If you would have told me two years ago that I would be taking regular RV trips, I would have laughed. I’ve always been a resort girl, whose idea of a vacation is lounging poolside with a cocktail in my hand; killing time before getting fancy for dinner. I never associated RVing with relaxation, until I tried for myself. Now I’m hooked and don’t go longer than a few weeks before planning another RV trip.

Why I love RVing

I would have never pegged myself as an RVing Mama, until my sister talked me to trying it together. My sister had never done the RV thing either, but it seemed like the perfect time in both our lives to give it a try. We loved traveling together, but with our big families getting individual hotel rooms was getting expensive. We also had small children and shared custody of our parents (built in babysitters), so we needed trips that were going to be conductive to a large and diverse group. We got our RV in the summer of 2012 and we all agree it was the best thing for our family.
1. Quality Family Time: The best thing about RVing is the time spent together. There is something about RVing that facilitates family bonding like no other vacation can. RV trips are great, because it is a block of time that none of us are rushing anywhere. There is nothing but time, to sit and chat with the ones you love.

2. The Value: The money we spend on an RV trip for a group our size is a fraction of what we spend when we stay at resorts. Instead of individual hotel rooms, we get a whole weekend at an RV site. We also prepare meals at the sight and aren’t eating three meals a day at restaurants. Of course, we like to sprinkle a little restaurant dining into every trip. BYOB. We stock our mobile bar which saves a ton of cash by not drinking out.

3. The Freedom and Time Outdoors: When we RV, we spend the majority of our day outside. With busy work weeks, you don’t realize what spending time outdoors does for the mind and body. With small children it is awesome to be able to allow them to run free for a whole weekend. They stay active, they eat well and they sleep well. It is great. After weekend on the road, I am rejuvenated to start the hectic week ahead. Knowing I only have a couple weeks before I’m running off again, keeps me motivated in between RV trips.

playWhy Everyone Should Experience RVing

If I wouldn’t have tried RVing, I never would have known I loved it. I was always afraid of the work it would entail, but is really not that bad. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a nice resort, but the experiences that RVing has provided for my family is unmatched by other trips. No other trips provide the freedom for my kids to enjoy the outdoors or the amount of pure, uninterrupted, quality family time. RVing is truly a remarkable experience that I think everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

DSCN6624For those who are not experienced with RVing, it can seem like an overwhelming and expensive task to take on. Good news, not everybody has to buy an RV to experience the lifestyle. Renting an RV is the perfect way to try your hand at RVing without the financial burden of owning. Companies like RVShare.com rent privately owned RVs that fit a variety of budgets and needs. Even if you already know you like to RV, renting is a great option. I have many friends that regularly rent RV for trips throughout the year, because it is easy and stress free. Check out what’s available in Orange County at RVShare.com/rv-rental/orange-county/ca. Pick out the RV that works for you, get the keys and hit the road. It is time to enjoy that morning cup of coffee (or Bloody Mary) with a view. RVing has changed me (in a positive way) forever. Let it change you!