In honor of today being my Firecracker’s fourth birthday, I thought I would do a compilation of her adventures this year. She is the most fearless child I know, always ready to try new foods and partake in the most daring of activities. In fact, “I’m sorry baby, you are just not big enough for that,” has become a repetitive phrase towards Firecracker. Although she nearly gives me a heart attack most days, I love her spirit and zest for life. Her audaciousness will serve her well in the future…or land her in jail. Not sure which one, but I’m hoping for the former. Fingers crossed.

Let’s take a look back at Firecracker’s highlights from her third adventurous year of life.

1. Mega Thrills: Firecracker has always been daring, but this year she was finally tall enough to go on some of the high-thrill rides she has been begging to try. Keep in mind, she has much older cousins that are still scared to ride on the things she did at the age of three.

photo(2)She also took on a three-story high water-slide in St. Pete, Fl. An adrenaline junkie at three-years-old, she would go down this thing at least seven times a day. She had her first off-road ride during a camping trip to Vail Lake.

photo(3)2. Making Many Marine Friends: Firecracker loves the sea and loves all the animals that live in it. Happily, this year she was able to interact with many aquatic friends.

Splashed by Ozborn the Dolphin in LV. Splashed by Shamu and meeting a wild sea lion in Newport.

Splashed by Ozborn the Dolphin in LV. Splashed by Shamu and meeting a wild sea lion in Newport.

Letting the little fish nibble, finding a crab and meeting a mermaid

Letting the little fish nibble, finding a crab and meeting a mermaid

3. Hot RVing: Firecracker’s second year of RV adventures included Mission Bay, Newport Dunes (twice), San Clemente, Vail Lake and Big Bear.

photo(4)4. Hot Trips: Firecracker had a busy year of travel and theme parks. In San Diego she visited Old Town a few times where she had fun dancing, candle making and exploring the Whaley House. In Seaport Village she was in for a surprise when she discovered the Silver Man was real! The animal lover she is, Firecracker had a blast making multiple visits to the Safari Park, Zoo and SeaWorld.

photo(5)Firecracker visited many theme parks. Some she visits regularly like Disneyland, but others she visited for the first time such as Raging Waters and Knott’s Berry Farm. At the Queen Mary she learned the art of archery during the Scottish Festival.

photo(6)Road trips, trains and planes, Oh my! Firecracker flew to St. Pete Beach where she spent seven days in the sun and even went on a pirate ship adventure. She partied in Vegas, where she saw The Mirage volcano, lounged poolside, hangout at an Irish pub and met some showgirls.

photo(8)On her way to board the Polar Express in Arizona, she got to visit Laughlin for a day. Once in Williams, Az, she played in the snow and rode on the Polar Express to see Santa.

photo(7)5. Became a Gymnast: Firecracker joined gymnastics right after her third birthday and has been loving the sport ever since. It has been a year and it is fun to see her improve every day.

IMG_1600All in all three has been a charm for Firecracker. The older she gets the more she gets to do and she wants to do a lot. She is one of the funniest people I know and I love every exciting moment of watching my little Firecracker grow. We are kicking off her fourth year with an RV trip and I’m sure she’ll have plenty more adventures to bank. Happy 4th BDAY baby girl!!