As a mama who travels often with her family, the question I get asked the most is how do I do it.

Money and time are the biggest obstacles to travel, then throw in the high demands of children and travel seems nearly impossible.

It is not impossible.

In fact, it isn’t really that hard. With the right tools and preparation traveling regularly with your kids can be quite attainable, no matter your budget.

I usually post about my travels(it is a travel blog after all), but rarely do others get to see my in-between-travel moments. Although I travel more than the average bear (in the U.S. anyway), I spend significant time working and preparing for our family’s next adventure. See Ready.Set.Go.

So, since everyone gets to regularly see what my travel life looks like, I thought it would be fun and maybe a little inspiring to see what HotMamaTravel looks like when it’s not so hot with travels.

Good morning, it is sometime between 6:00am and 7:00am and I am awake, thanks to my bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kiddos. Boy, do we start the day off and running. It is a whirlwind of a morning, taking kids potty, pouring a cup of hot coffee in one of my favorite souvenir mugs, feeding faces, playing, Disney Jr. and then taking kids potty again.

IMG_1634Have I had my coffee yet?



It’s cold!


Ding. Dong. Knock. Knock.

It’s now 9:00 am and my nephew, Wild Thing, is being dropped off for the day. Time to make more bacon.

Adventurous Free-Spirit

Adventurous Free-Spirit

I’m a writer, a wife, a mother, a house-maker and a bartender, my day is filled to the max. Any mother will relate to cleaning the kitchen just time for the next meal and don’t get me started on the laundry!

In between loads of clothes, cleaning, preparing meals and entertaining small short-attention-span children, I try to squeeze in some writing. Yes, my office is a living room filled with chaos, but I have no choice. I often write most of my articles for Cigar & Spirits Magazine and posts for while little people crawl all over me. Despite having a gazillion toys, somehow mama on a laptop is always more interesting. Honestly, it’s amazing I get anything done at all. If I didn’t have my mom, also known as Grams, I wouldn’t.

DSCN7888I usually try to work out often. I find that it just makes me nicer and helps my brain function better to take on my day. Sometimes I am able to sneak off to the gym, but mostly I am resorted to home-based exercise sessions. Again, usually with my little people “helping” me along the way.

workNow it is 2:30pm and my other nephew The Boss is home from school and hungry. That boy can eat!

Man in charge

Man in charge

Time to get outside! I try to give the kids at least an hour of outdoor fun a day. The kids get a ton of travel time and camping trips, so they are definitely not lacking in adventure. With all they get to do, it does make it a little bit harder to keep them cooped-up in between trips. A little outdoor activity helps them burn up some energy before the evening rolls around.

DSCN4990Before I know it is time for Grams to take over the four kids full-time until HotDaddy gets home, so I can get ready and head to The Bar.

Cocktail hour is in full swing and I am mixing up craft cocktails like a mad person. What a classic like a whiskey Old Fashion, Manhattan or whiskey sour? How about something a little different such as a gin or tequila Old Fashion, Black Manhattan or Lavender Whiskey Sour? Want to go international with a Pisco Sour or Ciapirinha? No problem, I got you!

barBefore I know it, it is time to come home. If the house is quiet, it is time for this bartender to myself a cocktail, maybe enjoy a cigar and get back to writing and/or organizing the next travel adventure.

Cigar and spiritI use this small block of time in my day to get the most work done. I track flights, budget for trips, research hotels and organize my writing schedule. Basically, I try to tie up any loose ends (and maybe catch up on my Real Housewives) before the day starts again.

As you can all see my days are pretty hectic, but that is why travel is such a priority to me and my family. It is the motivation that keeps us hustlin’ for our goals. It is a whole lot easier to go to work when you know what you are working for. It is so important for my family to have quality time together, because usually everybody is running somewhere else. That’s why RV trips have become our favorite, because of the amount of conversation-time and togetherness they provide.

First RVIt is true, I plan A LOT of trips, but I have to work hard to pay for them. Bartending, writing, rolling coins and even recycling. Everything counts. No matter how good you are at cutting corners, traveling with a large group is going to cost, so in order to do what I do I treat travel like a necessity. Rent, gas, electric, food, car, travel fund are treated with equal importance. So, although travel isn’t always easy to accomplish, it is what keeps us going.

Work hard, but always PLAY HARDER.