I don’t know if it is the Synesthesia or the fact that I take a billion pictures, but I think of in terms of color.  Vacations are no exception. For this HotMama, particular colors represent various destinations. As soon as a trip is planned, I immediately start thinking of our family’s attire and how it will look against the backdrop of our travel destination. More importantly, how will the pictures look? Hello Color-Coordination!

We usually have a kickoff that trip encourages us to shop for a few new outfits. Those new outfits setts the tone for later vacations in the year. That trip, for us, is Florida in May. When I think of Florida, images of the turquoise oceans, the sherbet sunsets and the green alligators stick in my mind and influence what we wear during the trip. Last year we focused on the cool colors.

This year we are leaning towards the warmer hues. These colors remind me of the amazing sunsets in St. Pete Beach.

Now, I’m not completely rigid when it comes coordinating our travel attire. In fact, having some variations in colors are very exciting to the eye. Rather than having everyone look the same, it’s more about having threads of continuity like splashes of the same color or varying shades of colors to make us look like a cohesive group and really make our vacation photos pop!




Purple people eaters

I know. I’m kind of a dork about themes and color-coordination, but I love it! It builds excitement, adds some creativity to trip planning and helps me visualize our family on vacation. Plus, it makes you’re vacation photos fabulous! See my post, Ready. Set. Go for other ways we get ready for a trip, HERE.

Here’s to fantastic family vacation pictures!

How do you plan your outfits for a trip?

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Hello color-coordination