Day 3 & Day 4
Sunday 02.08.15

Yesterday was busy, so I didn’t get to journal. Now, I am sitting with my steaming cup of hot coffee waiting for this frigid cabin to warm up. I get really hot when I sleep and turned off the heat and now I’m freezing. This weekend was supposed to be in the high 80’s. I guess in the mountains it doesn’t feel the same, because I’m cold. Sis would love this weather. Once I read the weather report, I repacked. I took out all winter wear and switched it for cooler clothes. I only brought myself a flimsy Victoria Secret PINK jacket. Although blingy, fabulous and perfect for a night on the beach or a stroll through a Vegas casino, but not for braving the mountain cold.

Note to self: Even if the weather says 86 degrees, bring a real coat for when the random clouds cover the sun and the weather drops a million degrees.

Anyway, I’m starting to thaw and ready to tell you about yesterday’s Idyllwild fun.

We had to rush in the morning, because I had invited my mother-in-law up for the day. She lives at the base of the mountain and it made for the perfect opportunity to visit the kids. Originally, she told me she would in town by 11:00 am, which is early for me on vacation. I like to enjoy a cup of coffee and a couple HotDaddy Bloody Marys on the porch, but I also wanted to maximize her short day here and decided to keep our early lunch date. I got up and hustled to get everyone ready. Then HotDaddy informed me that she hadn’t even left yet. So, I got some time to enjoy a HotDaddy Bloody Mary after all.

exploring the landscape

exploring the landscape

When Grandma and Grandpa O arrived we met at Jo’An’s. We sat in the beer garden, listening to the live music (which was awesome, by the way) and drinking pitchers of beer. Okay, just HotDaddy, Grams and I shared pitchers of beer, but Grandma O did have half a glass. The kids danced to the music, played in the trees and inhaled mini corn dogs. They had  corn dogs for the first time the past weekend at the beach and now they are obsessed.

Lunch at Jo'An'sPlaying in tree at Jo'An's in IdyllwildWe checked out some crazy shops like the Funky & Bizarre, which was funky and bizarre. Then we let the kids pick out some candy with the Valentine’s money Grandma O gave them. Firecracker finally found Bean Bozzle to take the Bean Bozzled Challenge, which we recorded at The BlueBird later that evening.

We stumbled into an interesting antique shop, where the kids had fun searching for treasures. Cuddle Bear found an old metal Thomas the Train yo-yo that he has yet to let go of and Firecracker scored with a collection of Dear America books. Blurbs in American History told through the diaries of young girls, is right up her alley. She was very excited, heck I was very excited. I was the best find of the day.

We had been raving about IDYology all day and were excited to discover it was open for lunch. So, we had Grandma and Grandpa O join us for some drinks in the lounge. Cuddle Bear had fallen asleep and Firecracker played on her iPad (best travel gadget), allowing us adults to really relax into the Victorian Saloon scene. Grams and Grandma O love to decorate. They spent the whole time discussing various pieces in the room and how they could incorporate this look into their home. Grams has tons of antiques and family heirlooms and pretty much already has this style, but there were some funky accents such as using old rugs as table cloths.

IDYology in IdyllwildI was happy to see that they were really enjoying the place, but we had dinner reservations at Café Aroma (one of my favorites) and Grandma and Grandpa O had to get down the mountain, so we said to say our goodbyes.

Dinner was amazing, as expected. You really do need a reservation, because the dining room is small with only a few tables and when the live music is playing that is where you want to be. The kids were really well behaved so I could enjoy my delicious Feta Fettuccine and Chardonnay. We had an awesome table in front of the musicians and took our time savoring every bite of decedent food and every sip of crisp wine. It was our last dinner in Idyllwild and we didn’t want it to end.

Cafe Aroma Idyllwild Cafe Aroma IdyllwildBack at the BlueBird, we started the fireplace, played a couple rounds of Skip-Bo, took the Bean Bozzled Challenge, read a chapter from one of Firecracker’s Dear America books and said goodnight Idyllwild.

Later that day…

Before leaving town we had breakfast at Tommy’s Kitchen. The patio was lovely as we sipped on fresh squeezed O.J. I tried to take in the trees and the smell of pine as I basked in the sun over breakfast.

Tommy's Kitchen Idyllwild Tommy's Kitchen Idyllwild Tommy's Kitchen IdyllwildOn the way out we let the kids play at the Idyllwild Community Playground one last time. However, we didn’t leave without injury. Firecracker fell hurting her chin and HotDaddy whacked himself in the face with the chain from the tire swing, knocking his glasses off. It was pretty dramatic.

Idyllwild Community Playground Idyllwild Community PlaygroundGlad to be back at home with Papa, we are settling back into real life. Although we are bummed our weekend adventure in Idyllwild is already over, we are grateful for the time we had and can’t wait to pack for the next adventure.