It is no secret that I love me a good drink and good bar. In fact, my water broke on a barstool when I was preggo with Firecracker.

Okay. Not really.

It broke when I got home after sitting on a barstool, but it sounds more interesting the other way. Hehe.

Now, before you get all crazy and think I’m and alcoholic, let me clarify that I am a history buff, a traveler, a spirit enthusiast, and a bartender. I am also a regular contributor to Cigar & Spirits Magazine. It is here, that you can see my love of history, travel and cocktails come together.

Cigar & Spirits Magazine

Appreciating wines, beers, and cocktails is a form of exploration. With some drinks you can actually taste a region and its history. With many spirits dating back centuries, cocktails are great way to learn about various cultures and taste what grows regionally.

What I love about cocktails most is that they allow you to travel in place. If you know how to make globally inspired drinks you can travel anywhere at any time.

Some of the drinks that will be sharing with you are official cocktails of various regions, popular drinks among locals, or incorporate ingredients that are inspired by a destination.

Kids can come along too!

I’m HotMamaTravel and that means I never leave out the kiddos. Always keeping it family-friendly, I have non-alcoholic versions of all the cocktails I will be sharing with you!

I don’t hide my love of drink from my family. In fact, I enjoy “cocktail hour” with my kids regularly, making them matching mocktails to my cocktails. I think taking the taboo away removes the temptation later. Alcohol isn’t shocking. They understand that they can’t have real alcohol until they are adults and that it is poisonous for their little bodies.

They are happy just to sit with mama, sipping a fancy looking juice in a fancy glass. They see it being appreciated, used responsibly and as way to bond after a busy day. They are also learning a pretty good skill.


My son is 3 years old and already can identify the proper names for cocktails and along with its designated glass and garnish.
I once read an article in Coastal Living Magazine, about a designer who has her young sons bartend her parties. She said, “they may not be able to drink, but they know how to make a good martini.”

I loved that, because making a good drink is a valuable skill.

If you know how to make a good drink, you will always know how to make money.

Anyway, I decided that I would implement a new series where I take you all over the world through drink. I’ll be traveling from barstool to barstool, sharing with you recipes of famous regional cocktails with matching mocktails, as well as some of my favorite watering-holes.


Shake it up.

Take a sip.

Take a trip.