Cigars, Spirits and Travel: Taste the World at Home

As a writer for Cigar & Spirits Magazine, I understand and appreciate the impact a fine cigar and a premium spirit can have on your mood and on your life. As a mama that travels with kids regularly, I understand this even more so. It can instantly turn an ordinary weeknight into a celebration. Although best enjoyed in moderation, a cocktail paired with a cigar excites the senses and brings people together. Cigars, spirits and travel allow us to enjoy the flavors of the world from the comfort of our home. 

cigars, spirits and travel

Traveling in Place

During the times when I’m not traveling, I make mental vacations a big priority. Like many of you, we have crazy work and school schedules. The days are blurs, so it is important to slow down. If I am missing a destination or longing to just get out of town, I take a break. Through cigars, spirits and travel I can be anywhere in my mind.

cigars, spirits and travel

Sitting on my patio after a long day’s work, listening to a nice soundtrack, while surrounded by the people I love, conjures up the good feelings and great memories from travels past. One of the travel traditions in my family is to bring home a drinkable souvenir from our travels, which we then share with friends and family upon return. Sharing of cigars, spirits and travel facilitates the sharing of experiences with others.

cigars, spirits and travel

Bringing the Flavors of Travel Home

When my husband and I returned from our honeymoon we brought back bottles of our favorite rums that we enjoyed during our stay in the Caribbean. We were so excited to share our photos, videos and stories with our family over the rum from travels.

cigars, spirits and travel

When my niece, Sharissa, visited Spain with friends she brought back bottles of Spanish Sangria and Spanish cigars for the family to enjoy. Bringing back the flavors of Spain made us feel as if we had gone there with her.

cigars, spirits and travel

My sister went on an epic cross-country road trip with her family one summer. It was the longest duration of time I had been without my sister. It was hard. She is my buddy. But it was all good once she returned as we washed down Grand Canyon beers over stories of her grand adventure.

cigars, spirits and travel

Recently, a friend went to Myanmar and brought me some Burmese Cheroots. Not only was this a thoughtful way for sharing his travels with me, but it also introduced me to a style of cigar I had never had, inspiring an article that was published in Cigar & Spirits Magazine.

cigars, spirits and travel

That’s a Wrap!

The positive effects of travel on one’s soul can be recreated without leaving town through the joy of cigars and spirits. It is a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life, to embrace new experiences and to share your passion with others. Put the kids to bed and take an adult time-out on the patio. Take a lingering sip from your cocktail, inhale the gratifying aroma from your cigar, close your eyes and let your senses take you away. Cheers.

What are your favorite spirits or cocktails from your travels?

Do you enjoy cigars? What is your favorite brand?

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  1. avatar image
    Faik at April 5, 2015 Reply

    good write and pictures

  2. avatar image
    vanessa at October 1, 2015 Reply

    I was looking at sangria bottles. Are they concentrate? or could you drink them out of the bottle? Since the typical sangria should be served with fruits, how does this compare to that ? Thanks a lot.

    1. avatar image
      Hot Mama at October 1, 2015 Reply

      Most of the time you can drink them out of the bottle.

    2. avatar image
      Hot Mama at October 2, 2015 Reply

      Hi Vanessa, Most of the time the bottled sangria is fine straight from the bottle. You can add fruit if you like or even some sparkling wine or water to brighten it up, but not necessary.

  3. avatar image
    Kristina Caetano at September 26, 2016 Reply

    Totally agree with this! My friends and I always try to bring home a cigar or adult beverage of choice home to our family and friends. Gotta love duty free, right? 😉

    1. avatar image
      Hot Mama at September 26, 2016 Reply

      Right! So fun to get home from a trip and share a cocktail from your trip with friends.

  4. avatar image
    Nadine Cathleen at September 26, 2016 Reply

    We visited a Cuban cigar farm in Vinales – loved it 🙂

    1. avatar image
      Hot Mama at September 26, 2016 Reply

      Now every time you smoke a Cuban you’ll think of your trip.

  5. avatar image
    Jen at September 26, 2016 Reply

    I also often bring home drinkable souvenirs. I’ve brought home Pisco from Chile, wine from NZ and Australia, and beer from Canada. It’s such a fun way to bring home the memory of a place.

  6. avatar image
    Brian at September 27, 2016 Reply

    Never smoked a cigar. Cigarface from The Toxic Avenger scared me when I was younger so I STAY AWAY (like the Alice in Chains song). I’m not a drinker, but if I had to choose a favorite drink, it would be limoncello.

  7. avatar image
    Travelling Tom at September 28, 2016 Reply

    I do like cigars. I brought a few home from Spain for Christmas. Dominican cigars they were, quite good actually!

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