Cruising for Solo Parents

Cruising: The Perfect Match for Single Parents Traveling with Kids

When you’re a single parent and holiday time comes around, many questions can run circles in your mind: What type of holiday will be the most interesting, safe and memorable for your children, while allowing you to relax and de-stress? Many single parents are finding that they ideal way to travel with kids, is by sailing the high seas on a luxury cruise liner. The thought of not having to cook, enjoying tons of free entertainment for kids and not having to worry for kids’ safety appeals, then don’t think about it: book a cruise and discover the meaning of luxury time with your family.

Which Cruise to Select?

There are many dedicated cruises with lots of fun activities and features for kids. You can’t go wrong with Disney, famed for character parades, Disney musical shows and kids’ club with trained childminders who have a host of fun, educational activities lined up so kids can learn and play at the same time. Of course, top liners offer more than entertainment, sporting activities and kiddie pools; they boast specific features that enrapture kids from day one. We’re talking vertiginous water slides, kiddie cinemas (where everyone, including those experiencing the Terrible Twos, are welcome) and kiddie gourmet meals that will enlighten kids on world cuisine. Make sure to do your research and discover all the temptations each cruise liner entices customers with, before booking your voyage.

Cruising for Solo Parents

What about Older Children?

If you are traveling with teens, make sure that the ship you select has activities which are specifically aimed at them, such as sports competitions, pajama parties, alcohol-free discos, etc.

What about Me?

If you are a single parent looking to meet other singles, a cruise holiday will most definitely provide you with plenty opportunity to meet and greet. Although you will probably want to spend lots of time with your children at the pools and chilling on deck, there are times in the day when you can feel free to let them explore the supervised kiddie clubs while you enjoy your favorite activities – everything from cooking classes to yoga, mindful meditation, karaoke and so much more. If your children are enjoying a sleepover, you can also avail of the ships’ bars, night clubs and get-togethers. Just don’t stay out too late, as kids tend to have an internal alarm clock and they’ll probably expect you to ‘rise and shine’ by around 8am!

How Safe is a Cruise?

The great thing about cruises is that you needn’t worry about your children running off. Cruise liners give each and every child a colored wristband, so that the crew know exactly where to take them in the case of emergency. They are also given a full card stating their name, emergency station and information pertinent to their cabin number, so crew can easily reunite you in the event of loss.

Cruising for Solo Parents

Is Babysitting a Possibility?

Cruise liners normally offer a babysitting service for little children and some offer group babysitting, so you can feel free to party at night while your children rest. If you have a baby, you should know that most top cruises have nurseries, where babies can make fascinating discoveries about the world under the guiding hand of skilled professionals.

About the Author, Sally James: Coming from a background in the travel industry, Sally now works as a writer. Prior to this she worked for various cruise lines and also in the hospitality sector, whilst living in the USA. She’s now a single mom and hoping that her children take to travel as much as she did in her teens.