind the Naples or St. Pete Beach, Florida. It is paradise.

Liebster Award

5. What is your favorite beach and why? I grew up going to Newport Beach, so it will always have a special place in my heart. It is close to home, lots of activity, fun restaurants and classic lifeguard towers. Newport is nostalgic and will always be my favorite. 


Outside of California, I love St. Pete Beach. The powder sugar sand and warm turquoise water make this beach feel like a tropical escape. Plus, when we visit we stay Tradewinds Island Grand and the amenities on the beach for families is amazing. My kids will probably say that St. Pete Beach is their favorite. 

Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach

6. What is your favorite budget saver?

My favorite budget saver is Google Flights, because it allows me to search airfare and find the best deals on flights all over the world. Saving on flights gives me such a thrill and makes traveling much more doable.

7. What is your favorite beach read?

I love Mary Kay Andrews books. They are feel good novels with strong female protagonist. The best part? The settings of most her books are small southern beach towns like Tybee Island or St. Pete. Perfect for that beachy feeling.

Liebster Award

8. What is your favorite travel snack?

My favorite travel snack is something salty and crunchy. I always try to remember to have a least one bag of nacho Doritos on hand when I’m traveling.

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

Reality television. In particular, The Real Housewives franchise. I really love Bravo and I get hooked on many of their shows. When I get back from my travels, my DVR is usually full of Bravo shows to catch up on.  Even guiltier, I watch them with my kids.

10. What is your favorite post you have written? Link please!

My favorite post is, What Mom Never Told You About Family Travel. It is no secret that I truly enjoy traveling with my kids and I do so often, but I also like to keep my travel honest. Not everything goes as planned and everything is as perfect as some of the pictures would suggest, but that doesn’t mean family travel isn’t worth the effort. I like sharing my honest moments of family travel encourage parents to take the leap and stop striving for perfection. Click, HERE, to read.

I would like to nominate:

1. Sarah from Well Traveled Kids

2. Cindy from Near and Far AZ

3. Sally from Toddlers on Tour

4. Sharon from Where’s Sharon

5. Taryn from T’s Travel Style

6. Sabina from Girl vs. Globe

7. Amy from Two Drifters

8.  Hannah from Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

9. Debra from Traveling Well For Less

10. Anna from Slightly Astray


  1. What inspired you become a travel blogger?
  2. What is that one trip you still can’t believe you took?
  3. What destination is still on your bucket list?
  4. What was you biggest travel fail and what lessons did you learn?
  5. If you could choose any travel buddy past or present who would it be and why?
  6. What is your surprise “must-have” travel item?
  7. Has terrorism effected how you travel?
  8. What is your travel style? Are you a planner or spontaneous? Tourists attractions or off the beaten path?
  9. When travel is apart of your job, how do you find the balance between & play?
  10. Who is your favorite travel celebrity?

Thanks again to Anisa And Katherine. I enjoyed answering the questions and looking back at some of my travel memories. I look forward to hearing all you the responses from the nominated bloggers!