The sickening feeling in the bit of your stomach. The heavy weight of anxiety in your chest. The dreaded realization that your trip has come to an end. Waking up on the last day, looking around at all the clothes that were once so exciting to pack leaves one to question, where the heck did my vacation go? All the preparation. All the excitement. Now, just over? It is a moment that no part-time traveler looks forward to. Especially, if the end of your travel means, you go back to work, school or stress. For me, I build up trips for so long that the last day nearly brings me to tears. Okay, that is a bit dramatic. The point is that I don’t like a good thing to end. I get that from my mama. To avoid the heartbreak of a vacation’s inevitable end, I have developed my own coping mechanism. I call it forward thinking.

Me sad that my cruise is over.

It is hard to be sad about a trip’s conclusion when there is another adventure around the corner. The day we were packing to leave St. Pete Beach, my kids had a meltdown. They just didn’t want to leave, but neither did the adults. I was able to calm them down by reminding them of our upcoming camping trip. I’m usually planning multiple trips at a time and I usually don’t let more than a month go by before we are off again. Not every trip is big or expensive. I mix big adventure with small outings just to keep the excitement up.

Home from FL & camping with fam

Another reason forward thinking is helpful, is that it makes hiccups in your vacations a little less devastating. If you are building up all your money, excitement and energy for only one trip, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Unpredictable weather conditions, transportation problems and kid related issues, (see post, HERE, HERE and HERE) can occur on any vacation. Forward thinking makes it easier to brush travel bloopers off your shoulders.

Travel fails

You might be thinking, “But HotMama, I am lucky to get one vacation a year let alone one a month. How can I forward think too?

My answer: Vacations don’t have to be opulent. I consider a vacation any time you take time away from your hectic daily routine. A block of time that you don’t have run off to work and get to enjoy your family away from your house. A vacation can be near or far; it can be for a month, a week or weekend. You can even create exciting staycations at home! Just have something to look forward to.

Traveling in Place

I am not a baller and I completely understand having to be budget conscious. Travel does not have to cost a pretty penny to be possible. Nomadic Matt has great tips for traveling for next to nothing. I however, travel with my kids in tow and really have to consider comfort as well as entertainment. HotMamaTravel is designed to help families do more and see more together.

I like to fill the gap between big trips with a bunch of mini-trips. It is good for the psyche and it is good for my wallet. RVing has made weekend getaways easy and plentiful for our family. See HERE. My kids have definitely inherited their mama’s itch to go and are not home for long before they start asking about where we are going next. It is really funny to hear my 3 year-old say that she misses Las Vegas or to watch my 2 year-old son pretend his toys are in Florida. It makes me proud to be able to give my children these experiences and these memories. So why not keep them coming?

How you deal with a trip’s end?

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Forward Thinking