It is no secret that we love family travel and every year we try to take on more family vacations than the year before. Well, we sure did it this year, because 2015 was the busiest year of travel so far. We hit the year off running and still haven’t stopped, but now I want to take a moment and reflect on all the wonderful memories we made before a whole new year of adventures start. As 2016 approaches, I thought I would share our Best Family Travels of 2015.

Idyllwild, CA: Here in Southern California the changing of the seasons is very mild with summer heat dominating most of the year. If you want that wintery feeling, you got to go get it and for us that means getting our butts up the mountains. Although I am a beach mama, I do like to get out in the wilderness every now and then, especially during the winter months. So, in order to embrace the season we rented a cabin in Idyllwild; a sweet artsy-foodie mountain town filled with amazing restaurants. We love to stay at the Fireside Inn and were lucky enough to score the Blue Bird cabin on short notice on a holiday weekend. Phew. We didn’t have snow, but it was colder than home and gave us that cozy wintery feeling we craved. For more details about Idyllwild, check out my post, HERE.

Best Family Travel of 2015
St. Pete Beach, FL: Change gears from the cold mountains to the tropical sands of St. Pete Beach. Hot Daddy has a conference here every year and we will not miss it. St. Pete Beach makes for the perfect family vacation. Warm tropical weather, white sand and turquoise water, hello! We stayed at the Tradewinds Island Grand, which caters to families with amazing grounds and tons of activities. This resort is everything a beach vacation should be and is literally the trip I look forward to most every year. Sadly, this may have been our last time visiting during the conference, since HotDaddy started a new job this year. I’m sure glad we made there this year! You can read more about St. Pete Beach, HERE.

Family Fun at Tradewinds Resort

Mission Bay: Once we got home from Florida, we stepped off the plane and made our way down to Mission Bay RV Resort to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. My sister had just had an epic road trip, bringing back with here a new family RV, The Voltage. This would be our first family vacation getting to stay in the new RV and it was very exciting. Plus, with camping at Mission Bay comes all the fun of San Diego such as SeaWorld and Old Town! You can read more about this resort, HERE.

Mission Bay RV Resort in the Voltage
Scotland: This was an unexpected opportunity and definitely the biggest family travel of the year. HotDaddy was asked to collaborate on a project at the University of Glasgow and we didn’t find out about it until after we had booked the Idyllwild and St. Pete Beach trips. Luckily, I had got the kids’ passports in January as this year as a New Year’s resolution and was ready to go. I was determined to make all this happen within a few short months and by golly, I DID IT! I worked my butt off the weeks leading up to the trip, and with the help of some travel rewards credit cards I was able to take my family to Scotland!!! It was such an amazing trip. I honestly can’t stop blogging about it. It was all of our first time to Scotland, my 82 year old dad’s first passport, and my kids’ first overseas trip. It was a pretty big deal.

Rest and Be Thankful Scottish Highlands
Newport Dunes: The next RV trip was at our local Newport Dunes. I love the dunes for many reasons, but I really love the lack of waves. It just makes this place much more manageable when traveling with kids. We love to take the paddle boards out on the water and just relax. This year, Firecracker was able to paddle on her own board, which was awesome.

Newport Dunes Resort
Vail Lake: Every October, we kick off the Halloween season with a family camping trip to Vail Lake for their Terror in the Oaks festivities. All weekend long are dance costume parties, haunted mazes and hayrides and much more. We love it and enjoy making coming up with a new scary theme for our costumes and RV every year. This year, we all went as a different type of skeleton. Some were scary, some were cute and some were colorful Dia De Los Muertos.

Best Family Travels of 2015
Local Travel/Day Trips: Due to HotDaddy starting a new job and FireCracker starting Kindergarten, we were regulated the second half of the year to weekend day trips. At first, was really ANNOYED (I’m not going lie), but then I learned to embrace the opportunity to enjoy local hot spots. We spent a lot of time hanging out in Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, allowing us to appreciate our paradise. We got use out of our Disneyland passports, parting the night away at the Mad Tea Party. We visited the Nixon Library, the Queen Mary, Mission San Juan Capistrano and Tom’s Farms. We supported our local baseball team and went to a couple Angel Games. Thanks to some family staying at the Gypsum Canyon RV Resort and Firecracker’s field trip to Pretend City, I finally got to check out these local favorites! To end the year, since we were too busy to take a family holiday trip, we bought ourselves Knott’s Berry Farm season tickets and were able to squeeze in a visit to Knott’s Merry Farm just before it was over.

Best Family Travels of 2015

That’s A Wrap!

So, that was our best family travels of 2015. Needless to say, we had a very busy year with some big trips crammed right in the first half. We have already booked some family vacations for 2016 and I am ready to get back on the road! I’m trying to have one family travel planned a month, even if that means just a weekender. So far we have a cabin in Idyllwild booked, keeping tradition alive. I’m really excited to be attending the Women in Travel Summit in Irvine this year! I don’t need an excuse to visit my favorite city of Las Vegas, but I got one! We have wedding to attend in Sin City in May! Whoop. Whoop. Now for the most exciting family vacation planned so far, we just confirmed our reservation for the Disney Cruise in the Caribbean! Holla!! Trips still up for consideration are Yosemite, Tombstone and I would really love to squeeze in New Orleans. We shall see, but in the mean time I’m excited for 2016 and it’s adventures. Hope everyone had a wonderful 2015 and even better 2016. Happy New Year and Happy Trails!

What was your favorite travel of 2015?
What trip are you most excited about for 2016?