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Family Activities at Bravo Farms with Kids

Although my kids have been raised near the sea, my daughter is a country girl at heart. She claims to want to live on a farm, milk cows, get her eggs from her own chickens and grow her own food. She loves the Food Network with her favorite shows being Pioneer Woman, Farmhouse Rules and Heartland Table. Fortunately, my niece married herself a real cowboy and we were invited to visit his family farm. Firecracker had a blast feeding all the animals and letting the baby calves suck on her fingers. She was in country heaven. Loving to indulge their interests we decided to make a special road trip visit to Bravo Farms with Kids!

Little Girl feeding cows

As promised, we kept the farm fun going at Bravo Farms. It was a great way to break up the long drive with cute shops, an interesting diner, and fun attractions for the kids. Bravo Farms is very reminiscent of Knott’s Berry Farm’s beginnings, which you can find out more about on my Knott’s post, HERE. We had such a wonderful time, that we all agreed that this will be a regular pit-stop.

Bravo Farms

Get your Grub On:

Café 99: The perfect way to satisfy that road trip hunger. Delicious burgers, sandwiches and salads washed down with a giant milkshake or a cold jumbo beer. Yes, please. With both outdoor and indoor setting, Café 99 has a wild roadside diner atmosphere with vintage road signs splashed all over the wall, pool tables, and neon bar signs.

Bravo Farms with Kids

Inside Bravo Farms CA

For more tasty treats be sure to check out the cheese shoppe, ice cream shoppe, fruit stand and Leo’s Barbeque.


Bravo Farms Ice Cream Shop


When I’m the road all I think is: Cold Beer. Cold Beer. Cold Beer. Café 99 has a cute rustic bar and a great selection of large draft beers to help keep parents sane on long road trips. Cheers!


Drinking Beers at Bravo Farms

Entertain Me:

Bravo Farms with kids was a fantastic idea. It is the perfect place to get them out of the car to stretch and wear out. The patio to Café 99 is like an American Pickers honey hole, loaded with bizarre almost junkyard pieces made into a playground for kids. There is a wonderfully whimsical seven-story tree house for kids (and parents) to explore. Actually, I could have moved in, it was so darn cute. There are tons of animals to feed and pet. Slides, tire swings, pretend horse and carriages, random wooden swings, wishing wells, miniature golf, shooting gallery, fun little antique vignettes throughout the property and much more.

Bravo Farms with Kid on swing

Bravo Farms with Kids on a slide

The kids loved exploring the playhouses for sale. I wanted to buy each one, because they were so fun and unique. My favorite was the Saloon. It just seemed fitting for our family.

Bravo Farms play jail

Bravo Farms with Kids little saloon house

Kids walking at Bravo Farms

That’s a Wrap:

One of the great things about road trips is the random treasures stumbled upon. Bravo Farms with kids was a wonderful break from the long road ahead and a place went can’t wait to visit again soon!

Have you ever been to Bravo Farms?

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Bravo Farms with kids


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  1. What a great place. I love quirky places like this. Love all the different buildings

    • Me too. There was something interesting to see all over the place, like a random piano or swing.

  2. Looks like the perfect place for little ones, your kids seem to be having a fantastic time 🙂

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